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"A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. He is shown a well and his guide says "On any day except Tuesday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told the answer." The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down, "Why not on Tuesday?" A voice from in the well shouts back, "Because on Tuesday, it's your day in the well."

Hi guys, I'm BKC/Kevin, 24/M/Prague. I'm half Czech, half American and have gone back and forth between the two countries my entire life. I've been contributing to and playing tournaments on Smogon for over a decade now.

I was a huge fan of the first three generations of Pokemon as a kid, but eventually I got tired of beating the Elite Four over and over, and played sports for a few years instead. Then, at the age of 11, I learned of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and the spark was relit. After some browsing of the game on Youtube - I believe this was the first video I came across - I eventually stumbled upon Wi-Fi battles; finally, battling other people was a reality. The battle that inspired me was, of course, the legendary Marriland vs. Untouchable; it made me want to post my own battles on Youtube. For my twelfth birthday, I received a DS Lite and Pokemon Diamond, and was utterly enamored with the game. (I'm incredibly excited for the remakes.) I learned everything I could about those mysterious EVs, IVs and natures, then was ready to go as soon as I turned thirteen and made my original Youtube account, BlazeKickinChicken then later BlazinKickinChicken. Sadly, they're both gone now, but here is a relic from those days.

After I'd been playing for a few months, I started seeking out stronger competition, away from Youtube; I started at GameFAQs, then shifted to Marriland, and eventually found myself on Smogon. I slowly started playing Wi-Fi less and less and on simulators (Shoddy Battle and the earliest days of Pokemon Online) more and more. I also started contributing to the Rate My Team forum, as I loved teambuilding and still do. Eventually, I found myself in the Smogon tournament scene, and my exploits there are what I am primarily known for.

I restarted my Youtube channel a few years ago, and you might be familiar with it; it is filled with lengthy, old gen-focused diatribes that draw on my years of competitive experience. Alternatively, if you are familiar with False Swipe Gaming's channel, then I'm involved there too; pokeaim introduced me a few years ago, and I've been writing the videos ever since Kangaskhan.

I'm also known for some of my Strong Opinions. Here are the most notable: I have expressed a severe distaste for the willfully ignorant/stupid/mean-spirited shit-talking culture that takes precedence over the game of Pokemon and has become increasingly prominent each year for the past eight years, I believe that tournaments should be restructured more in the interest of better competition (bo3 team tours, double elim, seeding, locking in a pre-submitted set of teams, and doing something about the builder/player dichotomy), and most radically, I believe contributors to Smogon should be paid.

Beyond Smogon/Pokemon, I also utterly loathe the word "content" in its current definition for anything and everything (a Youtube video, a newspaper article, a forum post, a Tweet, a book, a film, a song...). My favorite word is effervescent.

Speaking of beyond Pokemon, I've been an avid music listener for around seven years. I used to be known for being quite the metalhead, and still love a lot of the genre, but I've branched out over the past few years (I had a Swans obsession for some time). I've posted about my favorite albums before. Besides music, over the past year and a half or so, I've begun a journey to becoming a movie buff as well. As my avatar may have given away, my favorite movie is Logan. Here are some of my other favorites. I'd like to write/have some sort of career in film, so I've been getting more into the foreign classics. However, I'm not above watching something silly - just today, I watched the 2008 masterpiece Wild Child with my girlfriend. I'm very lucky to have her in general, as she tolerates my Pokemon antics. When I'm with my buddies in the states, I enjoy being a degenerate/goofball.

I have had all sorts of adventures both on and off Smogon over the years and always like discussing whatever comes up, so feel free to ask me anything.


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Hey BKC,

1. what are your favorite and least favorite Pokemon to use competetively from Gen1 - 4?

2. which languages you would like to learn one day if you have the time of course?

