The World Cup of Pokémon X - Format [Read post #265]

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After some internal discussions originally sparked by Ojama, we have decided that a a weather ability alongside a speed boosting ability on the same team will be BANNED from BW OU for the duration of this World Cup.

  • Mold Breaker and Sand Force Excadrill are allowed in the tier.
  • Chlorophyll users and Sand Rush users are not allowed in the tier if they're paired with a Drought user (Chlorophyll) or a Sand Stream user (Sand Rush).
This isn't an official tier change yet. The BW Cup, as well as all the other tournaments (officials and unofficials) won't be affected by this change, only the World Cup.

We will make an official tiering decision with the appropriate people after the World Cup, which will be used as a test as to whether or not BW OU is arguably better off with that change.
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