The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Roster/Flag Formation

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Finally, the signup's are over. We've had a record number of signups this year, ending with a total of 305 people signing up! Sadly, this tournament will still remain an 8 person per team tournament. Site for reference

However, there are now 14 teams!

Its time for the captains to choose their teams so we can begin this tournament!


Before we get into other things, here are the captaincy announcements:

Asia - goofball
Canada - Jackal
Europe - moot
France - Phyres
Germany - Sapientia
Italy - AhrenElessedil
Oceania - Blue Kirby
Latin America - Mizuno
UK - Havak
USA Central - Loki
USA East - kd24
USA Metro - JabbaTheGriffin
USA South - darkie
USA West - TAY

Do note that we changed the colours a bit so that they can be differentiated easily. If any captain wants a different colour for their team, they can PM us about it. It can't be too similar to something another team already has, however.

Each captain has to make sure to do the following things:

Team Selection

Each captain must select a team of 8 playing members and 2 substitutes. The captain may or may not be a part of that team, we trust them to make the right decision for their region. This is just the playing members of that region, everyone else who signed up for that region is a part of it, so don't feel disheartened if you don't make it!

For a rough idea of all the players eligible for your region, check the Representation Thread. However, you are not limited to this pool of players. If you find someone eligible who missed the signups thread, they can still be on your team.

Captains can pick their team in any way they wish, it can even be arbitary. However, we recommend hosting tryouts. Simply post in this thread with a date and time when people could come online on Shoddy and PM you and battle.

This way ensures that every participant gets a fair shot at showing you what they're made of. Captains could even ask selected members of their squad to help them with this.

We know that most teams will have atleast 3-4 slots fixed already but we recommend keeping atleast a couple of spots free for tryouts. Ultimately, this is upto the captains.

Flag Creation

This is probably one of the most fun things we came up with this time around. Most of you probably remember the minisites from last time around. If not, feel free to check them out, they're all linked to last year's website.

Each captain must get a flag designed for his or her region. The dimensions must be valid avatar sizes. Even though a couple of regions are simply countries and can therefore just use their country flag, I recommend being a bit more creative. Flags can be to bolster your own confidence and also to diss other teams.

Once these are made, it'd be awesome if every user sports one to show who they're supporting!

On the subject of minisites, we're not going to be forcing teams to make them this time around, but if anyone wants to make one, they're welcome to!

Do note that the captains are allowed to get the help of artists, web designers, etc. I suggest checking out Smeargle's Studio for any help required.

Once finished with them, you can post both the Teams and Flags in this thread itself.

Without any other delays, lets get this show on the road!

PS: remember to check us out at #worldcup on for real time chat and all up to date news!!! (and trash talk)

EDIT: shiv forgot the most important part...FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!


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Captain: goofball
Playing 8:
- goofball
- husk
- imperfectluck
- Veteran In Love
- Lady Bug
- Sarenji
- DawnBringer
- Magmortified
- Light-Kun
- LinIsKorean


Captain: Jackal
Playing 8:
- Atticus
- Bosgoed
- Gouki
- Jackal
- JLei2k
- Krack.
- Ripchord
- skarm
- diinbong
- billymills


Captain: moot
Playing 8:
- Andeby
- Haunter
- Kefka
- Mekkah
- Mien.
- -Mind-
- Rag
- Rojo23
- moi
- moot


Captain: Phyres
Playing 8:
- Phyres
- Gotensan
- Linck
- Boudouche
- Raito/RDT
- Speeder Mateur
- Moutte
- Cristal
- Myssdii
- Leelou


Captain: Sapientia
Playing 8:



Captain: AhrenElessedil
Playing 8:
- AhrenElessedil
- Phetto
- Silvah
- Cremo
- Carlito
- Metang with
- |DarkSector|
- Matty85
- Saduz


Captain: Blue Kirby
Playing 8:
- Blue Kirby
- Earthworm
- Hipmonlee
- panamaxis
- Antique Roadshow
- Junior
- MS
- animenagai
- alive
- Puggy

Latin America

Captain: Mizuno
Playing 8:
- Mizuno
- omni
- Mosh
- pi face
- Rurushu
- Sebastian
- Tsubasa-kun
- Flashstorm1
- Frosty
- Pirika


Captain: Havak
Playing 8:
- Havak
- Legacy Raider
- twash
- Zak91
- Vashta
- Taylor
- Ace Matador.
- Kinneas
- Giant Enemy Crab
- Tab

USA Central

Captain: Loki
Playing 8:
- Aeolus
- Dormin
- Eo Ut Mortus
- Gaborik
- Loki
- LonelyNess
- matty
- obi
- Bass
- Lake

USA East

Captain: kd24
Playing 8:
- kd24
- locopoke
- Brian_McCann
- stone_cold22
- HectorTU
- FM
- SilentEcho
- Plus
- jrrrrrrr
- Elevator_Music

USA Metro


Playing 8:
- august
- JabbaTheGriffin
- Kevin Garrett
- Maniaclyrasist
- Reachzero
- Twist of Fate
- Giga Punch
- Arin
- Reverb
- Jimbo

USA South

Captain: darkie
Playing 8:
- Aeroblacktyl
- Ancien Régime
- Bad Ass
- Brawley
- Huntofthelion
- tito
- Stathakis
- ReyScarface
- darkie
- tennisace

USA West

Captain: TAY
Playing 8:
- Duskie
- Philip7086
- romeojustdie
- Scofield
- SoT
- Warthog
- zerowing
- LoveDestiny
- snorlax


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i expect these flags to be good guys :) [my current avatar is not canadas flag ours will be creative]

Also: there is no rush to submit a team within the next few days captains...take your time and make sure it is the best team possible. Round One will not be up for at least a week, likely 10 days. In that time i expect tryouts and flags!!!

Helpful hint to the participants: take the initiative to find your captain and prove you are good !!
All right, so as you may know, I'm moot, your Team Europe captain.

I would strongly reccommend that anyone who wants to be included as a part of - or is eventually selected as a member of Team Europe to please join our chatroom at #eur on

We will be holding tryouts within the week, please check back to this thread, I will be posting again when they will occur. It will probably be Thursday, but if you have any problems with this, PM me. It'd also be a good idea to PM me if you aren't available on a day, so we don't start without you!

Good luck to all prospective members- and to all other teams!

edit: The flag will be a collaborative effort with every member selected, by the way, so start thinking about elements you might want incorporated! n_n


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Havak captain woo woo.


edit - bad ass you fail.

Bad Ass

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I feel that i am good enough to FIGHT FOR MY REGION! not sure when darkie will be doing tryouts, but i'm flexible!

Team USA South will scone you all
man I'm captain -____- whatever...whoever has IRC and wants to be on the team visit #azn. If you don't have IRC...catch me/husk/ipl/ hell even mop(aeroblacktyl) on shoddy.

[14:26:21] <+goofball> wanna join asia??????
[14:26:24] <Gouki> yeah!

yep team asia 3-peat champion is easily ours.


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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post above mine contains unspeakable lies and fallacy

ALSO to all my strong and stylish canadian men

join us at #CANADA on

EDIT: NO azns allowed
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