Time to celebrate (Giveaway is over. Winners please VM/PM me)

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The giveaway was going to end on Friday, but nobody has made a submission for Mienshao or Carracosta. So I can't make a full judgement until those two have a submission. Giveaway will most likely end either Friday or Saturday and no later
The Volcarona looks interesting, and this looks like fun! Might as well give it a shot;

Magic Guard
-Leech Seed
-GrassWhistle/Horn Leech/Wild Charge

This is your typical SubSeed set, and Sawsbuck should be able to pull it off quite nicely. The idea is the same as always; cripple the opponent with GrassWhistle, set up a substitute, fire off Leech Seed and repeat when necessary. Sawsbuck can pull this off quite well thanks to his base 80 HP and 95 Speed, allowing him to quickly set up on most opponents before they can even react. Megahorn is used to deal with those pesky grass types who are immune to Leech Seed and works off his decent Attack stat. Magic Guard is an extremely useful ability that compliments this set well, preventing Sawsbuck from taking any extra damage from the weather and status effects like poison.

If GrassWhistle's shaky accuracy bothers you too much, then you can always run a second attack move in the last slot. Horn Leech is a nice option with Stab and recovery, but using it means that Sawsbuck is walled by Steel, Fire, and Flying types. Wild Charge is another option, being able to hit all those types(assuming they're not part Ground) and having no recoil damage thanks to Magic Guard.

The EV setup is pretty basic; max HP to make the substitutes as bulky as possible, max speed to try and outrun the opponent. The rest are put into Attack to add a little kick to Sawsbuck's offense. If you prefer, a more defensive setup is viable off of Sawsbuck's base 70 Defenses with 252HP/132Def/124SpD and an impish nature.

Sawsbuck appreciates entry hazzard support, as he is likely to cause a lot of switches. Toxic Spikes may be the best option to rack up a lot of indirect damage, however, Stealth Rock could also cause a lot of damage since many of the types Sawsbuck is weak to are weak to Rock. Crustle provides good entry hazard support with Spikes or Stealth Rock, while Tentacruel can cover Toxic Spikes detail. It also wouldn't hurt to have a bulky Water type to handle any Fire types that Sawsbuck is bound to drag in, and a good Flying type to cover the Fighting/Bug types. Some help with bulky grass types would also be quite useful to eliminate any threats to Sawsbuck's Leech Seed.
Here's one for Mienshao:

Choice Scarf/Life Orb
4 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed
-Hi Jump Kick
-Power Whip
-Stone Edge/Fake Out

Typical Choice Scarfer, but with Regenerator, Mienshao pulls it off quite nicely. Hi Jump Kick is for STAB and hits stuff like Tyranitar nicely. Power Whip can be used against bulky waters like Politoed and Suicune, while Stone Edge hits Bug and Flying types(who resist Hi Jump Kick and Power Whip) hard. U-Turn is for scouting, but could be used against Grass and Psychic types for a good amount of damage. Fake Out is possible to use with Life Orb, as Regenerator heals the recoil damage for you.
Division 1:

Musharna @ Leftovers
252 HP. 252 Def. 6 Sp. Def
Bold Nature
Thunder Wave

Simple Wish Passer. I don't think I can really describe it as anything more than that really. T-Wave for utility, Wish + Protect for healing. Psyhcic for STAB.

Division 2:

Sigilyph @ Leftovers
252 HP, 6 Sp. Atk, 252 Spe
Timid Nature
Calm Mind
Psychic/Air Slash
HP Fighting

Designed to abuse Calm Mind with Simple to get +2 Sp Atk and +2 Sp Def. The idea is boost Sigilyph's 80 Sp. Def to much better heights. The idea is boost your attack to sweep and tank special attacks and heal them off with Roost when necessary.

Name: Carracosta
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Solid Rock
Nature: Quiet
EV Spread: 252 HP / 126 Atk / 130 SpA
- Stored Power
- Shell Smash
- Scald
- Stone Edge

Explanation: By utilizing Shell Smash, Stored Power has the ability to do MASSIVE damage. EV spread helps make Carracosta a decent Mixed Attacker, while EVs in HP help keep Carracosta alive a little longer (since adding to Def/SpD/Spe wouldn't really help him much after a Smash or two). Scald for Steel types on the predicted switch and STAB Stone Edge for Carracosta's biggest attack (unless you can +6 with Smash and hit with Stored Power).

