What does this have over the Electric Genie?
Gale. ._.

I really hope this guy gets some advantage over Borutorusu in future games because I've been wanting a pure Flying type. What was GF thinking when they made Borutorusu Electric/Flying? They could have made it Fire/Flying, Ice/Flying, or Water/Flying so at least Torunerosu have typing advantage in some situations.
the only thing torunerosu has over his electric brother are precisely and only the moves air slash, gust, windstorm (120 power special flying), acrobat, and aerial ace. That is IT. That's all he has over elelctric genie. Borotorosu has resistance to flying and steel, is not weak to electric, and has access to the moves thundershock, shock wave, heal block, discharge, flash cannon, charge, nasty plot, thunderbolt, thunder, wild bolt, and volt change (electric special u-turn). They have the EXACT SAME stats and the EXACT SAME abilities, both dream world and other.
There is only one use that would make Torneros superior in comparison to Bolteros:

Torneros @ Focus Sash
Timid | Mischievous Heart
4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe
- Taunt
- U-Turn
- Tailwind
- Gale

First of all, Bolteros cannot learn Tailwind, and in Generation V, Tailwind now lasts for 4 turns. One turn can actually make a huge difference sometimes in a game that now has 1) many more higher speed threats and 2) lower speed powerful Pokemon.

Tailwind cancels out Doryuuzu's Sand Throw ability with its own doubled speed boost, making Doryuuzu a much less threat. Within the four turns, you can not only fight with twice the speed, but also change the weather of the game to benefit your own, completely shutting down some weather teams for a few turns. If this opportunity is grasped well, it can be game-changing or at least half game-changing.

U-Turn also provide scouting, allowing you to switch to a Pokemon that can resist whatever that your opponent is switching out or predict your opponent's attack, giving you a chance to set up your threats such as Cloyster with Shell Break, Butterfly Dance Urugamosu (MH Taunt shuts down entry hazards such as Stealth Rock), Spore/Shell Break or Belly Drum or Butterfly Dance/Baton Pass Smeargles or just smash away for 4 turns with powerful threats such as SD Randeros, DD Ononokusu, Sazandora, SD Terakion, etc.

Shandera even deserves a special mention here because with Tailwind, it is FAST, and U-Turn scout gives Shadow Tag Shandera basically a free kill if your opponent desires to switch something weak against it.

There is no doubt that Torneros is the game's best Tailwind user, and the only one with MH and Tailwind combination. I think many people are overlooking this fact.
I like the looks of that Tailwind set.Nothing like a priority double speed for your team.I would like to use it with Ononokusu.147 Atk+Double Speed STAB Outrage?Yes please.

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I think the only time I'd use this guy is if I wanted a lead that works very similar to Elec Genie, but doesn't tarnish Elec Genie's potential as a sweeper in general. Aside from that, this guy is nothing more but a huge disappointment of a Pokemon.
hello, does no one see the fire/fighting type over there. >.> infernape with the 4x weakness in flying?????
And since when if flying super effective against fire. Unless it was changed in this gen, flying is only SE against fighting, grass, and bug.

Flying is better due to the high amount of fighting, the chorlaphyl grass since Sunny Day is playable and Ulgamoth and Denchura.

This guy could be good as a backup Rain Dancer. Overall, Zapdos is probably better than the eletric genie but this way you have the option of using the Eletric one as a sweeper.

Rain Dance
Tornelos the black sheep, what sets does this guy can run that the others can't?
A couple flying moves really. The only things he gets over the electric guy are tail wind, gale (as everyone has said), aerial ace, air slash, air cutter and acrobat. I can see a gimmicky pinch berry set working, as mischievous heart lets him set it up fairly well:

Tornelos @ Salac berry
252 Att / 124 Spe / 132 HP
Mischievous Heart

Bulk Up
Brick Break
Substitute / Crunch

Simple in theory, but still a gimmick as always. Priority is abundant as ever this generation so it'll be hard as hell to pull off. EVs give him enough speed to outspeed jolly gyarados (so +1 gyarados after the boost), and the rest is into for some decent bulk to go with the bulk ups. Also the HP is set to give him enough a stat that is divisible by 4. Considering mischievous heart lets him set up substitutes without reprieve, he doesn't need all that much speed anyways. Acrobat has 110 power after the berry, and the rest provide decent coverage. Its one of his few original sets that I can think of at least
lol aren't they just palette swaps though making the electric and ground equally as ugly =P?
They actually aren't. They all have slightly different hair, mustaches, and the little tail/scarf things the three of them have all have completely different designs, (Tornelos is fluffy, Voltolos is spikey, and Landlos is blocky)... the horns on their heads are also different.

Most of you probably don't care, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. :P
Spamming Windstorm under rain is quite awesome really...and Voltelos can spam Thunders too. Oh joy. At least Windstorm has twice the chance to fully incapacitate a pokemon on the turn it is used thanks to confusion, but even then it's only 15%. I'm currently using him as a backup dancer and lead, unlike Voltelos it can beat Nattorei 70% of the time under rain with Focus Blast + Windstorm (Voltelos has to rely on the 49% chance for Focus Blast to hit twice). Still, he has been pretty underwhelming, I'll have to try Voltelos over him sometime soon.
Yeah, this guy isnt so great in singles, but in doubles and triples his priority tailwind and taunt make him an excellent team member, equaling and even surpassing the other electric one i usefulness.
Well... He can hit Breloom :)

The only difference between them is that this guy gets Flying STAB, while Borutorosu would need HP flying. But Borutorosu has better options.

It was a VERY bad idea to make them have the same stats/ability/base sprite. Does anyone remember in R/B when they said "All pokemon are unique"? How did these guys miss the memo?
I've used this guy on my rain team and he is absolutely ridiculous. STAB Specs Hurricane just wrecks shit. I believe the set I ran was Hurricane / Focus Blast / Grass Knot / HP Ice. The last two are basically filler. Focus Blast tears Tyranitar apart and hits Steel-types pretty hard. Honestly I thought this guy would be terrible, but he can easily sweep teams with its great speed (trollish, even) and high base power STAB coming from 349 SpA. Give him a try, just make sure you're not using him outside of rain because that's really where he belongs.

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