The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

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I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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Today in sports history: Mexico kicks off the FIFA World Cup against South Africa, and more importantly, the quest to become the strongest PokeNation in the world begins again.

Welcome all to the World Cup of Pokemon V!

Before I move into the details of this years tournament, you may want to check out:

World Cup II
World Cup III
World Cup IV

If you're wondering why I can't link you to the first one, it’s because the threads were deleted because Nintendo couldn't find out that skarm was Canadian, as he was participating in the JAA tournament for American residents only. Heh.

This year’s tournament will be similar to last year’s tournament in terms of format because we feel like we finally found a formula that best mixed individual and team play. The format that will be used for this years tournament can be found here, except there may be a different number of teams.

The rules for this tournament will also be the same as last year, found here.

The full site for this year will be in working order soon, but I thought I would just get the ball rolling with the signups.

Now, onto the good stuff.


This whole process will work a little bit differently this year so listen up. The main issue is the old process took too long, so let’s speed this up shall we ;)

This year we decided to not have a set list of teams. We will decide a final list of the teams later. However, rest assured that most if not all the teams from last year will be returning, however there might be a few more this time.

Last years teams:

* Asia
* Canada
* Europe
* France
* Germany
* Italy
* Oceania
* Latin America
* UK
* USA Central
* USA East
* USA Metro [NY/NJ area]
* USA South
* USA West

As for how to register, I want everyone to register in this way (and in no other way):

Shoddybattle Username:
Country/State of Residence:
Other Eligibility: [only if applicable]
Let me explain this thoroughly, since this is where everyone always complains.

The first field should be self-explanatory, state the country you currently reside in. Important: if you are from the USA I want you to put your state as well. We likely won’t be changing the USA teams but this is for reference (aka so people don’t whine later). If you don’t post your state I will be raged.

The nationality field is for your family’s place of origin. For example, if your family moved from India to the USA, then you would put Indian. If this is the same as your first field or you don’t think it is important, omit it from your signup.

Other eligibility should be a rarity. This is for situations like “I just moved to England but I lived in Canada all my life”. We will review these on a case by case basis, and will only grant them in clear cut situations.

As you can see we are being tighter about this than we have in the past, and it is to preserve the integrity of this tournament. Last year we had an incident and I do NOT want it happening again.

Sign up in the above way or be ignored (I may delete your post).


Again, this will be slightly different than last year. We will not have two separate threads for registration, but simply just this one. Captains will be announced one week today, June 18, 2010 (which will also include a final list of the participating teams).

If you are relatively new or not known well by me, you probably should avoid signing up for captain. We have given some relatively new players captaincy in the past and it has had some pretty poor results, so we will be sticking to our veterans that we know and trust.

Captains will be responsible for three things: Assembling and submitting their team, submitting to me their flag, and making any necessary adjustments/subs throughout the tournament (and obviously making sure their team gets their battles done!). It is a big responsibility but also a position of honour.

If you are in the position where you captained last year and want to again, feel free to start formulating your potential team as soon as now. If you did not captain last year and want to this year, include that in your post, keeping in mind our criteria. We will obviously need to fill vacancies left by non returning captains.

Team Formation

After captains have been announced, there will be another one week period in which the captains have to hold tryouts/scout users to assemble their team. This will be the time period where the most activity is required from the captain, an ideal candidate would be on IRC every day and getting the opinion of well respected members of their team on potential roster spots.

Final rosters are to be submitted on or before June 25th, 2010. All rosters should include the team name, captain name, starting 8 players and 2 subs. The captain does not have to be on the playing roster at all. I also want flags submitted with the roster.


Much like last year, each team is to have a flag to represent their nation. It should be creative and effectively depict the culture of your team.

However, this year I want to keep consistency between the flags, in terms of both size and style. For this reason I have hired one artist, Pirika, who has agreed to do all the flags. All captains must contact Pirika with a flag idea, and hopefully he can turn out 14+ flags in a week’s time.

New Teams

Last year we had 2 new teams join us, France and Italy. Both were from international forums and we were glad to have them aboard, as it really added a global touch to the event.

If you are reading this and have a different language forum / an idea for a new team, please PM Jackal and Shiv on the forums with your proposal. We will listen to all proposals and give decisions when I get back from my trip (more on this later).


I invite everyone to join us at #wcop on for 24/7 world cup banter/trash talk. I also invite captains/teams to create team channels for personal use, as we saw Oceania use theirs so effectively last year. If you don’t use irc, I suggest you get it. It is where it’s at.

Conflict with SPL

I know this is running at the same time as SPL, but… too bad. This was the only way. I know it sucks that you will be friends in one tournament and enemies in another, but SPL will have maybe 2 more weeks left when battles start so it’s not that big a deal. I don’t want to hear complaining about this, I am sick of it. It will be spaced out properly next time.

My Situation

I will be out of town with no Internet access from June 13th – June 17th. During this time I encourage everyone to signup as usual and talk on irc (without me :[). I made this post excruciatingly specific so that any questions you may have would probably be answered in this thread. If not, contact Shiv, who should be around.

Whew, long post, please make sure you read it all though.

With that said, I expect this tournament to be as good as, if not better than last year. It is pretty tough to top a husk vs Earthworm final where Asia finally loses, but we will try ;)

So nations around the world, gather round because it is time to


Azn > cdn etc but not really


mostly harmless
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As promised, we have sorted through all the applicants, checked the numbers and relative skill levels of each team and have come up with a list of the teams that will participate in this World Cup. They are listed below, as well as the player we have deemed most suitable to captain each side, and finally the IRC channel you can find that team at.

