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(OU Full-Stall Team)

Hello fellow Smogonites. I could have made this RMT like most of the others; I could have made my team I have used throughout the entirety of what is the 4th generation of competitive pokemon. Alternatively, I used a successful 4th generation team in a 5th generation metagame. Regardless of how well my team fared in 5th gen, I recall I had my ass handed back to me, disformed, the last time I tried laddering on pokemon laboratory. Now, while I am one all for change, I do like my ass as it is, so I wanted to change this into a 4th generation competitive team.

Thanks for reading the above text.

Team Building:
Even the newest of all competitive pokemon trainers have used, heard of, and feared the combination, fondly dubbed Skarmbliss, of Skarmory and Blissey. The best special wall and arguably the best Physical Wall Spiker which existed during the 4th generation of Pokemon had found their way into my team. However, I wanted to change one of the two pokemons' sets to give it a bit of a surprise factor. You will find that factor in Skarmory's set.

From the second I began the usage of Marriland's Team Builder, I had noticed the impressive synergy which exists between Skarmory and Swampert. While the typing of both Skarmory and Swampert are useful to each other, each checks different pokemon. Skarmory counters all the physical threats of the metagame except variations of Tyranitar. All of which can be handled quite easily by Swampert. Additionally, Swampert acts as a bulky lead capable of using Stealth Rock. Swampert acts as a second phaser.

By this point in my teammaking, I was concerned both about synergy and about the general needs of stall. I wanted another dominant physical wall, a third phazer, and finally a fighting resistance. I came up with Gyarados as the answer to all my problems. While I made his set without even glancing at the Analysis of his, I am 100 percent certain this set exists within the Analysis. BulkyRestalkDos is my mian check to mixed attackers, and is my team's only check to the pokemon which wrecks stall, Mixape.

Knowing full well that the uncommon rapid spinner would destroy my gameplan, I had to insert a Ghost-typed pokemon which would be immune to Rapid Spin. The only pokemon I was considering for this prestigious role were Levitatig Ghosts, due to the fact that I lacked a spinner and already had two pokemon who were vulnerable both to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. This left Gengar and Rotom-A. One can see how easy my choice was to make. I spent a great deal of time testing between Rotom-H and
Rotom-W. In the 4th generation metagame, they were equally effective on my team, but Rotom-A finally made the cut, as a certain Grass/Steel Spiker harrassed my team in 5th generation play.

My last spot on my team was mainly up for grabs. I had all the resistances to each type that I needed. I was mainly looking for a second mixed wall, and decided upon a strange variation of Resting Hearan. He had been rather effective in the countering of various rotom forms.

To put things mildly, Heatran was not working. His EV spread was much too slow, and his weaknesses to common offensive types was not of great assistance. I was looking for something which would help me in the revenging of offensive threats. So, I found a pokemon which is as least affected by entrance hazards as you can get. I found Flygon. While flygon is not a common Stall pokemon, he does sport decent-at-worst defenses at 80/80/80, in addition to the key Edgequake resistance which is so useful to have.

Swampert @ Leftovers
Relaxed: 252Hp | 252Def | 4 Spe
Stealth Rock | Roar | Earthquake | Ice Beam

Swampert deserves to be a staple lead for every full-stall team. He is capable of placing entry hazards on the first turn against about every lead. Should he be taunted, he is very capable of coming back into the fray later, should the need arise. Swampert gives my team its bulky resistance to rock-typed moves, as Flygon does not want to make a habit of switching into CB Tyranitars' Stone Edges. Roaring early game is not beneficial to my opposition. Not only does phazing the opposition increase entry hazard damage, but it forces my opponent to display his team, easing my prediction somewhat. The combination of Skarmory and Swampert checks almost every physical threat in the 4th generation metagame. The common Scarf Tyranitar is stopped dead in its tracks due to the combination of the duo.While this set is standard and thus easily predictable, it serves its purpose very well.

