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Dark times have fallen upon the kingdom of Hyrule. The once-beautiful fields have been clouded by a dark Twilight - rumour has it Ganondorf, the villain who has harassed Hyrule before, has something to do with it.

The Hylians won't stand for this, though. From all over the kingdom, people set out to hunt down the Twilight Horde that is plaguing Hyrule. Some even say that there is a resistance afoot, looking to bring the fight to Ganondorf and his evil associates.

This is a standard Beginner game, meant for players (relatively) new to mafia games. The set-up is a simple 1 Town vs. 1 Mafia set-up. Please note that you may NOT communicate with other players outside the game thread unless you get a PM saying so. You may, however, send messages to More Cowbell and I at any time.

0. More Cowbell and shinyskarmory are the hosts of this game; our word is law. We have the power to resolve any disputes as we see fit, as well as godkilling or subbing out rule breakers.

Corollary: We will never lie to you, either in night results or in the game thread. But we might make mistakes; if you think we made one, PM us.

0. Play to win. Play to have fun. Any suicide pacts/game ruining/etc will cause you to be god killed or subbed out, and possibly blacklisted from future mafia games. This is your only warning.

Corollary: Intentional game ruining=\=mistakes or poor play. We know the difference between trying to ruin the game and making mistakes, don’t test us.

1. This is a NO OUTSIDE COMMUNICATION game. Unless specifically stated, you are forbidden to communicate outside of the game thread with other players. You are also forbidden to edit or delete your posts, and you may only post in the game thread during the day.

1a. You may ask the hosts questions at any time either by bolding the question in a thread post or by private messaging us. If we can respond to the question, we will. If we cannot respond, we will neither confirm nor deny anything.

2. The game begins on Night 0, which will be 72 hours long. During this time, actions are not valid and all players must confirm their role PMs with the hosts. Failing to send a PM on night 0 will result in you being subbed out, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO NIGHT ABILITY. Following Night 0, the game will REALLY start with Day 1, which will last at least 7 IRL days.

2a. During Day phases, there will be Deadline Reviews exactly 48 hours before the scheduled deadline. If we are satisfied with player activity, we will grant an extension of another 48 hours (so the next Deadline Review will be at the time of the previous deadline). If activity is low or the quality of discussion has reduced to OMGUS, the deadline will be locked in with no possibility of extension.

3. During the Day phase, you may discuss the game in public in the game thread. To vote to lynch a player, post "Lynch <USER>" in the thread in bold. To change your vote, post "Unvote <USER>" in the thread in bold. Additionally, you may Finger of Suspicion (FoS) 2 other players in addition to your lynch vote; the FoS is nonbinding and is used only to break ties.

3a. You may also vote No Lynch during the day; a No Lynch majority will result in no lynch.

4. A day phase will end when a majority of the players in the game agree to lynch a player, or when deadline is reached. In both cases, a host will post in the thread calling Deadline or Majority. The following period is called Twilight; you may continue to discuss during this time while a host writes the update, but you may not change your votes. At the end of Twilight, a host will post an update, and the Night phase will begin.

5. In the event that no majority is reached during the day phase, the user with the highest number of votes will be lynched. If there are two or more users with the same number of votes, the one with more FoS will be lynched. If there is still a tie, the lynch will be decided by a coin flip/D6 roll. There will never be a No Lynch unless No Lynch reaches majority.

6. During the Night phase, you may not talk in the thread. If you have a night action, you may send it in using the method detailed in your role PM.

8. If there is a conflict between a role PM and the rules, the role PM takes precedence. If you still aren't sure, PM us.

9. Once you die, you will be given access to a dead chat. To confirm that you have read the rules, include the missing number in the rules list in your confirmation PM on night 0. After you die, you may not discuss the game with anyone who is still alive, period.

This game is meant for beginners; that is to say, inexperienced players (I was going to require less then 3 games, but whatever). If you're experienced, you may still sign up, but true beginners will take priority and you probably won't have any fun.

Signups will end once 15 players have signed up, or after 72 hours if a lot of people end up signing up.

Signup List (17/15):

Anno Nyme
Metal Sonic
Gronkasaurus Rex
CB Terrakion
Aura Guardian
Fire Blast

SIGNUP DEADLINE: May 7th at 8:50 AM EST (GMT -4)


Tastes Like Candy
can I be considered a beginner even though I have played more than 3 games. That's how much I suck haha

anyways, put me in if you may
Eurgh I don't know if i should or not. I'm a fairly crappy player who's played less than two, and i do enjoy NOC, but I'm busy with exams coming up next week and I haven't touched a Zelda game in my life. Hmph I'll edit my post tonight with my decision :/

Eurgh I don't know if i should or not. I'm a fairly crappy player who's played less than two, and i do enjoy NOC, but I'm busy with exams coming up next week and I haven't touched a Zelda game in my life. Hmph I'll edit my post tonight with my decision :/
You don't have to have any knowledge of the characters to play this game; we designed it so it would be hard to break by everyone randomly claiming.

@Cereza-The hard limit is kind of jus a guideline; depending on how many people sign up it may or may not end up being important.

I'll edit signups later when I get back to my computer.
Don't worry about not knowing too much about the Zelda games, there is an explanation of your character in your role PM, and shinyskarmory and I tried to make mass-claiming as nonviable as possible. It's just a flavour to the game, no actual game mechanics are based on information that you can only know if you played Twilight Princess.
I'm only here from your amazing advertisement, but in.

Now what's a mafia game...
Glad to see you wanting to join. For a basic introduction, I suggest you read Mekkah's Smogon Mafia Guide, which he wrote for the Smog some time ago. He also wrote this article, which introduces a lot of basic mafia roles, some of which will be included in this game as well. I'd suggest you read these articles to get a basic understanding of how the game works.
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