The World Cup of Pokémon X - Round 1 (Read Post #800)

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Um...after 2 years of spl and wcop with the whole "send your team to protect yourself" bit you are going to call the community retarded when you don't and get mad at not getting special treatment?

Ok buddy. Don't let that door hit you on the way out.


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#16 Latin America
#15 Italy
#14 U.S. Central
#13 United Kingdom
#12 Spain

This team produces some of the worst and most annoying celebrities in the world. Their beloved Justin Beibers are bad at being Americans and their players aren't all that good at playing Pokemon either. It's a blasphemy Team Spain is ranked below the curling squad. At #11, Team Canada.


Captain: Jirachee
Co-Captain: RODAN
Deity: Drake -- You suck

ORAS: FAJI -- I'm supposed to know this guy right? But sorry I really don't :(
ORAS: blunder -- he's good and should do well in WCoP 2016 when he joins a better team
ORAS: Tokyo Tom -- sorry don't... just kidding, mate. I know you're a competent player, so won't bother blowing smoke up your Canadian butt. Thank you for repeatedly warning me about Style during my OST run. Also appreciative of the fact that you didn't private message me advising me to seek help from "strong users like CTC and Limitless" etc
ORAS: Soulgazer -- NU player #1
ORAS: FLCL -- he was one of the better players in XY. In ORAS OU, he's still in the top 100, falling somewhere in the low 70 - 80 range. Perhaps it's time to head back to the NU land where the competition is less fierce and work your way back up to form again before playing with the big boys
BW: Jirachee -- I'm too sweet to single anyone out, but unlike some captains who aren't good enough to play for their own team, like the legendary Stone Cold, Jirachee is actually a decent player
DPP: Iconic -- my number is 703-987-3498. So call me, maybe?
ADV: Funkasaurus -- why aren't you a sub?
GSC: Texas Cloverleaf -- NU player #2
RBY: Jackal -- should stay retired #1

Atticus -- I won't be be able to carry you to another trophy this time, my dear. Me love long time and that all good stuff though
franky -- should stay retired #2
Genesis7 -- you're a good cheerleader
Neil. -- recognize the name but don't know you as a player
Mizuhime -- no idea what else the Doubles Queen plays competitively besides bunnies, rage powder, and all that weird shit
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#16 Latin America
#15 Italy
#14 U.S. Central
#13 United Kingdom
#12 Spain
#11 Canada

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This is a team of lots of good but not great players. Even players like Marshall.Law, recent Smogon Tour winner will not be enough to put Europe through. These rankings are probably their only motivation. At #10 we have Europe.


Captain: Tomahawk -- Streaky player which is probably why he is the captain
Co-Captain: SnowCristal! -- Hope you leave this site soon its not safe for girls.

ORAS 1: Bluwing -- Is a strong player and this is his chance to prove it. Better not fuck up dude.
ORAS 2: Doppelsoldner -- The UltiMario slayer so he should be decent, maybe 1 or 2 wins.
ORAS 3: Nelson -- What a choke vs BlackBloodz. Nelson read him like a book but didn't have it when it mattered most. Needs to stop choking and I'm rooting for this kid.
ORAS 4: Void -- i want to say i've heard of you somewhere you but sorry don't know you
ORAS 5: ZoroDark -- Versatile player. Would be great on the bench but I guess Tomahawk thinks his bench is literal ass.
BW OU: H-C -- Technically I heard of you but sorry don't actually know you
DPP OU: Marshall.Law -- Won Smogon Tour. If he was on a better team he might win WCoP.
ADV OU: Alf' -- beat this guy in ADV but I really hope he does well and recovers from that devastating loss.
GSC OU: Isa -- Hosts the RBY Tour so has to be decent at old gens.
RBY OU: MetalGro$$ -- Plays RBY on OUPL but lost to actual RBYers. Lucky that Isa can ghost him.

Alkov -- sorry don't know you
hellpowna -- Should be starting over somebody.
MoxieInfinite -- I know you because PokeaimMD named a Pokemon after you in his lives. Sorry don't know you.
Twin Citiez -- did decent in tour. Will probably do decent if he feels like coming off the bench.
Vinc2612 -- Got 6-0'd by me so probably best for Europe that he is on the bench.
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