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Few will truly understand.
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Another UPL concluded with many new faces getting their shot in the spotlight - and a new winning team! Congratulations to DaReal Drizzlers on their victory.

As expected here is a zone for everything post-UPL. Feel free to discuss your experiences with the tournament including cool ideas and teams that you (or your team) brought to the table. Let your team know this thread exists if they wanted to showcase anything!
Reserving for ya boy

Aights after this BANGER SEASON i enjoyed imma team dump the teams i brought, though instead of showing *why* i brought them to begin with, i would show off the teams themselves, since that's generally more important to me than why I brought them. May give like... 1 sentence as to why i brought the team if i even remember it but no promises folks. Aight let's get it. Pokepastes will be inside the sprites and i was fielded Week4 and beyond.

W4 vs Nora (1-0)
Dream of a lifetime baby i loved this team and it was by far the team i was most comfortable with. This is the only team that was in the Zacian-Hero meta, so it's not really as prepared for new metagame sets such as Bulk up Groudon. However, DD Dtail Zygarde remains a super cheater set and was so, SO fun to use and had never let me down, much like it didn't let me down here. Honestly this game was kinda only won because Nora choked, but regardless I will say i played that end game as perfectly as i possibly could. I whipped this team out again with some changes in another round... but it didn't exactly go as well as it did here. Sadly this team is kinda outdated but it will forever be my lovechild team, i whipped it out twice after all, and i don't exactly like doing that

W5 vs Bouff (2-0)
This is the week I became a Clefable super fan, this was also the week Ferrothorn started popping off like before thanks to Zacian-Hero leaving the tier, allowing ppl to have fun building. I wanted to bring some stall, but on my stalls i like something that allows me to deal some damage, and life orb Eternatus provided what i needed. Power whip Ferrothorn was really nice thanks to how annoying sub twave Kyogre was and still is as im writing this, so in my eyes anyway Power whip is a requirement, which came in clutch this game. This was probably my most dominant game in the main season by far, and was 2-0 by Week 5, which frankly is better than i expected before, but it's great fun to be able to play with teams in tours like this, even if it's a semi stall. (which is actually my 2nd favorite team archetype funnily enough) This is generally just a solid Semi stall and plays how you can imagine it would. Just wall everything. Looking back now though I should've made Zygod Coil over Dtail for Groudon but thankfully that wasn't an issue here.

W6 vs McSim (3-0)
Frankly, this was the week I thought someone would realize i don't bring Rayquaza answers and decided to bring Lunala Balance. This was also the point of Groudons Bulk Up set was hitting its stride the hardest, and I built with that in mind to bring back an old relic. Double Dance Groudon is a MENACE of a set and, much like groudon itself, is capable of ramming through teams very easily if you slip up like McSim did, tricked scarf of Calyrex? Check. Zygarde Weakened? Check. Precipice blades wanting to actually hit? hmmm come back to me on that one. Precimiss blades doing what it does best by not fcking hitting but thankfully it hit enough to where i was in a good enough position that the winpath was clear. I'm also thankful I brought Lunala this game since Mcsim decided Turn4 he had enough and came for my THROAT with thousand waves Zygod. To be honest I kinda figured it could be Waves from preview but thankfully i had THE best response for that mon.

W7 vs Maxomega (3-1)
Remember how i said bringing Dream of a lifetime twice didn't go so well? Well here's what i meant LMAO. Honestly for the kinda play I had, which suffice to say going hard Calyrex-Shadow on bloody Groudon isn't exactly some good play, i managed to bring it fairly close, and brought it down to i crit = i win scenario, though he crit me when i said that to myself funnily enough. Like i said team was outdated and weak to don and Don did Don things, folding my ass like its made to do. I changed the Etern set to this set though, which you could say it didnt exactly work by the fact i got smashed. Regardless on losing i had fun this game and if i crit the etern there i honestly woulda felt so damn bad for the highway robbery i commited on max. Thankfully my team won the week there, even if we were confirmed in Playoffs by then. Thus i ended regular season 3-1.

SEMIFINALS Runback vs Nora (3-2)
Absolutely the messiest game I had. While i was fishing for burns and getting them like im California Wildlife, Nora crit the ever living hell out of my blissey and the world fell apart LMAO. Imma be real after blissey got crit it was over, i just didnt think Etern would get MELTED by spout as hard as it did, though that's on me for forgetting it's phys def, which i never used. Oh yea, THANK YOU TO THE KINGPIN ALL TIME GOD OF THE NEW WORLD Manaphy FOR GRANTING ME THE PRIVELEGE OF WIELDING SUCH FINE ART SQUADS WITH ABSOLUTE SKILL UNTIL I GET CRIT BUT HEY !! (He asked for it in all caps ok just roll with it LMAO) Naw frankly i ain't ever use such a great squad like Luna's BAND Now and frankly team was fun. Tbh i though if my Blissey didn't get crit i had a good shot to win and then i found out Nora's Marshadow was Jolly and then i realized "yea i'd absolutely NOT notice that" and woulda lost what i thought was a sneak tie LMAO.

(why didn't your sprite get updated celebi...)
So you may be wondering what Celebi is doing here. Not on the VR, never seen play before, must be some crusty cheese? No sir, this THREAT put such a CHOKEHOLD on the mental game Cam decided to gracefully donate his Kyogre to me Turn 5 because he KNEW Celebi would be able to chokeslam it throughout the game with INSANE ease. Jokes aside bro this was a bodybag, I had set up camp in my guys head and i WAS THERE TO STAY. Zekrom was my 2nd pokemon i've ever gotten to lvl 100 as a kid and you KNOW that means i gotta give respect by granting a wealthy offering to the goat, the offering in question? Yveltal, Eternatus, Calyrex-Shadow and Necrozma-Dusk-Mane were the feast i provided to the king. And you could say Zekrom decided it was time to F E A S T. Ok jokes and completely serious Zekrom whiteknighting aside, I do think Celebi has a good niche in being able to check the Grounds + Kyogre, which while that can be done by the Dada, The dada doesn't have Heal bell which is where i find Celebi's best niche in, role compression. There's nothing that does everything Celebi provides in one slot and checking the GrouDon Father is always something you NEED in a team. Sadly Celebi wasn't able to actually come into the game because he decided i don't need a Groudon switchin and Zekrom cleaned for a DOMINANT Celebi 6-0. If Magmortar got a 100% winrate in ORAS naw Celebi can have this. As always kingpin Mana helped with this team, allowing me to end UPL with a 4-2 record and a BEAUTIFUL 16x16 pixel trophy to my damn name, which you can currently find in the Hall of fame thread run by my Manager Staxi

Of course, i couldn't have built teams like this or stole teams like this in part for Manaphy , so i'd like to just GAS the hell out of my team really quickly. Frankly this was easily the best team i could've asked for and i'd vouch for every single one of them to team with them again if i ever got the chance. Firstly, Staxi and Perry as the Mananger and Assman themselves, shoutout ya'll for being great and making sure the teamchat was generally lively, enjoyable and a joyous chat to be in. A special middle finger to staxi for thinking i was 15 though ._.

The SS roster of Lunala TJ and Thiago Nunes for kicking ass, and especially to TJ for showcasing some of the most GIGACHAD PLAY I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE OH MY GOD THIS MAN CANNOT MISS. HE'S SO GOOD AT THIS GAME DUDE. Lunala and Nunes did fantastic aswell with how well they did, and Lunala will never put low kick on weavile again im psure after this LMAO.

Gondra actually tore through SM like it was some janitorial work going like 7-1 and god damn my guy actually put down each and every person he came across, idk who he lost to but imma say he got lucked and say thats that, YOUR GODLIKE BRO.

Thiago Nunes Eternal Spirit were the ORAS highlights, or well as highlight as you can get with ORAS, and while i'll never feel the same that a team mate of mine lost to Magmortar Stall in ORAS ubers, ya'll did great and hold ya heads high, twas a joy to team with yall.

Evuelf QWILY were the Black and white highlights, kicking ass constantly and showing me black and white is more than just steal a Garchomp lead Offense team and win a roomtour tier, and that's its actually pretty good. Sleep is still stupid.

SoulWind Unironically you and M dragon were deadass people i remember being talked about on Blunder's channel and i'd ya'll win and win and win and i deadass looked up to yall and god did ya'll pull through. Soulwind actually put his opp in a dumpster with some Wobbuffett happiness this week and secured us that beautiful 16x16 pixel trophy next to my name in the Hall of Fame, and i'll never forget this i dont think.

SuperEpicAmpharos Heysup Anyway it's time for these CAVEMEN who managed to get 9 THOUSAND messages in the ADV chat just for basically themselves alone. Also Sea you GOTTA change your pfp here bruh this default empoleon is just not it. Fun times aside ya'll were absolutely carries and my god I've never seen such invested players for a tier before in my life and i mean that in the best way possible. Ya'll were CRACKED this UPL and on god anybody buying these 2 are in for some juicy ADV wins and honestly i think i would vouch for SEA more than anyone else on this team just because of how dedicated he is and how knowledgeable he is for this tier.

