Type Restriction Tournament II - Round One

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We have the technology.
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Sent in my team and playing SoulWind tomorrow because he can't access Showdown for some reason, haha


It's all coming back to me now
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Ginganinja did not appear for our scheduled time an hour ago.
I said 10 - 10.30 AM my time and I was there. An hour ago is 12.10 PM at your time of posting. If you wanted to do it at 12.01 PM or whatever you should have told me, although anything after 10.30 AM would have been pushing it for me (as I would have told you) due to me having to organise an event. There was clearly a timezone conversion error here, so im really just posting to say that I was, actually there at the time we agreed, and that somehow there was a miscommunication or something.
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