Think up a cool monster and i'll draw it in MS paint at the end of the week.


Godlike Usmash
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Exactly what it says on the tin, leave suggestions for powers and abilities for this monster to have and at the end of the week i'll draw what you all decided on in MS paint.

As long as your suggestion isn't NSFW i'll try to incorporate it in some way, so go crazy.

EDIT: The monster has been drawn! Here it is, i figured i'd put it in the OP so you wouldn't have to scroll to find it

EDIT 2: We did a round 2 and i've added the round 2 monster into the OP as well so everyone can find it easily, i also put both it and the round 1 monster in hide tags so the thread OP doesn't get too bloated.


brightobject Also made art of the monster in much, much higher quality, which is below.

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