The World Cup of Pokémon 2021 - Round 1 [Tiebreakers on posts #323/#331/#352]


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Round 1 Tiebreakers for 6th-9th

Brazil (1) vs (2) US Midwest
mncmt vs Luthier
Eternal Spirit vs John W
elodin vs dice

US Northeast (2) vs (1) US West
Star vs z0mOG
Nat vs 64 Squares
ABR vs ez

Teams have until Thursday, June 10 at 9 PM GMT-4 to complete their matches.

To structure this bracket, the four teams would normally be seeded 1 to 4 by using points, but as there are ties in both record and points between Brazil and US Northeast as well as between US West and US Midwest, those seeds have instead been assigned with a random draw. Thus, Brazil will be 1, US Northeast will be 2, US West will be 3, and US Midwest will be 4.

Seed 1 faces off against Seed 4, and Seed 2 faces off against Seed 3 in Best of Three sets. Winners of this first round will advance to the playoffs, seeded #6 and #7 - the winning team with the higher seed in this tiebreaker will take #6, and the other one will take #7. Losers will play a final Best of Three to determine who gets seed #8 and who is eliminated.
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team shoutouts would probably fill the thread if everyone did them at this juncture, but i want to take a moment to publicly thank the guys who weren't on the team or weren't starters but helped a lot anyway. in particular: blubird, lycon, M, amberlamps, christos, devin, lbp2, and wof. fucking legends, all of you. thank you for everything. I had a blast playing this tour and felt myself wanting more. you all know how to make a boomer feel young again.

there are lots of ppl I like in playoffs, but I am rooting with all my heart for South to take it home.
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You're so golden
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Have a fun tiebreak, US West!


While everyone else is waiting and I am malding, I thought I would bring up a couple of fun statistics from the first round's games that caught my attention!

First off, we have our second straight year with a groups stage "nuzlocke" -- meaning he did not lose a single Pokemon throughout his three games. Last year, robjr managed to 6-0 all three of his opponents. This time around, Eo Ut Mortus was able to achieve this in his games against March Fires, ZDen, and Eeveeto. It is worth noting that he lost a game in the qualifying stages, but seeing as those games to not count for the sheet, his accomplishment counts all of the same.

Second off, last year SPACE FORCE meeps graced us with round 1 statistics on the length of games. I do not have the time to comb through each game to this extent, but there are some things I wish to compare and contrast.

In 2019 (SM), we had 7 (7.2%) 100+ turn games in R1. In 2020 (SS -- DLC1), we had 41 (21.5%) 100+ turn games in R1. In 2021 (SS -- DLC2), we had 28 (14.6%) 100+ turn games in R1. This falls squarely in-between the late SM and early DLC1 metagames.

As an extension of this, Clefable was used on 15 of the 28 teams that emerged victorious in 100+ turn games during R1. That puts it at 54% usage in these games, which is roughly 20% higher than its overall usage. Curiously enough, the teams that lost the 100+ turn games during R1 only used Clefable 9 of 28 times. That puts it at 32% usage in these games, which is even lower than its overall usage.
185 - leru (clef, w) vs DeepBlueC (no clef, l)
114 - byronthewellwell (clef, w) vs apologies (no clef, l)
101 - ninjadog (no clef, w) vs mind gaming (clef, l)
191 - reiku (clef, w) vs welli0u (no clef, l)
102 - felix (clef, w) vs ktut (no clef, l)
147 - guangguang (clef, w) vs bushtush (clef, l)
122 - guangguang (clef, w) vs deej (no clef, l)
252 - askove (clef, w) vs attribute (no clef, l)
105 - luthier (no clef, w) vs askov (clef, l)
168 - finch (clef, w) vs elodin (clef, l)
169 - suapah (no clef, w) vs purejules (no clef, l) -- group 12
246 - purejules (no clef, w) vs nikitas (no clef, l) -- group 12
368 - lza (no clef, w) vs ox the fox (clef, l) -- group 13
149 - sacri' (no clef, w) vs haxrme (clef, l) -- group 13
130 - sacri' (no clef, w) vs lza (clef, l) -- group 13
608 - soulwind (clef, w) vs kitoothe (no clef, l)
113 - abr (clef, w) vs mael (no clef, l)
140 - pohjis (no clef, w) vs afakedugong (no clef, l)
108 - confide (no clef, w) vs afakedugong (no clef, l)
115 - sagiri (clef, w) vs ace-11 (no clef, l)
172 - bruno (no clef, w) vs separation (no clef, l)
145 - fmg (clef, w) vs robjr (clef, l)
148 - altina (no clef, w) vs odr (no clef, l)
156 - altina (clef, w) vs fear (clef, l)
109 - tony (clef, w) vs spookyz (no clef, l)
149 - spookyz (clef, w) vs kahlil (no clef, l)
230 - insult (no clef, w) vs tony (no clef, l)
104 - dice (no clef, w) vs giannis (no clef, l)

Finally, there were 2 groups in particular that did not want to participate in shared Toxapex meditation sessions amongst their opponents. Group #10 and Group #14 are the only two groups that finished with no games of 50 turns or longer; with this said, it is worth noting that Group #32 only had a single (exactly) 50 turn game as well -- so close.

Group #14 with Nat, Devin, Lycans, and Umbry/Santu finished with an average game of 25.833 turns as their 6 battles totaled 194 turns. That means that this whole group took less turns to finish their games as a collective than 5 individual games took from other groups. Group #10 gets the honorable mention for also having no games over 50 turns while averaging 32.33 turns per game with CBU, RedEmption, Empo, and CenturyExpress duking it out.
SS OU #10
CBU / AshKetchumGamer / Empo / RedEmption
cbu vs red = 32
empo vs ce = 48
red vs empo = 27
cbu vs empo = 28
ash vs red = 30
cbu vs ash = 29

32 + 48 + 27 + 28 + 30 + 29 = 194
194 / 6 = 32.333

SS OU #14
Nat / devin / umbry-santu / lycans
nat vs lycans = 23
devin vs lycans = 22
nat vs devin = 44
lycans vs umbry = 25
nat vs umbry = 28
devin vs santu = 13

23 + 22 + 44 + 25 + 28 + 13 = 155
155 / 6 = 25.833

group 32 so close, 1 50 turn game at 50 exactly

Congratulations to every team who made the playoffs and I hope the remainder of the tournament is enjoyable for both players and spectators.

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