M Dragon sup king, Barrier Toxic Mewtwo hits so differently and while this definitely could be an RBY slot next year, you did fantastic alongside what i said in soulwinds part you were so so kickass, and i'm glad i managed to get on your team bro.

and finally.... Fardin AKA ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; AKA Toxapex PIONEER AKA the Bo3 viking, my guy you were so enjoyable to team with and you did really well in what i would consider easily the hardest slot. You did great dawg and i'd team with you again in a heartbeat, and i had a blast with ya'll.

Also hs and MMII for being great team mates aswell, especially thanks for MM2 since he specifically was probably the tester i played with the most, and gave me much needed advice for my squads that i would pioneer to either good wins or whatever the hell happened in the game w max LMAO, alongside the helpers we picked up after eliminated some teams, namely TrueNora DmasterX (idk your acc sorry bro) Holy Ghost Blim and wreckdra (also dont know your acc either) for being great helpers

I'd do this with all of you again in a heartbeat and I had the time of my life here, and while i'll probably still be fairly annoying at times i do enjoy it here, and i wanna stick around as long as I have the kinda fun i had here. Also can we please stop using Tspikes Etern this set is actually TERRIBLE PLEASE. Pce yall, see ya'll hopefully in the next UPL.
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i supported Silksong week 2 onwards. all teams he used were built by me. im posting this instead of him because he does not give a shit about ubers.

week2: vs d0nut.
:gs/snorlax: :gs/tyranitar: :gs/jolteon: :gs/mewtwo: :gs/cloyster: :gs/mew:

our main idea this week was curse flamethrower lax + surf ttar to bait and lure the combination of forretress + rock that d0nut loved to use up until this point. needless to say we ended up changing the sets to a more traditional resttalk lax and full spa ttar because the idea was way too specific and wouldn't work. that being said, this game showed the power of lure ttar. with surf and fire blast in a single moveslot your matchup against forretress, steelix, rhydon, marowak, etc, is greatly improved, plus it deals a respectable chunk to barrier mewtwo.
all was going according to plan until turn 17, in which our jolteon got haxed and we lost the game right there. +1 +2 mewtwo would've of have cleaned d0nut's team completely. but that's pokemon.
i believe this was Silksong's best game played this UPL. his prediction and double switch game was so good. unfortunately he got haxed, and all went downhill from here.

week3: vs steelskitty.
:gs/mewtwo: :gs/tyranitar: :gs/snorlax: :gs/forretress: :gs/mew: :gs/zapdos:

aoe mewtwo is a threat, specially with fire thunder + boom coverage. you can even coinflip turn 1 vs snorlax and go for a dynamic punch in the face without losing much thanks to having a backup check in curse resttalk ttar; Silksong was a bit too nervous tho so he didn't do it and went straight up to it. without wanting to discourage steelskitty for her win this matchup seemed a bit too doomed since reflect raikou + 3 curse users and barrier mewtwo kinda walled everything on Silksong's team, plus a bit of hax helped her to go unpunished (say, cloyster vs ttar scenarios).

week4: vs M Dragon.
:gs/cloyster: :gs/mewtwo: :gs/raikou: :gs/tyranitar: :gs/snorlax: :gs/mew:

miracle berry was a criminally underused item this upl. lax not kissing turn1 is huge for letting you spike for free and chipping it with surf. needless to say this game was pure bs and M Dragon got completely and utterly haxed by Silksong so there's not much to say here. eq lax is good.

week5: vs conflict.
:gs/mewtwo: :gs/mew: :gs/snorlax: :gs/forretress: :gs/exeggutor: :gs/zapdos:

this is probably the most fun team i built this upl. its filled with great techs everywhere; from miracle berry mewtwo to thunder protect zapdos, protect boom mew and, of course, the egg (which steelskitty and lax both ended up using it, both as a lead). conflict loaded stall and completely destroyed us tho. Silksong played pretty badly here and conflict, as one of the best gsc players of the poll, capitalized on that and ended winning with a dominating lax sweep.
i still believe this team is pretty good and can be menacingly effective with all the unexpected techs it brings to the table. i wanna thank conflict himself for using sd protect boom mew earlier and inspiring the set of this team.

week6: vs lax.
:gs/snorlax: :gs/mewtwo: :gs/mew: :gs/zapdos: :gs/cloyster: :gs/rhydon:

i'm going to be completely honest and say i forgot this game even happened. like it was so awful my brain just completely scrapped it from my very being. boom spam screwed Silksong up and, well, our curse mewtwo couldn't quite win the game. curse mewtwo is trash so it was deserved. with a spd drop lax's mewtwo was able to really hurt our own.

semifinals: vs M Dragon
:gs/snorlax: :gs/mewtwo: :gs/mew: :gs/lugia: :gs/steelix: :gs/cloyster:

game decider- series was 4-5. if Silksong wins, the Dracovish secure a tiebreaker. if M Dragon wins, the Drizzlers advance to the finals.
right after week 6 ended, the iron man of ubers joined me to help support ziloxx, so this team is both mine and his. bind steelix is a cool tech that helps you trap and kill zapdos so that lugia can do lugia things and win. twave mew is good to spread paras and help lugia potentially win lategame. M Dragon loaded stall and, well, destroyed Silksong. so that was very anticlimactic. we didn't take stall into account. beginner error i guess.


that's all for the teams Silksong used this UPL. i also want to showcase some ideas / sets we couldn't quite use, but that I believe are good and should see more usage.
Lugia @ Leftovers
Ability: none
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Curse
- Aeroblast
this thing eats stall alive like its nothing. it kinda solves your pp problems thanks to rest and sleep talk, plus status no longer annoy you. absolutely pair this with a rock and zapdos lure.
Gengar @ Leftovers
Ability: none
- Counter
- Destiny Bond
- Ice Punch
- Thunder
if a threat is fed up (lax, ttar, mew), you can destiny bond to take them down with you. gengar is bulkier than you believe. this thing lives non-stab eqs like its nothing, while also living weaker stabs one (steelix, for example). really good tech if you want to mess around with lax answers.
Exeggutor @ Leftovers
Ability: none
IVs: 6 HP / 28 Atk / 24 Def
- Sleep Powder
- Explosion
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Psychic
celebi but stronger and with sleep, para, and boom. this thing is so good. try it.

i expanded myself more than i should but fuck it this was my first contribution to a tour of this caliber and i'm proud of what I did and what the Dracovish accomplished. this wouldn't of have been possible without Silksong and Stone_Cold helping and introducing me to the team. i sincerely want to thank you both for letting me help with this beautiful tier that is gsc ubers. i really appreciate all the support i received and the beautiful team atmosphere i was dragged into.
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Fuck reserving, we go in immediately.

Had a great time with my team this upl, but didnt end up bringing that much heat as I wanted to going into the tour. I kept hoping to have a game that didnt matter so I could try something cool without any pressure, but the situation never really arose. I'll put some sets that I liked but didnt use/build around at the end of the post instead.

Week 4 vs Reje

This was from the last week of the Zac-H meta, and from my perspective, I expected Reje to bring either some sort of balance or webs HO. Knowing this, I decided instantly that I wanted to use a Kyogre set that I had thought would be cool from my own observations of the first 3 weeks of UPL, where Calm Mind Kyogre was a pretty big deal. This post even talked about using Origin Pulse over Surf for the crit against opposing Kyogre, but I didnt want to have to rely on hitting and critting an 85% accurate move if I didnt have to, so I thought Roar would actually be much much better and more effective at beating opposing Calm Mind Kyogre, while also strongly annoying stuff like Cosmic Power Eternatus that tries to setup on me. Given that I wasnt Twave, I wanted Scald for the burn chance that will almost never not be handy. Sub meanwhile means that if I'm in vs Ho-oh, I dont need to be afraid of anything they could do to me. Rest makes you more passive, and can mean you get run over by offensive pressure, especially when the cleric of the team doesnt have good longevity, while Sub messes up passive teams while never really costing me any momentum. The EVs do a lot of things on that Ogre, such as living any hit from life orb groudon after rocks, avoiding having my sub broken by Burned Yveltals 8 Attack Knock Off, and giving me good odds to roar out a Xerneas if desperate times call for it. I actually really think this set is good at destroying almost every balance, and I'm a bit annoyed I talked myself out of using it in later weeks for the purpose of being less 'predictable'. The rest of the team is mostly standard (for the time of the Zac meta), with the only other two interesting thing being 1) anti-webs Xerneas, which is Ev'd to outspeed and sub on Slurpuff, Geomancy up while keeping the Sub, and proceding to mess up webs by itself from there and 2) no Stealth Rock on NDM. During the Zac meta in particular, I felt like Stealth Rock were just gratuitous, nothing weak to them would forgo HDB, and I wanted to have at least something that would pressure Toxapex builds, which otherwise sits on most of my team without ever really caring.

