The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Semi Finals

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USA West vs. Asia

scofield v. VIL
Warthog v. Lady Bug
SoT v. husk
Duskie v. imperfectluck
LoveDestiny v. Stalefish
TAY v. itachi109
Philip7086 v. Sarenji
romeojustdie v. Magmortified

So Asia will win this and go to the final

Oceania vs. USA Metro

Antique Roadshow v. reachzero
Earthworm v. Reverb
animenagai v. august
Blue Kirby v. OGBallin
Junior v. Jimbo
panamaxis v. Twist of Fate
Hipmonlee v. JabbaTheGriffin

USA Metro for Winner of the World Cup of Pokemon!
Anyone can feel free to talk shit, I'd just expect some good sportsmanship, VIL was very polite about our match, and I'd think the tournament director would be able to not mix business and pleasure, or at the very least display some sportsmanship, instead of trying to take away from a solid win (although I guess that wasn't his intention).
Trashtalking in Pokemon -_- Seriously? Damn, it's not just Pokemon, it's life. Tip: Be as much of a dick as you want lol, it's always funny seeing someone be a dick towards someone else who bitches about luck or about their loss in general in a Pokemon game. But, irrelevant to my real intended post. V

Anyway, sorry to Shiv for causing this controversy. It was an honest mistake on both of our (Lady Bug) parts. But if I have to be replaced, just simply get DawnBringer in there. Because I'm sure Lady Bug won't be able to find anyone else, plus DB was the one I replaced anyway. Except if Light-Kun/Indra comes back then he should get the spot.


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Stalefish, no hard feelings, I understand man. Anyway, I'm going to update everyone on this situation:

Stalefish is not asian and thus, cannot play for Asia. This happened in a lot of mitigating circumstances and I don't want to take any action against either Stalefish OR Lady_bug (who subbed him in). Except of course, subbing Stalefish out of the tournament.

This brings up an interesting turn of events though, Stalefish beat bosgoed last round and Asia qualified 5-3 so if bosgoed had won it would've been a tiebreaker. For this reason, I'm leaving the option to Canada to go back and rematch this game. If Asia lose this game as well as the tiebreaker, Canada would replace us this round.

This is obviously upto Canada, I'll wait to hear from Jackal on it. From what he told me last, they didn't want the rematch but he thought Asia should be penalized.

So another option that people mentioned were giving West a win for the match vs Stalefish, thus penalizing Asia while not having to go back and do a rematch. Let me make myself clear, I am completely against this and do not want to see it happen. Its simply because this issue happened between the Asia-Canada matchup, West wasn't involved. I don't want to see West profiting from Canada's misfortune.

Additionally, supposedly a LOT of you knew of this beforehand. I'm fucking pissed that none of you even told us about it.

Lastly, I'd like people to keep in mind that even Canada went and let Bob play in WC 2 KNOWING he wasn't Canadian. Even jrrrr played for them though in that case they didn't know he wasn't Canadian TILL later. I got to know this from Jackal himself recently so keeping that in mind, I find it sad that we'll be penalized for bringing this to everyone's notice as soon as we heard of it rather than sweeping it under the rug as others have done before.

If they don't want a rematch and Asia is completely "let off the hook" I'd like to maintain that this shit won't fly from here on ever in the world cup. If we're just going to join whatever team we want, this isn't a world cup anymore. I know my own team fucked up, but it was while completely in the dark, and we're ready to give a rematch if they so desire. I hope that should be enough for everyone.


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If I were Canada I'd be pretty furious lol. However, letting Canada have a rematch would set back this tournament 5 matches that have already been completed, so it's kind of a tough one to decide. Moving on and subbing him out is probably the better option.


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Uh, if you were Canada you would remember 2 years of knowingly adding members on your team who weren't Canadian, lol.

Anyway, I don't really have an issue with what happened; you can't expect the checks to be perfect. I agree that West shouldn't benefit from Canada's misfortune though.

I like Shiv's proposal: Canada has a chance for to redo the match, and if it chooses not to, we simply sub out stalefish.


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To make it clear, we're waiting on a decision by the Canadian captain, Jackal, as to whether they want a rematch.
Argh, that's too bad Jr. But hey, Jimbo's good.

On the whole canada/asia business, I have no problems with the decision shiv has made (to give the power to Jackal). It's a bit annoying considering all the games that have been played since then, but that's better than looking back and asking 'what if', jeoperdising the prestige of this competition. So yeah, I like the move.

To August: I just happened to be online when AR saw you on IRC, so I figured it'll be easier that way than to plan a match. It was just a nice coincidence. Let's try to get the match done soon eh?
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