Anti-Trick Room Escavalier @ Focus Sash
Brave (31+252 EVs/31+252 Evs/31/0/31+4 Evs/0)
Close Combat
Iron Head (or protect)

Escavalier is already an awesome anti-trick room pokemon - but close combat gives him a pretty darned good means of hitting TR team's bulky guys for lots of damage. Pursuit is good against what Close Combat is not.

Focus Sash lets this get a 2nd hit in, and has a unique synergy with Close Combat... also with anyone who would try to OHKO this with fire.

Megahorn is STAB super attack. No reason not to have this.

Finally, I suggest Ironhead because damage + possible flinch is ambitious. With focus sash you can even afford to miss 1 time on something you can't actually defeat. Alternatively Protect is an option, but takes away from the offensive nature of this monster.

And because it's fun:

Name: Jolly Archeops @ Flying Gem
Ability: Moxie
move 1: Acrobatics
move 2: Head Smash
move 3: Earthquake
move 4: Protect

Full disclosure, here's how I came up with this:
Step 1: Googled this: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84556
Step 2: Put on Headsmash. Headsmash and Defeatest had reverse synergy, but this is redonkulous.
Step 3: Jolly - Because 110 base speed + speed bonus + EVs = WIN. There is very little this doesn't outspeed. Attack - clearly this has a monster attack that would make you cringe. And it only gets bigger w/ Moxie. Adamant Hits harder... but what the hell are you trying to hit that doesn't go down from a headsmash or 2? 4 Evs in Sp. Def for Porygon/etc.
Step 4: Protect: Scouts opponent's move when they expect an easy switch. What does your opponent think you're bringing in? Anything outside of being hit by Hidden Power will give you a better idea of what your opponent's counter looks like.

PS - Taking away defeatest and giving it moxie is nasty. Too too nasty.

Heatmor - Agility (special sweeper)
Heatmor @ life orb
Modest / Flash fire
4 Hp / 252 SpAtk/ 252 Speed

-Hidden power (electric)
-Focus blast

Flash fire allows heatmor to enter on a fire tipe move, then he can use agility to boost his speed.
hidden power electric is for the bulky waters, Focus blast expands the coverage and flamethrower is the main STAB move.

Swampert, (thanks to his water/earth type) is probably the main counter, but he can easly take down by a grass type such as celebi and shaymin.

Name: Shuckle (Trickster)
Item: Sticky Barb/Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Naughty

- Power Trick
- Stone Edge
- Encore
- Protect/Swagger

Explanation: What is the trickster without Power Trick? You encore them until they do something manageable, and you Power Trick. Switches Shuckle's base 230 Defense into 230 Attack, Stone Edge to death. Swagger to possibly make it more irritating, a bit risky with switched att/def. Protect to help out with the low defense and health.
Archeops @ Choice Scarf
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
Ability : Moxie
EV's : 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
- U-Turn
- Head Smash
- Earthquake
- Aerial Ace

Honestly, I'd use this in the sand. The Special Defense boost can really help(hence the remaining EV's in SpD) and Archeops can run Head Smash since he has Moxie and not Defeatist. U-Turn + EdgeQuake + STAB Aerial Ace = everything takes neutral damage, despite the fact that it's a Choiced set. I'd run it with a Water/Ground type like Quagsire or even Gastrodon. Tyranitar is obvious for Sand Stream. it's like a Choice set for Aerodactyl but it hits harder and has U-Turn to scout. I would also run it with a Wish passer like Specially Defensive Jirachi so it can come in on random Electric attacks and then pass the Wish to Archeops who will come in on the Fire and Ground moves. Latias would work OK too although not as well from a typing standpoint. Just have to be careful on the prediction game, revealing Wish at the right time, etc. Of course, if you utilize it late game and take out the right pokes, you can sweep with Earthquake or Head Smash for the win.


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Alright and that's it, this giveaway is over! Winners have been chosen and it was not easy. I actually needed help with some of these submissions so don't feel offended if you weren't chosen; your entry wasn't bad, but someone else's entry was just a bit better. Although there was a tie between two contestants, but it's midnight now and I dont feel like thinking so I just chose them both.

Also congrats to Jucaa for winning the lottery! I'll contact everyone by tomorrow. Thank you for making this a successful giveaway ^_^
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