Week 5 vs Rhmsitb

I was going into this week knowing exactly what I wanted to use: Double Fairy HO. I assumed we'd be doing the same rules as SPL, where if the meta changed, we would ignore the change for one week so as to not mess up prep, but collectively it was decided to just ban Zacian from this week too, because it was only a few hours late anyway. I went through the whole week not really liking anything aside from Sub Kyogre again, but the stuff I built around it felt weak to the rest of the meta at this stage and I was paranoid about the idea of stuff like banded Ho-oh being freer now that Zacian was banned. So I saw Nora's game this week and liked the way the team looked like it played, so I asked him for it and made a few tweaks, such as making the Groudon SD instead of bulk up and a few other changes that I cant really remember well this long after the fact. Looking at it now, I think I would make the Zygarde Glare/Coil/Arrows and then either Rest or Sub, but at the time I wanted to use the trapper one. I also HATE Snarl Yveltal with a passion, but with nothing faster/with priority to hurt subseed Calyrex-S, I felt like I needed it to not autolose if I ran into it. Ngl, I dont think its a great team, its too slow and really weak to a lot of common stuff.

Week 6 vs BasedBurner

This is my favourite team from this UPL, and I should have used it again in later weeks. Hazard stack with Roar Kyogre laughs at balance's attempts to deal with it, so Ferro's Curse + Knock gives me exactly what I want from this squad, removing boots from the things that I want to be chipping later in the game, as well as denying Calyrex opportunities to wreck havoc. No ID/Body Press makes the Sub Zekrom matchup a tad dicier, but not by that much because I'm still not going to be taking that much from Bolt Strike initially and I have a scarf Caly for insurance against DD Zek, while it can only really threaten to set up against my Kyogre, risking burns and being phazed if it tries to come in directly on me. Rest Kyogre suits this team better than the earlier one, although you can still make it Sub for the reasons that applied in the last team, but Scarf Calyrex is more generally long-lasting than Geoxern, especially in the matchups where you want it to act as a Cleric and its likely to have gained its HDB. Because I have both a defence invested roar Kyogre and a Ferrothorn, I felt confident enough about Caly-Ice to make my NDM max Spdef without any speed investment, and I'm using a Foul Play Yveltal to sure up my SD Groudon matchup. The one weird thing, ev-wise, on this team is the speed investment on Kyogre. This was a last minute change (my team even had the paste with a much slower Kyogre) that I made because the SpDef EVs from the Sub Kyogre spread were literally pointless when all of the calcs involved with those were for either Xerneas (where I now have a much sturdier Geo-Xern answer in NDM) or for Substitute benchmarks, so I made sure I still lived Groudon's Precipice Blades after rocks and put the rest in speed, because Burner had played twice in UPL before this match and brought Double Dance Groudon both times, and I wanted the extra insurance, and it even sures me up against a Jolly Dracovish, in case he forgets what makes Dracovish good. Eternatus then plugs the teams holes against Specs/Scarf Kyogre and Marshadow.

Week 7 vs FC

I originally set into this week knowing I wanted to use two things: 1) Zekrom, 2) Zarude. I wanted Sub Zekrom because I felt that it was just a solid all around wincon that could beat almost any non-Ferro team FC might bring, and I thought in prep that there was a chance that FC just brought a mon because he thought it looked cool and he wanted to try it out, like Zamazenta from the previous weeks, and Zekrom can kinda feast on the structures that meme-ier teams can force. Dada on the other hand felt like a nice pick to bring just in general, role compression ext. This team was originally quite a bit more offensive, with Spell Tag Bulk Up Marshadow and a Groudon supporting, but consulting and testing with Manaphy because we were the only two people awake meant he kindly offered to fix up a few of the holes on that version of the squad and I ended up with this, Ho-oh providing defog and nice pivoting support to backup Zarude against Calyrex-S variants while combining nicely with NDM to mean that Xerneas and Caly-Ice should never really be big issues. Manaphy told me to scout FC and see if Xerneas or Zygarde came more often for the 4th move on Banded Marshadow, and I did and I saw that Zygarde came more… but I just had a gut feeling that I’d see a Xerneas, so I made it Iron Head. Trust your scouting.

Unfortunate game things happened, I got a really unlikely win thanks to a lot of luck, but the team is bothered too much by Ferrothorn with only one defogger, and the teams Ferro countermeasures get stopped too easily by Eternatus.

Semifinals vs Cam

I wanted to HO because I hadnt used HO once the entire tour, and so I wanted to mix things up while not losing to a Scarf Calyrex. Me and Manaphy had been talking about how generally bad HO was when he brought up Chansey HO, which amused me and made me want to bring it. It even did pretty well in tests. Again, this one was a Manaphy build, this time in reverse of last week where he gave me the team and I edited it to suit my preferences a little bit more. Unfortunately, I removed the Ice resist (Caly-Ice) and didnt replace it with another one, and Darm did Darm things. I’m sure he’s going to talk about Chansey HO in his dump post though, so I’ll leave him to describe how his version of the team works. The only big thing I did here was make Calyrex Modest for the ability to 2hko Snarl Yveltal, and I didnt feel like I lost anything from it given that the entire reason to run Chansey on HO would be to not-lose to opposing Calyrex. Looking back though, I wish I’d listened to jackie when she said to stick to the balance stuff I was more comfortable with.

Going to talk about a few sets I tried that I didnt end up bringing though. I kept waiting for an unimportant game, but because I played earlier than most due to my timezone, I never got the chance to have a game where I didnt need to worry about the record at all.

Blacephalon @ Choice Specs
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Fire Blast
- Trick
- Shadow Ball
- Psyshock

I really wanted to make this Blacephalon work. The idea is pretty simple, you pair this up with a Calyrex-S and fuck up Ghost resists by way of Fire Blast. Psyshock is there to annoy Eternatus, putting it pretty comfortably in range of a Shadow Ball the next time it comes in, while Trick annoys anything and everything, because nothing that can take a Specs Shadow Ball wants to be given a Choice Specs in this meta. Fire Blast with Sun Support also has some rather insane calcs. I built this with it but I didnt like the way it felt in tests, it didnt feel like it had enough that would deal with things like Kyogre.

Regieleki @ Heavy Duty Boots/Life Orb
Ability: Transistor
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Wild Charge
- Rapid Spin
- Explosion
- Screech

I saw this post in the UU subforum about Screech Regieleki, and I liked the idea for it on Webs offense teams. -2 Defense Groudon/Zygarde drop to Life Orb explosion, while Boots are better for getting rid of opposing webs and not being outsped by such slow things as Calyrex-S. Assurance is weak as hell anyway, and a -2 defense Calyrex isnt taking the wild charge anyway. I considered using it vs Cam, but never really seriously, and I was more focused on trying to make a HO work that didnt lose to scarf Caly.

Dracovish @ Mystic Water
Ability: Strong Jaw
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Fishious Rend
- Outrage
- Sleep Talk
- Rest

Never built anything with it, but I found the idea of this funny as a punisher to Kyogre and Ho-oh.

Giratina @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Substitute
- Protect
- Calm Mind
- Shadow Ball

The less you think about it, the better it is. I made a 2 minute team with it while I could hear the song Bohemian Rhapsody, but I dont advise anyone to use it. Trick Toxic Orb Caly would have been funny as fuck if it had ever lead to this Gira working, but it has too many issues because of how the meta is with Calyrex to work. I would have brought this vs FC if our game didnt matter, but its not a good team.

Groudon @ Salac Berry
Ability: Drought
EVs: 44 HP / 252 Atk / 212 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Substitute
- Precipice Blades
- Stone Edge

I built a team to use against Baseburner that featured this set that has now been deleted from my builder. Given you just saw the Trick Toxic Orb Caly team that hasnt been deleted, that probably says something about how bad that team was. Speed means at +1 you’ll outspeed Pheromosa, then the rest was dumped into HP after the mandatory Attack investment. A bit too meme-y but it’ll destroy Zygarde pretty well for when people rely on it as their Groudon check.

