Tournament Ubers Team Tournament - Round 1

I waited Huston but i didn't see him on PS , i'll let him to deadline to play, but if we didn't play i'll take aw (or may ask extend)
You didn’t respond to my scheduling post on your wall instead you pmed me for some reason which I didn’t see until you sent a second one yesterday morning and the one time this entire week you were available apparently was at 5am Saturday my time but you didnt specify that in the pm
Yeah but you can answer in pms ‍♂
Calling act, my opponent was very late to respond to my initial post and did not give a time afterward. As a result, I was completely unable to play for the time I scheduled for.
I asked him to act over Byron, I sent my schedules and the guy did not have the offense to check with his schedules, so he sent me his schedules that even one beat with my, so I called him and waited for 4 hours until my internet is over, and send my discord, I arrived home late and I did not have any answers of the same. even in my discord

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