Type Restriction Tournament II - Round One

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AuraRayquaza and I finally agreed on a time... and he didn't show. Its now 11.30 AM and he missed the time we set up between 10-11 AM. Something must have come up at his end, since he knew my timezone, and knew his timezone so we should have been able to meet up. Idk.

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We never really set a time, but he told me to catch him on PS. When I did, I never got a reply.

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Weegee the haxer and I met up to battle. However, during the battle he brought a team that did now follow the type restrictions. I left without playing fearing that my team would be possibly counterteamed as he had seen the mons I had, saying I would talk to the host about what should happen. What is the ruling for this type of situation?

Edit: saw pkgaming's post, I guess I'll just contact him again and build a new team


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My match wont be getting done unfortunetley. I'm not one to dictate here but I don't think someone like my opponent should join tournaments when he/she can play within the same 3 hour bracket every day, especially whilst being ignorant via VM and not being flexible at all. I could have been flexible but around 4-7am is just not possible for me.
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