Final thoughts on the tour: Damn happy to have taken part, and big thanks to steelskitty squinn Aishia and Lacus Clyne for having faith in me and drafting me, iry for apparently including me in a draft plan for god knows what reason, and a big shoutout to the non-Peli/Jt-Yao teammates as well, for a first proper teamtour I'm glad we did as well as we did, and I'm sorry I let you guys down in the Semis. Final shoutout to Enzo Gorlami for offering to get me a place in the Solgaleos server for Most Wanted, I'm 95% sure I wouldnt have gone drafted without that act of kindness to an old friend.
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hi it's me, oras teams reuser and hater of FatFighter2

Calyrex-Shadow @ Choice Specs / Choice Scarf
Ability: As One (Spectrier)
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Trick
- Nasty Plot
- Astral Barrage
- Protect

wow! oras rat sparksblade posted a set for ss mon!


i theorised this set some time near end of week 6 or early week 7 i think, and my teammates were hesitant to praise me

then nobody used it and i was very sad

the idea is simple: trick the yveltal and then protect vs it, np vs anything that won't kill you, switch out vs anything that'll kill you.

i prefer specs cos i don't like making yveltal faster than caly.

that is all. grats drizzlers (friends). i had fun vishes, great team environment.
I was really looking forward to this UPL. I waited for SS to come out to start playing Ubers, since i never really enjoyed USM, and have always been silently playing it on ladder / in the seasonals. I never really got the chance to signup for any of the past Ubers team tours, since all of them we're in a really awkward time for me. It was even this time, as i had my exams during Week 7/Semifinals of the tour, but this time i said fuck it and signed up anyway. Since i had a decent showing in the previous Ubers Seasonal, i didn't expect to be drafted for more than a sub. So before starting this post, i want to say thank you to Staxi and Perry for trusting me and starting me since Week 1. I think i did more than enough to repay that trust :p.

Week 1
1626626920047.png(click here for importable)
I was really looking forward to this game. Starting the season playing one of the best SS Ubers players was exciting and the perfect occasion to show what i was capable of. I knew of FCs deep love for Sand, so i thought Dada + Ogre could have been a fun core. I did an oopsie and tried to use Block Kyogre vs Sand when Eternatus would obviously be Sp.Def and Dragon Tail, but the combination of Trick Calyrex-Shadow + Boots Offensive Eternatus was always gonna be awkward for him once the Tyranitar gets tricked.

Week 2
1626627732505.png(click here for importable)
Not much prep going into this game, just wanted to use something i would have fun with. Spikes + SD Stealth Rocks Groudon + Band Marshadow had a great matchup here, Marshadow was really hard for his team to deal with and Groudon was able to keep rocks up vs his defogger. I also made the (at the time) unusual decision to keep Spectral Thief on Marshadow, so i was able to go trought Calys Sub and not get owned by it.

Week 3
1626628035435.png(click here for importable)
Not too proud of this one. I wanted to use Zacian at least once before the ban, so i got extremely lazy and put a team togheter. This ended up being super Groudon weak (will be a trend in the future weeks). I should have lost this game, but i got bailed with luck and ended up winning the game.

Week 4

1626628430912.png(click here for importable)
Karma got back to bite my ass cause fuck this game was frustrating. FF2s team is really cool, Hone Claws Orb Yveltal to remove Eternatus is really clutch for Choice Scarf Kyogre. Unfortunately for him, i had the Demon Eternatus, so that Yveltal was never gonna go past it. Fortunately for him, he gets a first try crit that basically seals the game. Would have been cool to see this one play out, it was open for the both of us but unfortunately it had to go that way.

Week 5
1626628782498.png(click here for importable)
This team is goated, unless it gets to play against a Groudon. Then you're fucked. Luckily, i didn't get a Groudon in this game so things were looking pretty even. Specs Dialga was super dangerous but a early Knock Off from Ferrothorn saves me and allows my Sp.Def Necrozma to check it. The original idea of this team was to have Garchomp over Zekrom, but now im glad i made that change :p.

Week 6
1626629158159.png(click here for importable)
It hurts talking about this game, but i guess i have to. Since our team was already qualified at the time, it was the perfect time to bring Weavile. Since i already talked about it a lot with Tony or in Ubers in general, i thought Tony would read that and bring a Zamazenta-Crowned. My dumbass so decided removing Ice Shard instead of Beat Up was the smartest idea. I ended up losing the game cause of that, but it was a good game regardless.

Week 7
(click here for importable)
Band Buzzwole was something i actually tried to theorize the week prior, but i couldnt really get to build something i liked with it. That same week, Garay used it against us, so i pretty much copied most of his team and slapped a Giratina-Origin instead of Slowking. Got decently lucky with my Buzzwole, making me win the game way faster.

1626629909087.png(click here for importable)
Going into this week, i really wanted to use Choice Specs + Trick + Nasty Plot Calyrex-Shadow, since FF2s answers to Caly was always Yveltal alone. I was also busy with exams that week, so i requested humble Fardin to make something for me. I played this game overall pretty ass, Groudon was a really scary matchup and i didnt use Hazards + DTail Zyg well enough. My Caly worked tho so im fine with that.

(click here for importable)

Call me dumb, but my prep going into this was "i want to use Lunala". I really liked the team, i had about 20 test games prior with TrueNora just to decide the last mon but it felt super solid going into the game. I really liked how i played here, i should have took my time at the end tho to think more about the endgame, i had a ton of timer and im pretty sure i was about to fuck it up vs DDance Necrozma if Tony didnt hard it into Eternatus. Was really nervous going into this game, but im glad i pulled through for the team.

Quick s/o to everyone that helped me during the season MMII Fardin Luna's Banned now TrueNora Perry Staxi TJ Manaphy and everyone on the Drizzlers, loved the team and im glad we won. Sorry for potential grammatical errors but writing those long posts is always tiring. See you in Ubers World Cup o_o.
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I dumped my teams and talked about some sets in this thread here!

Thank you to everybody on the Drizzlers, this was an awesome season, and I could not have asked for a better team to be around me. I hope to see you all around the site somewhere :D

A few people in particular:
Massive shoutout to Perry and Staxi for taking a chance on me and allowing me to play, you didn't have to do either but it means a ton to me that you did. Sorry I didn't put up the best performance :c

Shoutouts to Heysup and MMII for making the rest of our team mute the ADV channel, it's been an absolute pleasure to get to team with you two. I don't know what I'll do now that I don't get 15 challenges daily from Heysup ;-;

Holy Ghost You got me here, and I cannot thank you enough. ily bro <3

Holy Ghost

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Ive always been hardheaded and never really believed in prepping but decided to put way more effort in this tournament as I was really happy with being retained (i was sick majority of the tour so kinda killed a lot of motivation some days) so I attempted to scout! Didn't really go well and didn't change my mind at all as I got pretty bad matchups still but it was a fun experiment and this upl helped me grow as a player even though my record was terrible. not proofreading anything gg

:necrozma-dusk-mane: :yveltal: :groudon-primal: :magearna: :arceus-ground: :gengar-mega:
UPL vs Go Lucario
Think I wanted stall killer vs Go Lucario since he was newer. Went outrage Unec, stallbreaker Ygod and this Pdon set because of that. Threw in Magearna to support the Unec + cleric and the groundceus staple always a nice touch. Just threw hex Gengar on this but it could probably be a different set to be more optimal, I built this one fast iirc. Did great in tests and gave me my only win this upl lmao so I guess its good enough. Prayed for no mmy
Unfinished variant
Waterceus and Marshadow added. Went with the first one opposed to this so scrapped it

:groudon-primal: :mewtwo-mega-x: :xerneas: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :arceus-dragon: :yveltal:
UPL vs Zesty
Ingame was such a terrible matchup and put the nail in the prep coffin for me but I liked this team and it grew on me after the battle, brought it to quite a few test games vs other people and friendlies etc. Don't remember MMX being used often and when I started gen 7 I really loved the pokemon so decided to pay a little homage and building a team around it for Zesty, someone I really respect a lot as a builder. This was our first time battling in a tournament since like 2017 so I was super excited for this game. I dont remember the exact prep but I know I wanted to use special pdon + mmx vs Zesty. Threw in z move dusk mane because I use bulky dm like every game prior to this UPL so I wanted to change my style up a bit, altho its basically the same thing lol. Dragceus I haven't used in tours like ever so wanted to try it out + fire resist which is always nice in a pdon metagame.

