The World Cup of Pokémon 2018 - Round 1

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+Ace11: if you can play on saturday then I dont see the problem
+Ace11: if you wanted to get this doen you could play me week 1
+Smurfer: i might have something on
+Smurfer: that night
+Smurfer: and would rather play now
+Smurfer: as we're online
+Smurfer: i will break your rain stall in under 30 turns i promise
Sorry dude, but I had made it super clear that I cannot play during exams and I had asked you to play week1.Also, we had scheduled for this Saturday and you randomly come online asking me to play now and have your teammates do the same, but as I had mentioned, I cannot play before exams are over.Considering the big timezone gap you should had known this and scheduled better.If you cant make a shcedule time for this weekend, it is your problem.
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