The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Introduction

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ola amigo como eschái? , espero que bien, mucha suerte a todos mis amigo para el torneo y que gane el mehor :blobthumbsup:

I like France a lot because they are always first, posting their line up, qualifying for the second round ( usually in the 1st position ), and then saying goodbye to the tournament losing in that round.

But let's rate their line up one by one :D

Zephir: I can feel a strong but old soul here, I like his energy and he's a capable captain for leading this team to the second round! He's old and his mentallity too, so I guess he is top. 7,34/10

Cicada: An old captain, and a young one, France is the best team :D mixing people of different generations, but all of them powerful, in mons and in bed. Top. 8,21/10

Cdumas: Your nickname doesn't inspire me anything, sorry. Undetermined. 3,33/10

Kickasser: Hot. But you chose your nick to hide your actual hobby of getting your ass kicked. Bottom. 5,01/10

Ojama: Beautiful guy <3, he has fire instead of blood, that's why even if he's not the captain/co-captain he needs to make every post to get all the likes he can to nourish his empty soul, he is not a self-confident person and I can smell that that is because of what he has between his legs, also called in la France the "Ojamant". Bottom. 7,98/10

Sacri': So cute player, you inspire me love, and I wish you the best :* ( you have my ig in your DMs ). Top. 9,38/10

Zycross: sorry but I like to talk about real users. Undertermined. 2,22/10

Reymedy: The king of my heart, every time I see you playing I feel better, you also have my ig in your DMs. Top. 8,71/10

Vay: When I was a child, I was afraid of ghosts, now I live among them in all the wcops seeing France LUs :P :D :S. Undertermined. 3,18/10

McMeghan: I only have to say that I have you in my avatar, darling. Bottom. 9,96/10

giara: ex-player playing, like a lot in this team! but I like him and I'm sure he's gonna do it good since he has a deep look, in all the meanings :* . Top. 8,23/10

Peasounay: Your nick makes me remember a peanut, and I don't like peanuts! ( in all the meanings :* ) . Bottom. 7,21/10

Subs: A group of old ( but sexy ) men, trying to hold their last breath, I really like all of you, seeing your warriors fighting while you wait in home making food for them when they come back after the second round of the world cup of pokémon.

It would have been interesting to see new blood in this team, and not posting it the first day, ignoring all the new people that could sign up, but I'm not part of this team and I wish you the best since I love all of you and I want you to win :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD



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Several captains have asked whether they will be permitted to change who is captaining their team now that signups have closed.

While I personally am not a huge fan of making changes like this, this is something that has always been allowed in previous editions of WCOP, and many teams assumed it would be allowed this year as well and planned accordingly. Therefore we will allow it, subject to host approval. The TD team and hosts reserve the right to veto any new management pairs that we would not have chosen if they had signed up during captain signups.

We are discussing removing this option from future editions of WCOP. If we decide to take that route, it will be announced prior to WCOP 2020 captain signups, so that teams can prepare appropriately.
By respect for french players that wonder why the lineup got set that soon, I just want to assure you that we (me included) spend half of the year looking to every results in the french Community and on smogon and if a player wasn't pick, it's not necessarily because he didn't have any results, and if your offended that you didn't get pick your probably not worth it anyway. Ojama is by far the best french player on this game, I trust my captain to get me as far as it needs to get washed up by NE again #fuckhaters #fucknortheast #prayfornotredame #cclm #sionsortenpouleszokuruprendlarelève
Rooting for west.. actually pretty bummed I’m not allowed to play for them anymore due to the remapping last year. I know there’s some players out there with a similar story. My old slot now belongs to blarghlfarghl who I hear has tarnished my old living space with mediocre puns and poor wg references on a regular basis. You have my sympathy for your troubles .

Gl west, if there ever were a time where you’re all at your peak as individuals and a team itself it’s no doubt it’s now. Three years in a row just straight progression. The lineups solid as ever, even that dweeb Z0mog has stepped up as a player as of the past year. I have faith in every one of you, take what’s yours boys.


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Rooting for west.. actually pretty bummed I’m not allowed to play for them anymore due to the remapping last year. I know there’s some players out there with a similar story. My old slot now belongs to blarghlfarghl who I hear has tarnished my old living space with mediocre puns and poor wg references on a regular basis. You have my sympathy for your troubles .