Skarmory @ Leftovers
Impish: 252Hp | 252Def | 4 Spe
Spikes | Whirlwind | Roost | Toxic

This is the most ingenious set which exists on this team (being a true OU whore, this means something). Many threats which may switch into Skarmory are harmed severely by Toxic poison. The move Toxic was eventually brought about by the lack of Toxic Spikes on my team. While Toxic Spikes are not mandatory for a stall team, poison is. Spikes in conjunction with Stealth Rock and Phazing moves allows me to rapidly inflict passive entry hazard damage. Spikes help me check certain threats which would otherwise be very difficult to kill, like Mixape if my Gyarados is eliminated. Skarmory needs maximum physical bulk to be effective on my team. I am able to set up spikes on Max attack CB Stone Edge from Tyranitar, which does ~<40%. I have always been an aggresive stall player, meaning that I am willing to take the risk that my opponent does not have a Magnezone on his team for the additional 6% per turn. Sue me.

Blissey @ Leftovers
Bold: 4Hp | 252Def | 252Sp.Def
Heal Bell | Toxic | Wish | Protect

I believe Blissey is a staple on any full-stall team. It is the best special wall, and will always be. Wish Support helps some of the walls, like swampert, which take many hits and cannot restore themsleves. Toxic on Blissey allows some of the physical threats which would switch into her to have shortened lifespans. The lack of Toxic Spikes on my team forced Blissey to have Toxic. Protect in conjunction with Wish allows blissey to heal herself just as she could by using Sofboiled. In addition, Protect allows Blissey to determine what move something like CB Scizor will use when switched in, allowing me to switch to the appropriate counter. Maximized defense allows me to be Pursuited by Scizor without risking staying in on a SD Variant. Taunt just kills blissey, as I have used Aromatherapy in place of an offensive attack. Status has always hurt my team, especially full paralysis, so I placed Aromatherapy in one of my moveslots.

Rotom-H @ Choice Specs
Modest: 252Hp | 252Sp.Atk | 4Spe
Trick | Shadow Ball | Thunderbolt | Overheat

While the Choice Specs set on Rotom is common (increasingly common, frusuratingly so), this set forges a new path by dumping the Speed EVs into HP. Trick is a very useful move, especially with a Choice Specs, as it is likely the least useful of the three choiced items the opposition could use. Overheat was chosen over Hydro Pump on Rotom-A because the un STABed Hydro pump occassionally failed to OHKO the most specially bulky Forretress. Additionally, Rotom-H for me is more of a hit-and-run pokemon, so the additional power of Fire Blast is not too hindering. I also appreciate the additional accuracy that Overheat provices over Hydro Pump; missing has always been my way. Discharge was not considered long for this set. I like the increase in power that Thunderbolt provides, and Thunderbolt has a lesser chance of paralysing the oppostion. This lets me poison the opposition more.

Gyarados @ Leftovers
Bold: 252Hp | 252Def | 4Spe
Waterfall | Roar | Rest | Sleep Talk

Gyarados has always been a lifesaver for my team, on too many occassions to count. he is my most effective mixed wall. He acts as a third phazer on my team. He checks Mixape, which aginst other stall teams would have the ability to rape. Intimidate is the greatest ability a stall team could ever have. That in addition with it's awesome physical bulk due to its EV spread allows it to take unSTABed -1 Stone Edges like a champ and phase away. Scizor, once the most used Pokemon in the 4th generation, is stopped dead at the sight of Max Def Gyarados. Heatran, the pokemon which has recently topped Scizor for the most used pokemon, is also stopped cold when Gyarados comes into play. Gyarados is the only pokemon which is badly maimed by Stealth Rock. This is slightly problamatic at times when I do not have the time to Rest. A pokemon capable of Rapid Spinning could replace the next pokemon, Flygon.