3. what do you like in food the most and most importantly do you like to cook your own food? as you can get much more creative, i feel

4. are you a fan of any football team? in america more known as soccer

5. last but not least: what you lookin' out for in the near future? are there any goals you want to reach in the next couple of months / years?

have a nice day, BKC, and moreover stay safe in that pandemic!
very fitting that logan's on on film4 rn

- favourite/best video/s that you've done? either on your main channel or elsewhere

- how viable is adv lanturn actually?

- which ou meta would you say has changed the most since it was current gen?

- how pleased are you with your spl draft? follow-up: why didn't you draft me :(
If new Pokémon games stopped being made after DPP, what Pokémon do you think would have left its legacy as the greatest overall mon in OU history?

What's your favorite fossil mon (for any reason, not just comp)?

Do you wear khakis?

How should you play Scarf Palkia against bulkier teams in DPP Ubers?

What's your least favorite base 100's mythical (for any reason, not just comp)?

Now that the copyright for The Great Gatsby has lapsed and it has entered public domain, when can we expect to see your cinematic version of this timeless classic and who will be starring in this film?

What is your personal favorite moment from the 2004 ALCS?

If Trapinch had 15 more points in each of its defensive stats, would it be viable in ADV OU?

Plague von Karma

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  • Favourite non-OU Pokemon to use in RBY OU?
  • Do you think the Crystal_ discoveries for RBY changed the metagame positively or negatively?
  • Thoughts on Tradebacks?
  • Favourite players to play against?
  • What tour game in your history would you say was the most painful?
  • Favourite games to play outside of Pokemon?


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Your girlfriend is aware of your Pokémon habits, but is she aware of how good you are / how influential you have been on the game over the generations? Does she know you’re goat tier? Does she know that you invented the double switch?


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1.) What are the most valuable things you've learned from making youtube co-, uhh i mean videos, since the days of making commentaries on WCOP 2015 battles? This can be either stuff you've learned about how to be a better youtuber or stuff you've learned from youtube and applied to other endeavors.

2.) Any general thoughts on haxx? I still remember that road to #1 video where in your double spin ADV team your donphan got crit by a Breloom seed bomb and died from full when it shouldn't have, and you seemed quite unhappy (read: very angry). Do you try to mitigate the amount that bad luck gets to you, or do you just believe that it makes good luck all the sweeter?

3.) Is there a thread we can go to if we want to read all your thoughts on reforming the tournament system? If not, could you go into a bit more detail about the player/builder dichotomy? How do we reward people who can do both without punishing people who can only do one (or should people who can only do one be punished for incomplete game knowledge)?

4.) How has growing up in two places with different languages affected your learning of both? It sounds to me like English is your first language, but I don't know that for sure. Have you encountered any struggles or do you know both fluently no problem?

Now for a few questions that are bad but that I can't resist asking. Don't worry, I won't cry if you ignore any of these in the interests of saving time - might cry a little bit if you ignore the 4 above though:
should smogon contributor salaries be 6 or 7 figures? i need 7 to maintain my lifestyle.

you link a battle with shofu where you won then immediately say "I started seeking out stronger competition, away from Youtube". is there any apology you'd like to make for your implied diss of shofu's pokemon prowess?

you say your first name is kevin. i have tracked your real life identity down to 3 people, so which of the kevins is behind the BKC mask:
kevin hart, kevin costner, kevin durant

what percentage of smogon users could you school in a rap battle?

and finally, i was sent this image by your number one fan, Plague Von Karma. they didn't want you to think poorly of them (they're the one who nommed you after all) and so didn't want to put this kevin/durant/kevin durant meme edit they made in:

i don't necessarily have a question about it, but i think it would be cool if you could shower praise upon the image and thereby make the creator's day
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What film in your life has impacted your enjoyment of film the most, or made the biggest impact on you?

If you could move one Pokemon / mechanic from one gen to another, what would you do to improve your enjoyment of that specific meta?

Do you happen to remember an awesome old photo of you and some other smogon users goofing off in target? I remember one posted of you in the toys aisle with a godzilla plush with the caption "bkc with scarf tar". For some reason it has always stuck with me
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