:rs/groudon: :rs/salamence: :rs/skarmory: :rs/deoxys-attack: :rs/latios: :rs/snorlax:
I created a monster with SEA as I realized looking at his teams and playstyle I see myself LOL I was afraid of this matchup for this very reason, I felt I was battling myself (if you saw the games I very much was lol L). I respected him and wanted to bring something cool so I wanted to build around DD mence (I almost went with dragonite/godquaza) because I think it has a pretty cool niche opposed to everyone bashing it. I think I added 96 HP evs so you avoid the 2hko on Choice Band deoxys-attack and the rest in speed which makes you faster than adamant deo-a, I have bad memory maybe someone can fact check that. You can get a dragon dance up on some physical attackers which SEA uses deo a lot so I thought this would be a good pick. I wanted hp ghost over flying to ohko the Latios after a dd, Latias tanks that shit though sadly but Latios>Latias so who cares amirite. Paired it with spikes so Eq cleans Metagross (+1 eq doesnt ohko from full) and rock slide to help get past ho-oh/lugia/heracross etc. Talked to Iry about it and you could maybe try silk scarf dedge but I was content with these 3 moves, you can be brave and experiment with this Pokemon outside of wish support. Max speed Deo-a cus he loves Deoxys and it helps the team structure out. No nicknames on this sadly

:rs/kyogre: :rs/wobbuffet: :rs/mewtwo: :rs/latios: :rs/blissey: :rs/heracross:
This is probably bad but I was planning on also using this in our bo3 but I never got around to polishing this up and testing with it. I think the goal was luring Lax/Blissey with Wob and hope for m2 to just go to town during my prep. VERY deoxys weak so I didn't go with it but the idea is there. Wob felt pretty underrated going into this UPL and hopefully it gets some respect. s/o noitu

Some adv things I have been working with over the last few months that I think would be cool but cba to write about atm:
gsc toxic m2, sub dd fly toxic dragonite, bulk up medicham, magcargo, typhlosion(sea stole him from me imagine) and many BP ideas. Please ban it

Want to dedicate this part to shoutouts, I was going to write them up in semi finals but decided not to so I will keep them short here.
Stone_Cold TrueNora - Thanks for retaining me, I had a blast being on the team and helping the draft plan getting that needed "manager" experience a bit. Nora youre a great manager but I got to say throughout every tour I've been in Dave you have been the best manager I have ever had and probably ever will. Much respect to you for being lenient on peoples teams and being able to uplift us while critiquing our gameplay as well. When you talked to me after my losses it really helped a lot and helped keep me motivated, thanks for all the kind words south brother GL on that fuckin trophy.
Sparksblade, Icemaster, Highlord, Fatfighter, Goat Heart, Ziloxx, Bushtush, Dovah, Carl, Melle, Corvere/Cursedstar, Samqian, Exiline - Was fun teaming with you all. I wasn't really close with any of yall but I hope we got closer this UPL, if you ever wanna talk feel free to hmu whenever. I wish I would have been a better teammate but some of you know why I wasn't as active as I wanted to be a lot of days. GL in future tours you are all super talented and great players. Zacian Waifu
iry bro you carry me every tour LOOOOOOO we help eachother every fuckin team tour we need to just team up already and get a trophy
SuperEpicAmpharos you may have overpaid for my ass in advpl but at least I helped you with something right? <3 cant believe you were hesitant to join uberscord man I promised you would get drafted. Bright future ahead of you in this tier, youre already one of the best in my eyes
drizzlers - thanks for inviting me to help, I feel I did a good job with my usm help but of course it was the people piloting them who did the important part, good shit Fardin and Gondra. Congratulations on the UPL win
everyone else ly good luck in ubers world cup
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Gonna post a couple teams post Zac ban that I think were pretty decent.
Simple bo that takes advantage of the Def utility ogre brings while also spreading twave and beating every generic etern which just simply lost to this in those early weeks. Lando is a great pivot vs many common physical mons and a solid setter. Gave yve taunt so it can take advantage of a parad etern incase ogre can't break thru it and it worked great in the games it was used. Caly is there for standard speed control + trick is goated. After ogre and yve put it in the work early games, people are usually forced to cripple/sack one of their steels to handle ndm/xern so they have a really great synergy for late game sweeping. Tj used this team multiple times with a different variation for finals too and it worked great. The first version of the team was built in Zac meta vs melle where it also won me the game. Overall a solid team imo (Zac version vs melle
My week 5 stall vs star. Stall is in a pretty dire state rn. this right here is the most consistent one I could build. I believe this team handles a lot of offensive mons, but with the lack of solid hazard control and magic bounce, stuff like ferro remains to be a nuisances, but I tried my best to help the situation with trapping pex and zyg so it has 1 less mon to have free turns against. Clef also makes the long games very convenient. I used this first vs star and got a very easy win, but then got me an L vs goat heart in semis because specs caly comes with too many 50/50s vs the team, let it be clef or etc so stopping yve to get tricked is very very hard. After the trick, if their caly is np, you can pretty much lose on the spot with this version. This should probably get updated to handle that set in the future.
My finals team vs Garay. Garay never strayed away from etern + yve + ndm core a single time this tour which I knew could be abused. The 3 fillers always included caly a physical wall for don/zekrom and an extra. As I was watching thru his replays, etern was always his choice of yve switch in before its set is revealed so I figured if I run lo Ada knock off with hone claw. that free turn early on will guarantee me a kill vs something. Especially since most hc are jolly/ black glasses, it's very unlikely that an etern would get ohkod so I was also banking on that thought process. Next step was to get a better way to check caly since yve is offensive, but also something that takes advantage of etern being gone. That mon happened to be Dada. Rest of the team is pretty standard with shadow ball etern to catch the caly off guard cause even with the 2 darks and hooh, it's a problem nonetheless. I got the exact mu I was looking for and the sequence I hoped for in the game so I was very happy with it.


Waiting for something to happen?
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Don't normally drop teams but since half of them are outdated anyway I figure now's a fine time to

Week 1 vs. Lunala (L):
:skarmory: :eternatus: :tyranitar: :Zygarde: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :marshadow:

I really liked this team on paper, and I think it had a lot of generally strong mu's. I had a solid one in the actual game but I misplayed really hard and got punished for it, but the team was still fun. Hardest mu was fire move don probably but I don't think it was at its peak then so it was a bit safer with skarm + zyg. The main idea was just spam Spikes and win with Toxic Sub Zyg which is a solid plan, I just didn't execute right and Zyg never got its chance to set up. Standard Zacian meta spreads like it is for the first 4 weeks. Balloon Xern and Sitrus etern didn't really exist at this point so I was fine with Polt Marsh, now some changes would be needed but sp.def dd / sd ndm + cb marsh could probably still work.

Week 2 vs. BasedWhat? (W):
:yveltal: :marshadow: :amoonguss: :ferrothorn: :mewtwo: :eternatus:

This week I really just wanted to build with Mewtwo, and I took a somewhat out there approach to it. I dropped NDM in favour of Amoonguss for Zacian and Gyro Ball Ferrothorn for Xerneas. The team worked well, with everything putting in work and Demon Eternatus cleaning since this was the time where it was just kinda broken and not prepped for. Yvel Marsh Etern Spikes balance similar to the week before was a structure I really liked in Zacian meta, and this one was probably really inconsistent but it worked how I wanted it to and won the game

Week 3 vs. Cromagnet (W):
:groudon: :zygarde: :yveltal: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :kyogre: :giratina-origin:

I decided to get a godly mu against Cromagnet again, and I loved the team I built this week. With demon etern popping off I wanted to use CM Roar Kyogre, and I also wanted to use Gira-O as the way to revenge kill caly and check Groudon. It has enough attack to always OHKO caly with sneak, and the rest of the team is pretty standard. Made Don and Ogre faster than no speed Yvel just for convenience in that mu, and Heat Crash Don with DD Dtail Zyg against Ho-Oh + Zarude was just super good. No idea what the yvel spread does at some point I just started dumping random numbers into phys.def like week 2.

Week 4 vs. TonyFlygon (L):
:zygarde: :ferrothorn: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :Yveltal: :blissey: :kyogre:

This week I wanted to build around Choice Scarf Kyogre, despite how bad I think the set is. I figured if I don't run into Blissey which I didn't, paired with Spikes it would be super solid. What I didn't account for was another Kyogre paired with a bunch of pivots, which kinda shut down whatever I wanted to do. Rest Knock Tang + Ho-Oh was essentially impossible to break, especially after I sacked my ndm to heal Bliss's freeze. The team was alright but not my best and I just got outplayed in a long game.

Week 5 vs. Icemaster (W):
:zamazenta-crowned: :kyogre: :calyrex-shadow: :yveltal: :blissey: :xerneas:

I had a few small spread changes for this and the rest of the teams that I don't wanna reveal but for the most part they're the same. This is probably both my favourite team and the team I'm most proud of this tour, and it performed incredibly well. Post Zacian ban I had some creativity flowing, and decided that Zamazenta-C was the mon. Even I thought I was reaching a bit with this but it worked exactly as I hoped. It pressured out defensive walls and hard countered Yveltal while resisting Stealth Rock, meaning Xerneas didn't have to be constantly chipped and could check the Zygarde better. Trick Plot caly was also great since the Yveltal threw away some health early on, letting it just slowly rack up kills. The team is well rounded and pretty solid, one of the better ways to approach Zama-C imo.

Week 6 vs. Alpha Rabbit (L):
:necrozma-dusk-mane: :groudon: :yveltal: :lunala: :eternatus: :blissey:

After seeing Twave Iron Head NDM with rocks do well recently, I wanted to take on Twave + SD Dusk Mane, and to do that I paired it with another strong rocker, SD Don. Paired it with LO etern for more breaking power and loaded into a Heatran which was very tough to break, but it almost got chipped down and etern was crit, then I misplayed against zyg late game. Hex Lunala was another fun thing, I had a ton for Xerneas and the HO mu was bad but not to the point where I wanted Roar > Hex, so the ghost STAB was kinda nice and it gave me an actual way to threaten Heatran if it came in or got para'd by ndm. I like this team but it's a little slow generally so it sometimes falters in mu's, but it was fun still.

