Underground Mafia - GAME END


Conveniently, +I is on, and I know of at least two people who can verify it was +I before I went public about this.

And I know who the person is, I'm just withholding their names.

Besides, you got any better ideas? If you'll notice, our current trend isn't looking good, and we have a shot to eliminate 4 TN in one sweep. Oh, and getting kicked from a channel that went +I immediately afterwards is mildly suspicious.

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#mami is completely open, its my channel feel free to join. It might interest you to know Rediamond and Walrein have hops in #mami. hmmmmmmm.

logs from #mami
[10:08pm] Walrein joined the chat room.
[10:08pm] Walrein was promoted to half-operator by ChanServ.
I actually have never been to #mami personally and if I have half-ops it was added to discredit me. However, an alt entered the channel an was promptly kicked. It was +I for a long time after, and four players in this game were in there, but no one else.

Furthermore, the channel is owned by one of those accused, who denied knowing of any such channel where multiple players got together.



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I cncnd if that is Mami in my avatar. OR CAN I?!


In other news...



I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Underground Mafia - Cycle END


It looks like Shibuya is up in flames. Of course, not literally, but metaphorically. People are raging, raging hard.

As you are running, you notice that there is a bulky figure running ahead of you. You catch up to the figure.

"BRO. This is no time to talk dude!" The boy yells at you, and then continues running. It seems that he is holding a little girl in his arms. The boy seems full of vigor, and starts to sprint faster.

You guess it's about time you reminisce on the reason why you are running.


You were walking along, minding your own business, when out of the blue, a woman walks up to you.

"Hello sir, I do believe you have something I want."

You look around you, to check that the dame was talking to you.

"I am certain you have information about a certain, well how do I put it, 'Mami' character."

You blink twice. How did this woman know?

"Oh, you are trying to deny the truth?"

You begin to shake your head no.

"Well if you are going to attempt to deny it, I do have proof you know."

Your eyes begin to boggle.

"Why yes, in fact I have written proof."

She hands you a note:

Written Proof said:
/whois Paperblade
[16:28] Paperblade is ~tomatobis@synIRC-1E03372A.wireless.calpoly.edu * Paperblade
[16:28] Paperblade is a registered nick
[16:28] Paperblade on @#mami #awmafia %#ffm
[16:28] Paperblade using naamio.fi.eu.synirc.net Gateway to the underworld...
[16:28] paperblade End of /WHOIS list.p
After you finished reading the paper, she seemed to tower over you.

"Now, will you give me what I want?"

Unfortunately for her, you aren't one to go about without some sort of self-defense. This woman looks as though she's about to kill you.

Not going to let that happen.

You think to yourself. And as quickly as she jumps at you, you quickly pull out your switchblade and stab her in the breast. Yes, a manly stab to a woman's breast, especially hers, felt really good. Of course you were not thinking too much about the fact that you just killed another person. It didn't matter in the Reaper's game after all, right?

You pick up the slip of paper she was holding in her hands:

Acklow said:
Dear Rediamond,
You are Mitsuki Konishi.
Your Base HP is 6.

While she may not look the part of a villain, Konishi is ranked among the highest in the Reaper hierachy. She is the one who issues the orders for the missions against Neku and his friends, although she rarely appears before them.

- Big Crunch - Level Max - You are not sure what this does, but if you obtain it’s sister pin, something good may happen.
- Poison Bones - Level Max - This pin must reboot before it can be passed. As long as you are holding this pin, you will be afflicted by “Defense Blight”. For every attack against you, you will take an additional 2 points of damage. This pin levels up only by being passed.
- Poison Skull - Level Max - This pin must reboot before it can be passed or traded. As long as you are holding this pin, you will be afflicted by “Attack Blight”. The amount of damage you can deal with any of your pins is decreased by 2 points. This pin levels up only by being passed or traded.

You are allied with the Noise. You win if your fellow Noise win or if you obtain the Rhyme pin and eliminate its current holder.

Well, obviously that was a fluke. Suddenly, two other figures seemed to mirror her death.

Wait...what's going on? You think to yourself.

The figures were:

Acklow said:
Dear Maxim,
You are a Tenor Reaper.
Your Base HP is 5.

A member of the Reaper squad sent out to erase Players. He casts his shadow in the other zone!

- Force Rounds - Level Max - Every cycle, you may pm Acklow a <USER>. Target <USER> will take 3 damage. This pin has 1 use per cycle.
- Mink - Level Max - Every cycle, you may pm Acklow a <USER>. Target <USER> will become “Petrified” the following cycle. They will be unable to communicate in the thread the following cycle.

You are allied with the Noise. You win if you eliminate the Taboo Noise along with Joshua.

Acklow said:
Dear loudkirbyking,
You are a Jelly Neocoustic.
Your Base HP is 4.

Let this jelly violate your space, and that obscene tentacle may start violating your HP!

- Aqua Demon - Level 2 - Every cycle, you may pm Acklow a <USER>. Target <USER> will be shrouded in an aura for the duration of this cycle. If anyone targets <USER> this cycle, they will take 2 damage.
- Thanx - Level 2 - Every cycle, you may pm Acklow a <USER>. Target <USER> will be healed by 1 HP point and cured of any status. This pin has 2 use per cycle.

You are allied with the Noise. You win if you eliminate the Taboo Noise along with Joshua.

Upon seeing these two perish, you realize that it was a set up. Who the person behind this set up, you did not know, but someone wanted to incriminate you for more than just the death of Rediamond. Thus, you began to run. You began to run for your life.

Cop sirens blazing. People freaking out. What has the world come to?

But those questions will be answered soon. At least not now. For now, you run. You run with The Taboo Noise, ginganinja, Snike, Ditto, Flamestrike, and Daenym. Who all have won Underground Mafia.

Will you ever see what happens next? Well, who knows...After all, Trunderground Mafia is only around the corner.




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I would like to thank Spiffy for being a good teammate and the neutrals for not being dicks despite Ullar.

Also fuk whoever failed to set up our channel properly


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I would like to thank Daenym for basically setting the game up for both of us, and everyone on the Taboo Noise (except the retard in question who outed me -__- ) who helped us

Also like to thank Jalmont for not killing me after I was outed.

And id like to thank my other neutral buddies.

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First of all, I'd like to thank General Spoon, Paperblade, zorbees, and "a few others" for convincing Acklow to put me on the reserves list, as that allowed me to play.
Next, I'd like to thank Daenym for leading the charge. He's basically the only reason we won this game, IMO.

A thanks goes to the 80% of the Taboo team that did not target us and/or out us to the Noise, as that allowed our enterprises to thrive while at the same time demonstrating some sense.

Thanks go to Jalmont for not ending our lives violently, despite our objective being to outlive certain users on the Noise faction.

Lastly, thank you my teammates Ginja Ditto and Flamestrike, for obvious reasons.

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