Ultra Space Variants, V2 (Slate: Johto Starters)


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Name: Gardevoir (UB Singularity)
New Stats: 71/67/151/127/113/41 (14448 pounds, 6553.5 kg)
New Typing: Ghost/Fairy
Added Moves: Recover, Shadow Claw, Phantom Force,
Abilities: Beast Boost, Rough Skin
Lore: Due to the strange minds of Ultra Space's native residents, Gardevoir abandoned its psychic powers in favor of its ability to create black holes. It eventually became a walking black hole of its own. While other Pokémon can resist being crushed by its incredible gravity (...I'm sorry, that gods and demons can be instakilled by a simple black hole breaks my suspension of disbelief too much), it still has incredible armor made of the matter crushed into it that protects itself against attacks. However, its incredible weight and constantly pulling itself towards its own location make it much slower. In spite of all of this, its mutations are actually much less than many others, as aside from the prior points it is almost completely the same. It does have the ability to nullify its own gravity, but only uses it to interact socially with other beings, and even then it does so rarely.
Appearance: A gigantic shadow in Gardevoir's shape, with light and matter being pulled towards it. If the shadow is dispersed (due to it activating antigravity of some kind) it becomes a Gardevoir in full-body dark grey armor (with only its eyes revealed) with rainbow... stuff shining over it.
Possible moveset(s):
Gardevoir-Singularity @ Leftovers
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA
Bold Nature
- Recover
- Calm Mind
- Moonblast
- Shadow Ball
Gardevoir: Ticktock, TMan87, alephgalactus, Pika Xreme
Spinda: alephgalactus (just, WHY), TMan87, Ticktock
Pidgeot: TMan87, alephgalactus, KirbyRider1337
Espeon: TMan87, alephgalactus
Lanturn: KirbyRider1337, TMan87, alephgalactus
Sawk: alephgalactus, TMan87


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Gardevoir: Ticktock, TMan87, Pika Xreme
Spinda: Ticktock, TMan87, alephgalactus
Pidgeot: TMan87, KirbyRider1337, alephgalactus
Espeon: alephgalactus, TMan87
Lanturn: alephgalactus, TMan87, KirbyRider1337
Sawk: alephgalactus, TMan87

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