Week 7 Vs. Aberforth (L):
:marshadow: :ferrothorn: :eternatus: :zygarde: :yveltal: :necrozma-dusk-mane:

After our team believed the curse of losing with Marshadow was broken I went back to it, but it was clearly not. I brought standard Spikes + Marsh with SD NDM as another breaker and got an incredible mu just for Zekrom to crit ferro last second. CB Marsh with hazard spam support is a great breaker since you bait in Etern and Knock boots pretty easily, with just a strong defensive core around it to pivot into things really reliably.

Just wanna say s/o's KyogreF4N and Alkione for retaining me and putting up with me building Zamazenta while not having the best season, and s/o's to the rest of the melmetals too. Had a super fun season even if we just couldn't secure poffs, looking forward to next year as always.


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If you got tagged for this post it's for the shout-out which I will add first.

Shocki It was good to reconnect with you! You're always welcome to shoot me a DM, shame your season ended early but once a [Hero] always a [Hero]!

Reje suck my dick I want an apology for what was said that one week and then you to get a trophy.

March Fires I'll always love you, you disgusting, Jackie Chan-esque Aussie. Hope things work out for the best, you'll always be the first person I looked at and said "this is a peer I can respect" back when we'd build Pressure Lugia stall in BW2. You are one of the best players on this website both player-wise and personality-wise and I wanna save up and come visit you down under, where we'll drink goon till we no longer feel human.

Terracotta I'll always respect the way you approach the game, never a dull moment with you on my teams complaining about buying you for more than 3K or how "this USM team gets 6-0ed by SD Trick Room Bulu what is this dogshit" or hell, even discussing some Romanian chick you banged. Insane player in and out the builder, a true inspiration only constrained by his limited free time.

InkPupil and Paradise Seeker you two were absolutely fantastic, great fun and a great duo that had us in stitches every day! I think the playstyle you two have is nothing short of AMAZING and a breath of fresh air and I hope you stay around unlike mr loving1096 who gave up on us! The world needs more bright minds like the two of you possess.

pdt ayo bro I'll always believe in you, but please, never test with Catalystic again this man is a bad luck charm for every team tour LMAO we'll give you a spotless record next year I promise! SS Ubers is only going up from here or it's gonna go so downhill I wanna see you mald alongside me.

mc56556 IGUANA! You should have won all those early weeks in a tier you basically had NEVER touched before! And yet you didn't give up on yourself nor us, despite your sole GSC help being my ass test games and WreckDra whenever you two aligned. I wish I had just ONE more teammate in any other tour who was as dedicated as you, your paragraphs never stopped coming and your prep was legendary. Love you bud, hope we win AGPL!

Inspirited you're amazing for putting up with my bullshit every week in DPP. You actually prepped extremely well every week and provided valuable info to all of us, you definitely deserve to win more than you do. Always a blessing to have you on my team, your DPP and ADV prep is nothing short of amazing.

Maxomega frero your builds! your skill! your young age! your... awful luck. Don't worry man, every tour I see you in you turn into a much better player, you'll soon overtake Ojama as the French kingpin or become Exiline 2.0 and get banned. I think the future of SS is in your hands, don't let me down! :blobnom:


Alpha Rabbit I want more tinder adventures... also you kept us all in check and realized I cared more than our managers which is... true but the bar is so fucking low. Always a pleasure to be your teammate man, if only we could fucking win you drunkie chan 2: Indian Vindaloo.

Fille quit LC bro these people don't deserve you and you know exactly what I mean.

anyway, teams. I played BW, this is how I started out the season.

My season went 3-4, absolutely dogshit considering I think I am in the top 2 of the BW pool no questions asked, especially so with jackie not competing. All teams are pokepaste links if you click on sprites or the bolded text.

Week 1 vs. Carl Murray (W)
Good ol' Donkey stall. This team explains itself, mostly. Arceus-Water is a Pokemon I do not think is actually good, but I figured a bulky water not named Kyogre would go a long way here so I opted for that over Fightceus. Fire Blast was good because I HATED losing to weird things in tests such as no attacks Ferrothorn perma-walling me. Pretty straightforward, I expected to face either Deoxys-S HO or some sort of Sun without Ho-Oh and I faced a really tough opponent in Palkia. It thankfully turned out to be Choice Scarf so the game wrapped up quicker than expected.

Week 2 vs. Lopunny Kicks (W)
If I see a non Ubers main, I bring magic sun. Sash Darkrai is also a really funny Pokemon! I didn't play this as well as I could, Xatu over Espeon because I wanted ANOTHER Ground resist and Espeon cannot run Baton Pass while Xatu can fit U-turn. E-killer checks not found on preview so I win the week and my ego gets inflated like a balloon weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Week 3 vs. watashi (L)
Prep vs. FLCL was that he likes rain and he doesn't actually prepare for any of his opponents while he posts 2-3 teams and his managers say "yeah use that", but since his manager this year was Skysolo I didn't feel threatened. This team is good but I faced unprep DPP Rayquaza + Latios and CM Ghostceus... Hindsight says I should have lead Tentacruel and gotten Toxic Spikes but every turn was worse and worse for me without me ever being in a commanding position. I blamed this genuinely on me not getting the lead right (personal problem) and my opponent's E-Killer answer being critting me with Focus Blast. The team is easy to explain, overwhelm opponents with hazard stack, Tenta keeps your side of the field clean and Palkia outspeeds the most common scarfer, Genesect, which I did in fact face. Punishment is important on Arceus-Dark else CM + Roost Lati@s can 6-0 you.

Week 4 vs. Noitu (L)
Fever dream team. Noitu likes Hyper Offense and I do not wish to lose to hazards - thus, Deo-S to deter hazards and TR Mixed Dialga to catch the super fast breakers! Darkrai is still ignorant due to BW Sleep mechanics, Groudon is Specially Defensive cause... I don't like losing to Ogre which is sadly what I ended up doing. I also got dicked by Choice Scarf Ho-Oh which isn't something I was equipped to face, AT ALL nor did I expect him to be; I honestly thought he was Lum based on the damage from the first few turns. I also had a moment of stupidity where I didn't immediately kill Ferrothorn to preserve Sub with SubGhosty (GOAT set btw idc what Jackie says) which ended up being costly. Maybe if double Protect didn't occur at the end I could have won, but it's unlikely.

Week 5 vs. Blim (L)
At this point I was tired of whatever excuses I was on - Blim was the first opponent I respected from this bunch of misfits so I went in with a concrete anti-meta plan. I will bring E-Killer because it would have won me the last two weeks and I am also bringing Taunt Mewtwo because GOD DAMN IT he brings Fightceus so much and his builds have included.... DD Salamence thus far? I get a good match-up that has room to be outplayed and I unfortunately miss 2 speed ties with my Dialga AND 2 Draco Meteors against Kyogre and Grassceus respectively, putting me in an extremely unfavorable and unwinnable position, respectively. I think everything had to go wrong this week for me to lose and it did, which put me in a bit of a rut. Mons was really cruel up until this point, and it didn't look promising with edgar as my next next opponent.

Week 6 vs. Edgar/That Kid (W)
This team is nothing short of hot. Custap Dialga + Groundceus felt extremely well in tests I did, giving me both room to outplay and being a nuke that I could fire off at almost my own convenience. I had some trouble vs. stall in my previous matchups, with my Latios not being the proper sets to stallbreak so I was paranoid I might lose to either that or something like Kingdra, so Rayquaza was added. Then I put on a Kabutops because who doesn't want a SUPER fake E-Killer answer? I ended up getting a super good matchup and a good crit which made this game turn into a real quick work and I'd like to see more games vs edgar who has gotten shafted by luck quite often.

Week 7 vs. Evuelf/Heysup (L)
Prep said Evu doesn't like MagicSun and Tape refused to build for me so I wanted to bring this... as I said earlier, non BW main? Magic Sun them and this even applies to great players like Heysup. Latios + Ho-Oh beats all the fat the world has to offer, Cloyster pressures the common leads and is good anti-cheese in general due to being a good multi-hitter. Scarf Genesect is the most dominant thing ever, yada yada yada the team plays itself. I will not lie I got so fucking shafted from every single roll this game. Every Genesect U-turn did min, my E-killer didn't get the roll to win on the spot and Ho-Oh fucked me early by not hitting its moves. I nearly cried after this game out of frustration and I am not even exaggerating here.

AND THAT CONCLUDES WHAT I BUILT! Here's a couple of failed experiments for BW, ones that don't look as hot.