Flygon @ Choice Scarf
Adamant: 4Hp | 252Atk | 252Spe
Earthquake | Outrage | Fire Punch | U-Turn

Flygon is the pokemon I most wish to replace. I do not like offensive teams, and I never had. While Flygon is very effective at killing weakened teams with STAB Outrage, it does not fit my playstyle very well. U-turn is a very useful move, especially for stall teams. By being sure to have the best counter possible whenever my opponent switches out provides me with the opportunity to force the opposition out again, piling up on the entry hazard damage. I do not want to sacrifice the mixed capabilities which Fire Blast provides at the loss of either Special or Physical Defense that the nature switch would bring. Whenever I have a double switch, I always bring in Flygon. Flygon, due to his cool speed, always outspeeds the opposition, unless it is scarfed itself. The reason why I chose Adamant Nature over Jolly was that I don't care about being revenged by a max speed choice scarf Jirachi; I'm aggressive, sue me. Also, DD Salamence has a few nice counters on my team already.

Thank you in advance for Rating My Team.
I'm just curious as to why Fire Punch on Flygon? In my experience Thunderpunch is much better so you can comfortably revenge +1 Gyarados. I know you can phaze it, but this way you don't have to take a hit in the process.

Also, two of your Pokémon are 100% shut down by Taunt. I really recommend getting an attacking move on Blissey somewhere, over which ever move you find most replacable?
Hi there bluewooper,

Nice full stall team you have going here. I have two small changes that I think you should consider to make your team even more efficient. The things I have in mind are to a) change Scarf Flygon to Scarf Jirachi and b) change Skarmory to Forretress. First of all, I think Scarf Jirachi and its ability to trick is much more valuable to your team than Flygon. It has higher defenses and doesn't need to lock itself into Outrage, all the while stopping last change set-up Pokemon. In addition to that, Skarmory vs. Forretress is a debatable issue imo. Personally, I think Forretress is better for a full stall team because you need Gyarados at high health to do its job. Since Forry can Rapid Spin, it arguably supports the team better than Skarmory does. To add to that, Forry can use Toxic Spikes to further support the team. Here are the sets I would reccomend you to use:

Jirachi @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
Nature: Jolly
-Thunder Punch
-Fire Punch
-Iron Head


Forretress @ Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 4 Def
Nature: Careful
-Toxic Spikes
-Rapid Spin
Good luck with your team!
I don't rate many teams..but I felt like I had to comment on this one.

Move set changes:

1. Put Brave Bird on Skarmory

-The main reason, I'm suggesting this is that Bulky DD Gyarados, can set up on your team with relative ease. It can easily come on in 3 or 4 members of your team, and set up.

2. Put Heal bell instead of Aromatherapy on Blissey.

-illegal move set.

3. Change Firepunch to Thunderpunch or Stone Edge.

-As noted, this will especially help against Gyarados and other flying types.

EV/Nature changes:

1. Change Swampert's Evs to: 240 HP/216 Def/52 SpD

-This will help Swampert take special hits slightly better, while giving it nearly the same physical bulk.

2. Change Skarmory's Evs to: 252 HP/240 Def/16 Spe

-This will allow it to outspeed Adamant Rhyperior, a rare but dangerous threat.

3. Change Rotom-H's nature to timid, and the Evs to: 252 SpA/4 SpD/252 Spe .

-In order to outspeed Lucario and the base 80s, though it will lose bulk.

4. Change Gyarados's nature to Careful, and the Evs to: 248 HP/60 Def/200 SpD.

-This allows it to effectively be a mixed wall, and it can still deal with many physical threats.

Hope I helped :)
I would dump Toxic for Seismic Toss or Flamethrow / Ice Beam on Blissey, seeing as I find at least 1 attacking move helpful, and Skarm's already there to induce status. I would use Rotom-w over Rotom-h as Hydro Pump is a superior move to Overheat IMO. Overheat doesn't really complement TBolt as well as Hydro Pump does, because STAB Specs Tbolt tears through pretty much anything but Ground types - and Hydro Pump hits all of those for super effective damage. Also, Hydro Pump can kill off TTar or Hippowdon switch ins. Overheat can also prevent your ability to continuously launch off attacks - ex, if use send out Rotom on their spinner and Overheat predicting a switch. Sure, you can severely damage their switch in, but thanks to the SAtk drop you may not be able to KO it and might end up getting revenge killed. That's why I'd go for Rotom-w.

So, I understand your reasons for Rotom-H but I'd still suggest Rotom-w.