Gl west, if there ever were a time where you’re all at your peak as individuals and a team itself it’s no doubt it’s now. Three years in a row just straight progression. The lineups solid as ever, even that dweeb Z0mog has stepped up as a player as of the past year. I have faith in every one of you, take what’s yours boys.
We love u mob we’ll win for ya
Hello friends!!!
As you all know, especially the haters out there, I've been doing a fuck ton of Power Rankings lately. So, why not do 1 for World Cup. Teams are posting their rosters in a staggering manner, so this post will cover the lineups that are currently available to the public. A final ranking will be created after all of the teams have been revealed. Now then...on to THE UNBIASED POWER RANKINGS


The French manage to consistently field solid lineups every World Cup, and usually manage to put up some absurd record like 19-11 in Round 1. However, they have never been able to get over the hump, and haven't ever even reached the finals of the tournament. This year, they will be hopig to change all that, with the help of some classic familiar faces as well as some new ghosting slots filler characters. Of course, we have the trademark core of Ojama + McMeghan, who I still don't think should be allowed on France, but I digress. The ADV pool should be much improved from SPL with the return of veteran superstars like Astamatitos and Kevin S, but Roro should be up to the challenge. The Kingpin, meanwhile, finds himself in SM OU, which makes sense considering that there's no reason for him to waste his talents in the thinking gen. He should undoubtedly put up a solid record.

The SM core of this team is strong for World Cup standards. kickasser and Sacri' are both solid enough players that should do decently well. The big question for this team as a whole of course is which Cdumas will show up. Will it be the spreadsheet warrior that earned a 25k price tag in SPL, or will it be the cancering dogshit version known as Cdickass? As we all know, I love the spreadsheet, and I'm not gonna fully jump off the bandwagon just off of one tournament. I think he'll do decently, although expecting something close to an undefeated run may be a bit too much to ask...this man looked HORRENDOUS in SPL jesus fuck.

Next, we move on to the old gens, some of which are a bit...questionable. I have no idea who in the hell their ORAS player is, so I'm just gonna assume he's trash. Reymedy brought the following team to a BW SPL game:

So...forgive me if I don't really have high hopes here LMAO I have no idea who the fuck their DPPer is, but if there's any tier to have a random in, it's the variance madhouse I suppose. giara will once again put forth a trademark lackluster performance in GSC; this result feels pretty obvious. In RBY, Peas makes his return to the tournament scene; he was very impressive in many of his SPL showings, and I have faith that he can return to form and overpower his opponents.

Overall, this is obviously a very talented roster with championship aspirations. The star power should be good enough to carry some of the weaker slots, and Ojama can just ghost DPP and BW if it's going too badly anyway. Cdumas has the potential to make or break this roster, as none of the subs can really live up to the lofty standards he set for himself with his past performances.

US Northeast:

Here we go bros...the favorites of the tournament. Everyone and their mother expects East to win this tournament again. The Golden State Warriors of Smogon, they seem to continually achieve greatness year after year. The plot armor remains strong with the unit, as captain bro fist always seems to come through just when it seems like the dynasty might finally be over. This man brought a fucking Mega Camerupt to a tiebreak and won before, like my lord. The headliners of this team are, of course, ABR, BKC, and the aforementioned bro fist. The old US East core should make waves in this tournament once again with their excellent preparation and plays, and gives this team the highest floor of any in the tour.

Outside of ABR and bro fist, the team's SM slots are comprised of Joey, robjr, Sabella, and Hiye. Joey and rob currently find themselves starting, although I wouldn't be surprised to see Hiye make an appearance at some point in this tournament. For World Cup standards, especially, this is a solid core of players that should put up above average records and help US East get to the point where bro fist can carry them through the playoffs as is tradition.

The team's ORAS slot features the long-awaited return of resident cheater Star. Star's stock has gone through the roof ever since the beginning of Snake 1, and their are rumblings that he may be worth upwards of 18k in the upcoming SPL. I'm a big believer in Star's talents, and definitely think he's one of the strongest ORAS players in the tournament; having the team support that he does should help him excel as well. In BW is resident tryhard Finchinator, back in his main tier after some sad performances in SM in SPL. He's a solid BWer and should do well in the tournament. august, the DPPer, used to be crust, but recently returned back to solid form; with the help of DPP mastermind BKC, he should be expected to put forth a solid performance. ADV and RBY are two of the more questionable slots on the team. marcop had a grand rise to prominence over the course of SPL, but the player pool looks to be far superior in World Cup. Will he able to adjust to the new difficulty level that faces him? Luckily for him, he has a great amount of support and he isn't really expected to do that much since he finds himself in such a stacked lineup. teal knows RBY, but even he himself would not say that he is among the higher echelon of RBY players. I think he should do decently, though, depending on who he faces.

Overall, everyone knows this is the best team. I don't think anyone with a brain will disagree. There's some potentially sub-par slots, but the team has an insane amount of carries along with a ridiculously stacked 120k tiebreak of ABR, BKC, and John. Look for east to once again grab the trophy and carry this year's filler characters of Chaitanya and Insult to a ring.

US West:

Jesus West made their font way too big. fuck you lax. ANYWAY, we move on to another team with championship aspirations, the region that has done the most eligibility finessing in World Cup history, US West. Last year, everyone thought the team would be utter dogshit, and they came within a game of winning the trophy. They come riding some waves of momentum, as lax and Lavos thoroughly carried the Underdog ruiners to the SPL crown a few weeks ago. The team lost psychicmewtwo, but gained back ben gay and undisputed, meaning that the roster as a whole should be upgraded. Lavos is the real headline superstar player here, as he a claim to be perhaps the most in-form and best player on the site right now. He'll need to have another stellar performance if West hopes to dethrone East.