Accelgor mono-lose to SpD Kyogre
SandRay Latios
Noitu use this I swear it's good Probopass isn't terrible COPIUM
giving iry aneurysms and melloat PTSD (liepard)
Fling Deo-S Sun Anti-sun

This tournament was another huge disappointment for me. I didn't perform, I didn't make play-offs, I didn't help my team enough. I fought with my good friends and at times, lost my love for the game. I had a lot going on during the middle of the tournament and after my loss in week 7 pretty much guaranteed we couldn't squeeze in, I failed like absolute shit. I've been playing this tier since BW1; that's 10 years. Almost as old as some of the people that play this godforsaken game. What does it mean to be good in this tier? My first 2 weeks gad me believing I didn't need prove shit to anyone; Hack had taken me under his wing for a year and we had malded over bad teams together. Hack is gone. Steelskitty is (now) gone. Donkey is gone. Who is left? Very few people. Will anyone remember me for me? For my games? At all? Did I even leave an impact on the tier? No, I didn't. I am still in the negatives overall and I need to work even harder than ever before. I do want to thank you steelskitty because we formed a good friendship during MW and thereafter. I can be candid with you and vice versa. Hell, we even hate the same players. Were it not for you, I wouldn't have finished this tournament if I am 100% honest. But I did, and I picked myself back up like I kind of always do. I am not gonna shout out anyone else in this, because my friends know who they are, but I am extremely passionate about this game. Not in the same way as the 15 year old Lasen who had AWFUL English, but in a different way. Is it me maturing, getting better/worse at the game and my priorities changing? Maybe. This thought dump is just that - a thought dump. If you're reading this, I hope you have a good day, y'know. Unless you're a STAGooner, then genuinely delete your account.
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UPL was an interesting experience. I had a good amount of fun and endured many learning opportunities being under some of the absolute best in Ubers. Ending with a 1-4 record and awfully tossing at least one more win is not something I'm proud of (nor is it something a good number of my teammates are forgiving about), but that's about fair given my inability to control some nerves and, equally if not greater so, my ways (hopefully moreso then) to think rationally. Some of my plays looking back really demonstrate a lack of common sense. I'll maintain that it's all good: I had a great time.

Some terse, to-the-point shoutouts (I'm aware I'm mentioning more than what will functionally work--it's for the thought):
Mr.378 - Thanks for giving me a shot. You were a great manager.
Manaphy - A reliable sanity check on my teambuilding. Good 2 am EST conversations had.
SiTuM - GMT-4 CAPPL, when do you want to play?
Basedburner - Too many people care too much in too many unneeded on this site, especially in Ubers. You keep it real :100: :bigorang:.
Stone_Cold - A perfect logician with no tolerance for half the pretentious dumbasses in Uberscord, myself included. Godspeed.
BKC, Blim, vani, HunterStorm, Endill, 0kay, Ainzcrad, Trade - Was a pleasure being alongside y'all. Wish I clicked Astral Barrage to make things better.
steelskitty - For words of wisdom. People are assholes sometimes but I'd only quit if you're ok with losing out on the future of Ubers.
Garay oak - Our game was fun as fuck. The hype surrounding that game and having some stakes building week 1 was my favorite part of UPL. Chansey continues to give me PTSD, though.
Lacus Clyne - For being reassuring following my absolute throw against you. Genuinely means a lot.
Fc - We should've played Tuesday :pain:. You got a bright future in mons, but you're young, so don't waste your life here.
pdt - I didn't mean to sound like an asshole at the end of our game. Sorry for that and the zero para's I got on my Etern.
TrueNora - For obvious inspiration for my Ribombee + Hydreigon team.

Special thanks to weeks 1-3 opponents for allowing me to have funny alt names, with weeks 1 and 2 even playing along. Now onto my teams: I can't bother adding descriptions or explanations, honestly. They're outdated and this post is already long enough.

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 5:
Week 6: Man I deleted that out of my builder when I lost LOL

JT Yao has the best record percentage wise, and you can't take away history.
Alright thanks everyone, congrats Drizzlers.


Who the fuck ratios my one genuine post you foul for that Mana
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UPL is finally over and this one was definitely different for me. This was the first time since upl IV 5 years ago GSC Ubers was included and the first time I've purchased myself to play. I initially had a bit of doubt over this as 20k is a lot so I would need to be in peak condition to make this worthwhile to the team but I am a man of my word and always wanted to do this when GSC was readded to this tour. While this didn't go as planned at all because I got another GOAT in this tier vani for nothing and we had other slots that needed me I overall have no regrets I did it and overall had a fun season. While I played in BO3 for 3 weeks and had many great building sessions with BKC in dpp ubers that got me thinking about the tier more than I have in a very long time I'll just post the Dialga's GSC Ubers prep and teams each week.

W1 vs d0nut(Vani):

To start upl off we could have gone in many directions. D0nut is someone I figured while he hadn't played ubers before I had enough experience with him to know he could pick ubers up easy enough so I wanted something solid but less conventional. I posted a good amount of ideas but we liked this team which I made around a month before the tour but hadn't tested really. The idea was simple and somewhat inspired by OU: Lugia is really good but Zapdos can come in for free and threaten almost every mon on offense. Here we can use Bind Steelix as a lure to trap and explode on it freeing Lugia up. It also features Curse Mewtwo as a tank and physical attacker which is also neat set but pretty hit or miss. Originally I had Lead LK Curse Lax as a lure to neutralize enemy phasers along with Flamethrower CurseTwo to bait fire types but Vani didn't like not having a talker so we went with Fire Restalk Lax to both lure steels and absorb sleep along with standard tank Cursetwo with broken recover.

This team is a cool concept although never works as well as you would think. The actual battle this week went p rough and showed that somewhat. Tbh this one was also kind of my fault as I had less time than expected which lead to us having a pretty glaring weakness to rocks namely Rhydon which put in work here. I had actually thought Forry at least had Tox which it did not though tbh Cloy is a better fit for this team anyway, Vani tried to overcome and win with Cursetwo but messed up turn 56 by trying to preserve Mewtwo. I had actually thought this team had Toxic Forry but even then that would have been more useful though not that much tbh. This is a good example of why Cloyster is so good and why it should usually be on teams like this.

W2 vs Conflict(Vani):

Right after a though w1 we had another strong opponent in Conflict who I managed the last time this tier was included in upl over 5 years ago. I had vague memories of that upl and how it went but that didn't really help as Conflict was definitely the most experienced opponent we had and could use anything vs us so I wanted something solid overall for Vani to use that he can pilot the best and this is what we ended up with. lead LK Curselax to start with a quick sleep + AoA Mewtwo to break + Twave mew and Curse TTar. These 6 are pretty strong while checking all of the boxes on what to cover in the tier.

In the game itself it was pretty balanced going at an even pace until conflict revealed the Curse EQ LK Lax which got momentum snowballed from there. He played that pretty well and was able to catch Vani off guard and win from there. That Lax is nasty against most teams but you sacrifice Lax's unmatched defensive utility so it must be played carefully which Conflict did well here.

W3 Vs M Dragon:

This week I decided to mix up the lineup and take M Dragon myself. He's someone I was very interested in seeing play this tier. We played this one on Monday too so I went with a team I felt was strong overall while being good vs the kinds of teams I would think he would like while being overall solid and something I could pilot very well. This team to be the same 6 from last week but with a few differences. The main one being the broken Stalltwo over 4 attack Mewtwo and Explosion over Twave on Mew. I also made Zap HP Ice instead of Water as I figured I may see a Celebi here and I wanted it as a way to not be complete ineffectiv vs it while still hitting grounds. These 6 sets are probably the best overall on these 6 other than possibly the Zap HP type. The game itself went very well as I was able to gain momentum early on and kept my advantage the whole way through. Switching my Two into his could have gone badly but it worked out this time and otherwise I'm content with how this game went.

W4 Vs Lax:

Lax was a dangerous opponent who was undefeated when I played him this week who was making some pretty innovative teams so I decided to try something more out there myself. Jolteon and growth passing is nothing new in this tier though and is always a threat to most teams. This particular one is based off a team my friend Astamatitos tested vs me a while back but he had barrier over submission on Mewtwo. While I really wanted to keep it the team is a little too Ttar weak without fighting coverage on Mewtwo. Miracle Berry lead Lax is also an interesting option here. You get the jump vs all of the leads who status in the tier most notably the mirror but Lax is a pokemon that really appriciate leftovers and how big a difference they can be so it's a big trade off I went with. One final thing to note is while Curse TTar is TTar's best set and very effective in this meta Mixed still isn't bad especially on this team. Crunch is actually a very annoying move. The battle itself went very well about as well as it could have tbh. The techs all worked very well and while I got a bit of luck at the end getting a crit letting me not need a roll I like how I played this. Burning just enough sleep turn with Lax in the beginning ended up being clutch here especially.