I second the above poster - run +speed 252 Spe/SAtk in order to be an effective sweeper after residual damage.

Flygon has no reason to run Fire Punch over Thunder Punch, use Thunder Punch to get the crucial revenge kill on +1 Dos.

Also, you mentioned you COULD use a spinner over Flygon - why not run Forretress? Only 1 other Fire weak, and you have 2 resists and a special wall to take most Fire attacks. You could run a Physically Defensive Forretress EV spread, then slap on Toxic Spikes / Stealth Rock / Payback / EQ or Explosion. Not only would you add a spinner, but Toxic Spikes support (crucial for stall), an anti-anti-spinner, and you could free up moveslots on Skarm and Bliss (add in Taunt or Brave Bird on Skarm, and slap both the aforementioned Seismic Toss > Aromatherapy AND Flamethrower > Toxic.
Thanks for the rates guys. I always felt the best thing to wake up to is a handful of time-consuming rates!

@ Juice! Yeah. Fire Punch has not worked in 4th generation much. Scizor is capable of doing much damage with Bullet Punch before I can KO with Fire Punch. If Flygon is kept over Jirachi, I would likely replace Thunderpunch in place of Fire Punch.

@ Undisputed I always used to lean away from Scarf Jirachi on any sort of team, due to the lack of power it usually brings. However, I can see how it would assist me in the checking of several threats to this team, including DD LO Taunt Edgequake Tyranitar, Should Swampert and Skarmory/Forretress be removed, and all variations of Gyarados. Forretress makes more sense on this team, especially since Skarmory was almost wasing a moveslot on Toxic. From this point, I will be heavily testing Jirachi over Flygon and I have replaced Skarmory with Forretress.

@STEELDRAGON Most of what you have said in you post has already been adressed. In regards to the Gyarados set, I will take you advice and change it to the more specially bulky set you have provided, as he is my only real mixed wall. I am also going to use that Swampert set provided, as I trust your instict/knowledge, as you have been the top of the leaderboard for longer than I can remember. Gyarados's Nature|Ev Spread is 248 HP/60 Def/200 SpD, and is now Careful natured.

@Yay for Failure I will test Rotom-W over Rotom-H.

@Potential Raters: I will update this thread with changes right after school today, so I will get this as updated as possible. Please keep rating (and Polling :P)
Hello Bluewooper. :)

You created a very nice Stall Team with good synergy.
I totally recommend using Seismic Toss over Beal Bell on Blissey because late Game Calm Mind Suicune will be deadly once it gets the Chance to Set up.
It can Stall out Blisseys PP with pressure. With Seismic Toss you can kill non rest Suicune or Toxic it.
This team is already pretty solid, so there aren't many things left to change. However, I feel that your current Rotom set is a bit out of place on this team. You seem to be using team members that are definitely stall-oriented, so Rotom would likely be better off running a standard defensive set. This change would help increase the bulkiness of your team overall, and would leave Rotom less vulnerable to being trapped and KO'd by Pursuit users.

I also recommend trying out a Hippowdon lead over Swampert. While Swampert is quite bulky, Hippowdon possesses a lot of the same traits, as well as access to recovery in the form of Slack Off. Swampert's main advantage seems to be its Water typing, which allows it to switch into some Fire-type attackers. However, Gyarados already covers those very well, and many Heatran are now carrying HP Grass specifically to eliminate Swampert switch-ins. All in all, Hippowdon is likely the superior choice due to its recovery move, greater bulk, and ability to phaze out opponents with Roar.

Good luck!
I thought Wish and Aomratherapy on the same set was illegal (Blissey). Isn't it?
It is, but you can use Wish and Heal Bell.

Btw, good team, I second Faladran's Hippo suggestion, use a spread of Careful, 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Def to take on the Heatrans he mentioned better.
Thanks for the rates guys, I'm going to have to do a truckload of testing on PokeLab. I'll edit in what I think I will keep.

Changes over first draft:

Hippowdon @ Leftovers
Impish: 252Hp / 252Def / 4 Spe
Earthquake | Roar | Slack Off | Stealth Rock
Replaced Lead Swampert.

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