The World Cup of Pokémon X - Round 1 (Read Post #800)

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Thanks bae, next up I'll tell you the story of how a burrito almost literally destroyed my colon.

And by story I mean a graphic novel.


Banned deucer.
playing D4RR3N on the 27th, 11am GMT -3 and playing WCAR on the 31st, 8pm GMT -3. Still didn't schedule with Sam.
lgi baril ril ril
Yeah I'm pretty sure theres no 31st of June so ignore that, we're playing the 1st of July on 8 PM EST (thats the wednesday). also im playing D4RR3N on the 4th of July also at 8 PM EST.

playing Sam this friday, the 26th, at 8 PM EST ^_^

@ comment below, yeah thanks for telling me i just edited my post just now n_n
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