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Welcome to Shibuya. The sprawling streets of this district in Tokyo only goes to show that the youth of Japan are interested in the latest trends and fashions.
Constantly changing, these trends spread like wildfire. An especially popular trend right now is wearing various pins of many different brands.
These pins are usually found being either sold or traded; worn or designed.
Yes, Shibuya is the definition of a truly naive place where money is spent like time in front of a television.
The lurking violence is left out of the knowledge of the everyday shopper.
Unbeknown to many of the residents and tourists of Shibuya, this area has become a battleground for two factions in the Underground.
Colliding like water against rock, the warring forces of either side find themselves in the midst of a simple, yet perilous game. A game of fulfillment or erasure.
The blood-lust of both sides has no true satisfaction. Only one goal comes to mind: to become the dominant force in Shibuya, no, to rule Shibuya, the Underground, and everything above it.

The noisy streets, the chatter of people: it almost seems like they ignore your arrival. Nobody seems to notice you as you walk past them.
You try bumping into somebody (just to see their reaction), but instead feel like you skimmed right through their body like a feather. What is this?
You blink twice.
Stopping in front of a couple walking toward you, you attempt to ask them where you are, what location you have been placed in. No response. They walk right through you like as if they were ghosts.
Panic begins to fill your mind. What kind of world is this? Who would put you into this torturous state where nobody is willing to communicate with you?
You study those passing you by. They seem to be able to converse with each other, but why can’t they speak to you? Are they the spirits of the dead?
Then, realization begins to hit you, the people you see aren’t dead: you are. Suddenly, a figure strolls past you. Shrouded in a shadowy cloak, the figure mutters “Erasure” and walks into an alley towards your right.
The wind blows hard and catches something in the figure’s cloak. A slip of paper, it flutters down and settles on the sidewalk right next to you.
You pick up the slip of paper and begin to yell to the figure to let the person know that they had dropped something, but you are surprised to see that the figure had disappeared into the shadows.
Unfolding the slip of paper, you notice that the writing on it was scratched on with a pencil.
You begin to read it, not noticing that you are, in actuality, reading it out loud:​

Acklow said:
Dear Acklow,
You are the Mysterious Figure.
Your Base HP is 4.

Not much is known about the Mysterious Figure except for the fact that whoever it is, they have only one goal in mind: erasure.
The Mysterious Figure haunts the streets of Shibuya, wearing a shadowy cloak.
Whoever it is, they don’t seem too friendly.

- Player Pin - Level 1 - Every Cycle you may pm Acklow a <USER>. Target <USER> will die without fail.
This effect cannot be prevented in any way, shape, or form.
- Player Pin - Level Max - As Host, you will be given the opportunity to announce that whoever dies first during this game will be given the choice of being your Co-Host.
Once they become Co-Host, they will gain the responsibility of helping you in organizing, making updates to, and moderating the game.
If they opt out, then the second person to die will be able to be given the choice of being Co-Host.
This process will continue until one person opts to become your Co-Host.

You are allied with yourself. You win if anyone else wins.
Folding the slip of paper, you quickly pocket it and look around hoping to get another glimpse of the figure. Unfortunately you don’t see it anymore.
Then you notice amongst the crowd multiple people staring at you.
This is the first response from any person since you arrived.
Standing up, you clench your fists, you breathe deeply, twice.
And you begin to walk towards their direction.​

Player List (Alive):
MrcRanger97~Ace Emerald
Slim Guldo
barty the beetle~Jalmont

Ditto - Shiki - Won Cycle 4
Flamestrike - Neku - Won Cycle 4
Daenym - Joshua - Won Cycle 4
ginganinja - Beat - Won Cycle 5
Snike - Rhyme - Won Cycle 5
Taboo Noise - Won Cycle 5

Player List (Dead):
theangryscientist - Sho Minamimoto - Taboo Noise - Died Cycle 1
zorbees~imperfectluck - Sanae Hanekoma - Taboo Noise - Died Cycle 2
Quagsires - Megumi Kitaninji - Noise - Died Cycle 2
Metal Bagon - Orchesprog - Noise - Died Cycle 3
smashlloyd20 - Jelly Jermanic - Noise - Died Cycle 3
Engineer Pikachu - Mosh Grizzly - Noise - Died Cycle 4
Layell - Uzuki Yashiro - Noise - Died Cycle 4
smashlloyd20 - Koki Kariya - Noise - Died Cycle 4
Daenym - Joshua - Neutral - Died Cycle 4


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
The Rules of the Underground are harsh, but simple. Follow these rules, and you may win. Ignore them at your own risk:

Acklow said:
1-Being active in this game is very important.
Being inactive may result in your being subbed out for another player!! Don’t force the host to do this!

2-This game is Unicycle. We will be starting out on Cycle 0.

