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Won against ninjadog and shakur. Nice 0-5 predicts by Thor ofc here i am 4-1,(lol am kidding , you did one hell of a job collecting all that data), but yh ggs to all it was a nice season . We almost qualified lol with 23-17 final score , but man had we won 2 more games or even won one of them then France wouldnt have beaten us to reach playoffs. S/o whole Team India for support and special mention to Rhmsitb and skimmythegod for all prep matches and tests. Learnt a lot of things from this season's matches

(vs Ayu - learnt my adv luck is incredible:eeveehide:

vs MM2- learnt that i should trust my own guts and bring something i am very sure will work , also learnt once again why stall is so strong in adv:mad: ,

vs SEA- man lol the rematch , my luck becomes extra good when am facing SEA , learnt from this match to never give up:eeveehide: , until the absolute end. And to not make unecessary predicts and be more aware whts going on in the game.

vs Ninjadog- learnt that standard teams can run lum berry meta?? I thought those fitted in bp teams only, :worrywhirl:

vs Shakur- learnt that u can finish matches using stall teams in minutes(only in adv) , jokes apart i guess i learnt some Portugese from this match???:bloblul: I guess thats wht he was talking in ?)

Thats all , Hoping to comeback even stronger next season (If i play) until then peace and good luck to all in playoffs (tho i will be rooting for France lol)
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