The World Cup of Pokémon 2021 - Round 1 [Tiebreakers on posts #323/#331/#352]


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Keeping it a bit shorter this time. I'm sorry to predict against you guys all 6 games, US West. :psysad:

Eternal Spirit vs. 64 Squares - Even though 64 Squares won and Gama lost in their first respective tiebreaker pairings, I'm favoring the experienced player here. John W let Gama know that relying on TOXICALLY and ARKANES defensively every game might result in getting exploited by sets like Substitute + Taunt Tapu Fini, which I'm going to have to assume will be a lesson learned for Team Brazil. 64 Squares, meanwhile, has continued to show up for this new and inexperienced US West team, making big plays in these crucial games at that. It hasn't gone unnoticed. The thing for me is just that Gama has played in a lot more of these types of occasions and I'll assume his match-up will be workable at the very least this time; that's all O MAGO requires for a big W.

mncmt vs. z0mOG - z0m could not drive home his advantage against Star on Thursday, while mncmt won yet another official SS OU game. Apparently both z0m and Gama are 0-4 in tiebreakers, btw. I admittedly haven't fact checked this myself, though that's what I'm told. Both players being win-less is honestly a crazy statistic, but I think at least Gama is going to bag his first breaker victory this weekend and z0m might, too. As for mncmt, on another day he might've lost his game against Luthier - perhaps if Luthier didn't also have to prepare for Grand Slam - and z0m will, as always, go into this game with a positive, confident and aggressive attitude. z0m will have to be better in his endgame in order to actually win this one, however, because he's facing a player that has farmed a staggering amount of significant SS OU games by now. The letter L must be a vowel in Portuguese, because mncmt doesn't take any.

Tamahome vs. ez - Good lord, Brazil's roster is so deep. For this game we see a rotation in their tiebreaker lineup and yet they still have Artibruno (from e4) and the Smogon Tour champion chilling in the back, too. Hell, another Smogon Tour champion didn't even make the team, which I'm sure gave Luigi someone to chew over. I predicted against the hot SS OU hand, ez, against ABR and I'll do so again for the same reason here. Tamahome was unfortunate to not have a better record in Round 1 and is obviously as experienced as it gets in terms of playing important games for his team. In fact, Tama is by far Brazil's most experienced tiebreaker player and to have an all-time great veteran be able to move in like this is such a luxury. ez's team choice on Friday felt uninspired as well, which adds to my doubts. There's a chance ez can take advantage of his metagame familiarity and comfort here, as the vast majority of Tama's experience obviously stems from the old gens, so I certainly wouldn't rule him out yet. It's hard playing huge games like this if you haven't played them before, though.

Good luck and have fun to both teams!

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