The Teams:

Asia - Aeroblacktyl - #azn
Brazil - Quantum Mechanics
Canada - Jackal - #CANADA
Europe - Mekkah/Mind - #europe
France - Haldar
Germany - Sapientia
Indian Subcontinent + Greater Middle East (ISGME) - Shiv/Aldaron - #brown
Latin America - Mizuno - #la
Oceania - Blue Kirby - #ocn
Spain - Malekith
United Kingdom - twash - #uk
USA Central - LOKI - #central
USA East - Fabbles - #east
USA Metro - JabbaTheGriffin - #metro
USA South - bad ass - #southus
USA West - TAY - #uswest

Did not qualify: Mexico - Spiritman

You may notice there are 17 teams listed... Well given the fact that it would be arbitrary if I made a decision with little information, and the fact that both Captains have been committed and show promise, I have decided to let the final two teams have a playoff for the final spot in the years World Cup.

I need the Captains of both Brazil and Mexico to PM me with a roster of three individuals. The playoff will be 3 simple DP OU battles, with the team that wins 2 out of the 3 qualifying for the World Cup. This is the fairest way to do it. Captains get these 3 names to me as soon as possible, hopefully by tomorrow, as I do not want this to extend the beginning of the first round.

As for all other prospective players, I urge you to contact the Captain of the team you wish to play for requesting a tryout, and I urge you to hang out in that team's respective IRC channel. That will maximize your odds of making the team if the Captain likes what he sees.

Captains, I expect all rosters posted in this thread and PMed to me by a week today, Friday June 25th, 2010. Until then I hope that you will do your due diligence to make sure your team is as strong as possible. Also Captains, find me on IRC or PM me for a sorted list of all the signups.

With that, I would like to wish each team good luck and I hope that you all will join us on #wcop on for 24/7 World Cup of Pokemon chat.

CDN > OCN. I said it.


The playoff will go as follows:

Mexico vs Brazil

Julius vs Quantum Mechanics
Jorge vs pi face
Carloo vs Mosh

Whichever team wins 2 of these battles will qualify for the World Cup, the other will just have to try again next year. I would like these battles done before the next round, so you have just under a week to do them. Please do them as soon as physically possible. Good luck to both sides!
Shoddybattle Username:mind
Country/State of Residence: the netherlands
Nationality: the netherlands
Other Eligibility: [only if applicable]-
Europe etc
also im signing up as captain from europe, i knows it in other thread l;allalalla


I do it for the CHICKS
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Shoddybattle Username: MS
Country/State of Residence: Australia
Nationality: Italy - Grandparents moved to Australia in the early sixties! Pretty much Aussie though as it's been 50 odd years.

Signing up for Oceania :).
Shoddybattle Username: Aldaron
Country/State of Residence: Ohio, USA
Nationality: India
Other Eligibility: Asia / England

Applying for captaincy for potential new team Asia - Indian Subcontinent + Arab states

Blue Kirby

Never back down.
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Shoddybattle Username: Blue Kirby
Country/State of Residence: Australia
Nationality: A mix ... so we'll go with Australian

Throwing my name in the ring to claim back my old oceanic captaincy. Let's make it two years in a row, boys!


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Shoddybattle Username: Tab
Country/State of Residence: England
Nationality: English
Other Eligibility: N/A

6A9 Ace Matador

veni, vidi, vici, VERSACE, VERSACE VERSACE
Shoddybattle Username: 6A9 Ace Matador
Country/State of Residence: England
Nationality: Spanish + Latin American
Other Eligibility: Europe, Latin America

zzz fsr hanke didn't get captains, i'll be playing for uk
Shoddybattle Username: Philip7086
Country/State of Residence: California (West Coast the Best Coast)
Nationality: Half Filipino

Signing up for US West
Shoddybattle Username: undisput3d
Country/State of Residence: California, US
Nationality: American

I would consider an honor and privilege to play for US West.


nice times all the times
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Shoddybattle Username: GOUKI
Country/State of Residence: CANA
Nationality: PORTUGAL
Other Eligibility: NEVER

the cup is ours
Shoddybattle Username: badalcristiano
Country/State of Residence: Bangalore, India
Other Eligibility:
Applying for: Asia and India (if it gets approved)
Shoddybattle Username: ENZ0
Country/State of Residence: Florida, United States
Nationality: Spanish/Latino
Other Eligibility: Caribbean (Latin America)
Shoddybattle Username: Optimusje
Country/State of Residence: Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Other Eligibility: [only if applicable]

signing up for europe i suppose
Man if Europe would just unite for once we would actually have a chance...
Only with a combination of all French, Italians, and all other country's outside the UK and Germany, we wouldn't be completely outnumbered by the other regions in terms of top battlers.

I already stated this in the former world cup, which was received by disbelieve but as you can see in this link, the results don't lie.

I hope it can be token in consideration this time, otherwise i bet this world cup will be without Europe once more.

Shoddybattle Username: Mien
Country/State of Residence: The artificial kingdom of Belgium
Nationality: Flemmish, Belgian
Shoddybattle Username: ultraskydive
Country/State of Residence: lithuania (its in europe writing this just in case since many people dont know where is lithuania:))
Nationality: lithuania
Other Eligibility: [only if applicable]
singing up for europe
Shoddybattle Username: The_Chaser
Country/State of Residence: Australia
Nationality: Australia-England (Dad)
Other Eligibility: Signing up for either Oceania/Europe/Uk (in order of preference)


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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Shoddybattle Username: JACKAI
Country/State of Residence: CANADA
Nationality: ITALIAN
Other Eligibility: NEVER

the cup is ours

PS: I will likely be captain CANADA again, but while I am gone all better listen to GOUKI as he will be doing the advanced scouting, he has discovered such talents as the mighty GEOFF. In GOUKI we trust.

also, join us on #CANADA on yea!!!
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