The SM slots feature the classic Gerk core of Stour champion z0mog and SPL hero lax, both of whom should be expected to do very well in this tour. After these two, things look a bit...yeah LMAO Valentine has some potential, but I don't think anyone would really say that he's one of the top players in the tier or anything. I think he can do decently. The other slot, though... LOL bro blarghlfarghl is one of the worst players I've ever seen. This man's terrible hello LOL jesus this is sketchy.

The old gens of West feature a lot of veteran talent. ben gay once again returns to the tour scene, as polarizing as ever. One game, he'll have the entirety of the site riding his bandwagon as he effortlessly chops down his opponent with some nonsense tech. The next, he'll bring a Muk to an SPL tiebreak and get embarrassed. It's hard for me to really trust ben gay at all, but he'll probably up a solidish record. In BW, we have...wait? WAIT ARE MY EYES DECEIVING ME?? IS THAT ORISTEROS LMAO HELLO WHAT YEAR IS THIS BRO WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING
For those of you who are unaware of who this is, I'm gonna link you his most recent official tournament replay:
Yes, you are not reading that wrong. It says aesoft...if you don't know who that is, it's Zarel...before he changed his name. And yes, it is in fact from 2012 LOOOOL oh my god this has to be THE MOST OBVIOUS APPLICATION OF THE CRUST RULE EVER jesus christ THIS MAN'S NICK ON PS WASN'T EVEN REGGED BRO! HE NEVER STEPPED FOOT ON SHOWDOWN!?!

Alright, moving on. In DPP, we have US West veteran Philip7086, who may or may not be crust. The crust rule may very well be in place here as well, which makes me question some of this roster. It is DPP, however, so maybe it doesn't really matter. In ADV, we have undisputed, who should reclaim his place as one of the top ADVers on Smogon. And in RBY, we have...ima? LOL alright. There's literally 0 evidence to make me think ima is competent at RBY, so for now, I'll say he's terrible.

Overall, this team displayed some of their potential last year, overachieving and almost defeating the kings of the tournament. They field an upgraded version of that roster this year, although it definitely has some questionable spots that threaten to hurt their legitimacy. The subs don't really inspire much confidence, either.


The cheating country returns once again. While they lack a lot of the star power of the other teams featured so far in this post, they have managed to put together a relatively solid team of veterans that could pose some problems in the playoffs. This team's success will hinge on the performances of CBB, Conflict, and xray. With his tourban lifted, CBB will look to return to form in his first tournament action since his forced hiatus. He seemingly despises SM OU, although his skill level is high enough to where I believe he'll do well regardless. Conflict finds himself in BW due to the presence of FOMG...I don't really know how highly I value Conflict as a BW player. I thin he's far better in GSC, so it wouldn't surprise me if he did poorly. xray is coming off a bloodbath of an SPL where he annihilated almost everyone he went up against. He's a very solid ORAS player, and he'll have to maintain that form if Germany is going to make any noise.

The SM core of menci, relous, and ict isn't exactly inspiring to me. There has to be a reason why menci wasn't starting in SPL over that man was horrendous LMAO I was never really impressed with relous either, and Leon is obviously a lower tier main, so I'm kind of skeptical about his capabilities as well.

The old gens of the team has some solid veteran slots. I've always been pretty high on Fakes, and think that he should do pretty well in the thinking gen. I don't really think Melle is good at Pokemon, and with the higher level of ADV competition in this tour relative to SPL, I don't really see him doing too hot. FOMG impressed in his first tour, and people seem relatively high on him in GSC. The GSC player pool is pretty dogshit, so there's definitely some potential here. Lusch was one of the my best players on the SPL 8 Classiest, and I think he's pretty good at RBY.

Overall, this team clearly has some weaknesses, but there's still some talent here. They should definitely challenge for the playoffs. If cosine180 plays this tournament and returns to form, that would obviously be a big boost to the team.

Latin America:

Well LOOL We had to get a dogshit team eventually jesus LOLO I'm sure there will be many more of these to come. The SM core is suspect at best. Gondra's like in between average and slightly above average, and the other players are pretty much trash. In ORAS, we have another irrelevant player. Posho can be heat when he's on his game, especially in BW. I like his chances of doing well here. Lycans is a UU player bro, come on LOL but it is the thinking gen so. CyberOdin? LMAO BRO IS THIS SPL 5 WHAT Raichy and Vileman? jesus christ bro get this off my screen

Wow, this write-up was way shorter than the other teams LOL idk this team's honestly just terrible and it would shock me if they came anywhere close to making to the playoffs. Maybe if Gondra and Posho ghost everyone? idk even then lol jesus

Rankings so far:

1. US Northeast (duh)

2. US West
3. France
4. Germany

5. Latin America

If you give France the Ojama ghosting tiebreak, they're #2. But for now, here we are.
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