3-Each Cycle will last 72 hours. Cycle 0, however, will last 96 hours. Each cycle is effectively day and night.
Cycles will end sooner if everyone sends in their actions sooner, however, cycles will remain at 72 hours as a buffer for Acklow so he has more time to update (in the case that he is unable to update any sooner).

4-Send all PMs to Acklow. If you decide you want to idle, please send Acklow a pm labeled “Cycle X - Idling.”

5-You are considered dead when your HP hits 0. This is the only way you can die.

6-If you are dead, you cannot speak to anyone in the game.

7-If grammatical errors are present in PMs, do not use these as proof of faking. I AM human and I DO make mistakes (sadly I admit it).

8-You can paste stuff said to you by the host. You can fake logs. Remember, do not take a log of a conversation with a host as definite proof, as these can be faked.
Impersonation of a host or another player is banned at all points. Do not try to impersonate in any way. Screenshots related to the game are also banned.

9-You may try targeting dead player’s with your abilities, but not much will happen.

10-If a role PM clashes with the rules in anyway, the role PM takes precedence.

11-Priorities are set. You may ask about them all you like.

12-Acklow wants to know about all spreadsheets and IRC channels related to the game, so please inform him to create a better post-game.

13-IRC is pretty much needed for this game if you want a victory.

14-If you have any questions about the game, you can ask Acklow on Smogon via pm or vm. On IRC, Acklow’s username is Acklow. Not too hard to remember, really.

15-If you wish to sub for the game, in case you do not get selected, you can mention that in you signup post. If you wish to sub out, you MUST send a PM to Acklow ahead of time so that we can get you a sub.

16-Please talk to me during the game, as it will provide a better postgame. Give reasons for your actions, it will help.

17-This game is entirely experimental. I cannot say anymore than that.

In addition to these rules here are a few concepts that exist. Use them as tips to being successful in the Underground:
A) Every cycle, you have the option of “rebooting” your pins. Upon rebooting, your pins will level up. The reboot option replaces the action that a pin usually has, therefore, you cannot use a pin’s ability and reboot at the same time.
Whenever a pin levels up, a new ability will usually replace the old ability. Not all pins can level up, nor do all pins need to reboot.
However, some pins may still need to reboot even if they are already maxed out.
B) Make no mistake: there is NO LYNCH in this game. Therefore, you do not need to post lynch votes in the thread.
Please use the thread for discussion, however. Don’t turn the thread into another Paper Mario Mafia thread, I don’t like having an empty thread where I have to double+ post.
C) You may also pass your pins onto other players. Passing a pin to another player will not fail if they do not have any more than two other pins already.
You can only have a maximum of 3 pins on hand during the game.
If you decide to trade pins, you must both agree to the trade and notify the host of this trade in your pm.
D) Pins that are dropped are dropped into the killer’s drop pool. Drop pools are all individual. Anyone allied with the killer may trade their pins out into the drop pool for any that exist in the drop pool.
Likewise, anyone allied with the killer may take pins out of the drop pool without trading, as long as they don’t exceed 3 pins held. The drop pool can hold any amount of pins.
Pins that are stolen from any specific player are stolen from that drop pool instead. Pins of higher level will be stolen first.
E) Some roles have an alternative win condition. This win condition will be denoted by an “or”. This is an entirely separate win condition and it may or may not affect whoever you are allied with.
You are not required to complete this condition, but if your are unable to fulfill your main win condition, this acts as a replacement.
Likewise if you are unable to finish your alternative win condition, you may complete your main win condition instead.
F) The IRC Channel for this game is #ffm (I like to recycle IRC channels, as you can tell).
G) Use this little wiki to your advantage when looking up information.

iirc: Please make sure you send in your actions following these guidelines (it makes it easier for me to organize things):

Cycle 1 said:
I will be using:


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
My Schedule:

On Mondays: I get online around 6-7 PM EST
Tuesdays: 9ish PM EST
Wed: Mornings-11 AM EST and 10 PM-to whatever PM EST
Thurs: Mornings-11 AM EST and 10 PM-to whatever PM EST
Fri: Basically all day (but I might have other stuff going on, since this is one of my days off)
Sat: 8PM-to whatever PM EST
Sun: Basically all day (but once again, I might have other important things to do, since this is another one of my days off)

Please note: I have online classes and work. I may not be able to update during a specific time (for example, Noonish on Monday), so instead expect me to update in the evening.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
All PMs have been sent out!!

It is now effectively Cycle 0!!! Cycle 0 ends in 96 Hours from this post or sooner (assuming you guys send your actions in before deadline)



I am always tired. Don't bother me.

Please join us on IRC. It is VERY important that you do if you want this game to play out well. I don't want to have wasted this game by having a bunch of losers not going on IRC, because otherwise a large aspect of the game is lost.

The channel, once again (for those of you who are slow), is #ffm.
gdi Acklow. Way to start this when I was asleep so I couldn't gloat about being the only one who recognized the Player Pin symbol :/

also dgaf if there's no lynch

lynch Spiffy

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