Tournament Ubers Premier League VIII - Player Signups (Closed)

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Name: LaBalladeDesCieux
Metagames Played: SS, USM, BW
Inactivity: I don't know exactly what my summer will be, but I'll probably be without any internet connection during a full week in late July afaik. I also might be busy overall. Will edit this post when I know more!

EDIT1: I have added SS
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Name: chill shadow
Metagames Played: BW
Inactivity: I will be having a real life during a large part of UPL, so expect at least some issues w/ availability from that. I will definitely still be around and play all my games though.

  • I will need teambuilding support regardless of where you put me
  • If any managers wish to buy me for a tier that is not listed in this post, please contact me asking about it before buying me and I'll let you know how I feel about it
sign up Lacus Ichinose
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