W5 vs Mc56556:

Vs Mc I actually went through a few ideas before coming to the final team. At the start of the week I tested Marowak before deciding it was too fragile and shelfing it. Then I went to one of my older go-to teams, a Curse Mewtwo one, and modified it to have a few newer techs that I felt would be good to try namely MiracleBerry Lead Cloy to get spikes up for free vs the standard LK Lax lead and FT Return CurseLax to have the most PP possible to gain an edge in CurseLax mirrors while serving as a steel lure for Curse Mewtwo. Upon testing the team I liked the Cloyster lead bur not really the Lax here. I also found that Golem wasn't very good either because of how prevalent Cloy is, how elecs run HP Water as coverage, and the ubiquity of LK Lax over Restalk, Finally I ended up with the same 6 we used w2 and 3 but with 3 Cursers that can try and compliment each other and are incredible tanks.
The battle this week went pretty unfortunately. Mc brought a stall which was pretty good at keeping this kind of team at bay especially since I forgone fire coverage this week. Winning this mu is possible just hard because of how particular the order you need to play and sac your cursers/Mew in is. I also got unlucky with the Giga crit at the beginning which made this even harder. After that I overvalued all of my mons and tried playing the long game when I probably should have boomed Mew on Mewtwo earlier and tried winning with Cursetwo. Though that still could have happened with a small bit of luck in the end I didn't get it.

W6 vs Steel:

This week was different from the others in a few ways. This week I was on vacation and had less time to prep but I realized it would be this week this would fall on very early on. I actually did have a team in mind but after testing it vs Vani I really disliked it and liked what he used which is what I brought. Vaporeon is an interesting mon in ubers that has a specific antimeta niche of nbeing able to capitalize on Stalltwo and set up on it. It also can use Acid Armor to fight Lax's on 1v1. The team also appreciates having two phasers who can check Mew and Lax though so Steelix and Lugia are both run. The one change I made was this Lix was originally bind but I made it Dragon Breath which is a set I like using in OU to help spread paralysis. DB is better than BS because of it's ability to hit ghosts. I really disliked not having spikes on this team especially with Lugia but I wasn't sure what to drop especially since this team already dropped Mew which is something I rarely do as is. As for the game itself no summary can really do it justice really. It felt like I was getting haxed through most of it then every few turns I would get a break until the end. One thing I will say is I had considered the possibility of lead Eggy when I saw I used Lax lead 4/5 games before this but hadn't done anything for it.

W7 vs Bushtush(Vani):

Finally our last GSC game of the season was vs Zilo who actually lost power at the scheduled time and had to be subbed out for Bushtush. This week I went back into BO3 and Vani GSCed here to maximize our current gen strength and because I knew he could win this especially after last week. Zilo seemed disconnected from this tier the last 6 weeks and we wanted to use something nasty that could punish it. The options for this were either ML Pass Umbreon and Perish Trap Misdreavus but I ultimately preferred Umbreon for its ability to trap Stalltwo. The idea here is simple get Umbreon in trap something and have it fight it's least favorite member of your team. The teammates it has should be able to kill and or set up on anything given a successful pass. Originally I had Confuse Ray as a 4th on Umbreon to give a 25% chance to kill a phaser but we ended up making it Moonlight to give it longevity though in hindsight Rest would be better on this set because of how much this Umb can abuse. In the game the team worked as it should. Vani got the sleep on the phaser and had the advantage from there. Umbreon could then trap and pick off whatever from there. This team is very dangerous and a good example of why phasers are so valuable in the tier.

That concludes the Dialga's GSC season. I had a lot of fun this season and I'm glad I could finally play this tier in UPL even if the draft didn't go as planned with it. I'd like to end this by giving shoutouts to the Devastating Dialgas you guys are all the best. I'd like to give particular shoutouts to Vani one last time for being a great teammate even with this unusual circumstance, Manaphy for being a goat retain going 6-1 and being my assman in a pinch, and to Blim for being effectively the team's unofficial assman and being active as he was. It's disappointing we couldn't take this tour given the talent we had but it's never meant to be. I still enjoyed this season and will surely return to finally take one home next upl.


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T-Wave SD Mew is an offensive way to start a match. MiracleBerry lets it keep momentum against the omnipresent Lax lead with decent enough matchups against other types (Elecs, spikers). T-Wave is hot tech that cripples Barrier Mewtwo vs stall without diminishing Mew's effectiveness vs offense. You can swap it with Cloy or Lax as lead depending on matchup.

Otherwise the objective of the team is quick spikes and keep up offensive pressure using all-out Mewtwo and Lax. Jolt can pass to Mewtwo, which is a game-ender, but its +1 or +2 Thunders are extremely effective at cleaning lategame too. Psychic on Mewtwo to really maximise damage output vs Lax with a boost. MiracleBerry on Cloy to keep momentum vs Lax again. Clamp lets you pick your Explosion targets, and is especially useful with para support. Tect on Lax for the offense mirror and passive recovery with a Restless Lax. TTar for general utility since its typing is bomb and it uses a Growth boost well. Surf is underrated - lets you beat CurseTTar, Rock/Grounds while maintaining coverage on Lix... Fire Blast could never, what a bitch move. Ancient Power to ofc to cheese when you get the +1s while riding the Growth high.

:landorus: :tyranitar: :Latias: :arceus: :ferrothorn: :excadrill:

Ah yes here is the team Fooly used - classic sand built around Lando-I. Lando-I is the most underrated scarfer in the entire BW Ubers tier. It's got the perfect speed tier, beating out base 90s, Genesect, and the rare Palkia; Sand Force EQ is comparably to Zekrom Bolt Strike in power (2HKOs 248 HP neutral Arcs); it has U-Turn (a scarfer that can keep momentum is the best kind); actual defensive utility vs real mons (soft RP Groudon check, sleep absorber that isn't hit for SE damage by any Darkrai coverage). So I built around it.

Naturally it hates Giratina-O and wants sand. So that's an easy addition of Ferro / TTar / Exca as a core. TTar is the only viable sandstream mon in BW and provides an anti-lead for most spikers. Chople over Lum because 1) we have a sleep talk mon and 2) lets you soft check CM Ghostceus. Exca rocking the standard Balloon set for Giratina O pressure. Ferro for Giratina-O check and hazards.

Then we had an Arc slot remaining and needed a hard Ogre + Fightceus check. This invalidates Palkia as it makes the team too soft to Fightceus. Latias is the natural choice over Latios because we do not want to pick every time vs offensive Ogre. Then Ghostceus rounds out the team as a general catch-all and spinblocker. Roar to pressure Rest Ogres better. Plus it lets you burn then phaze opposing Arcs into Exca or Lando-I range. Underrated tech af. CM is kinda blasé here anyway and gives Ogre wayyyy too much breathing room. WoW also lets you pressure Tenta, Forre, and check EKiller much more easily than CM.

experimental kingdra
:arceus: :kingdra: :deoxys-attack: :kyogre: :darkrai: :genesect:

Came up with this fuego Disable tech on Kingdra when I realized all its checks only run 1 attacking move. Power Whip for Ferro, Judgment for Arc-Grass, ScarfMons, etc, etc. AND it can Disable Sleep Talk on an Ogre. This gives you a Kingdra that can easily nab a Sub and keep it, unlike most variants, which makes it the WORST nightmare for HO. Lefties is weak but was needed with this type of set. Kinda mid on it as a set but it definitely has its moments where it 6-0s or Disable clutches a free sub in an endgame and it reverse sweeps.

Deo-A for spikes and to anti-lead your anti-leads, bro. Darkrai puts Ogres to sleep and ofc Thunder slaps cheeks in Rain. Kyogre for the breaking power vs fat stuff. Ghostceus (with Roar for the previously listed reasons) to spinblock and soft check this meta. Special Gene bc everyone EVs for the SpA boost these days and its better vs EKiller.

This team is ultimately too soft to CM Arcs (even with Rai and SpecsOgre ;-;) and EKiller though.

omastar spikes
:omastar: :kyogre: :arceus: :genesect: :deoxys-attack: :rayquaza:

OK this team slaps. Take the above squad, slap on SpD Ogre as the Ogre check and Ray as a breaker and go to town. Oma likes opposing Rest Ogre weakened as much as Kingdra and actually checks CM Arc/EKiller. ZHB on Gene to hit Tenta with physical coverage and Fightceus if you can nab an attack boost. Oma + Roar Ghost is enough coverage vs EKiller that you don't need Explosion.

Giratina-O > Rayquaza and SR Wow Grassceus > Ghostceus if you need Thunder resists for some reason.

blaziken rain
:blaziken: :kyogre: :arceus: :genesect: :kabutops: :wobbuffet:
Blaziken on sun is always sooo limiting but needed to support Flare Blitz. However, with the recent discovery of the Ghost Gem SD set, Blaziken can finally make the jump to other weathers! It's great at luring Giratina-O, pushing damage onto Groudon/support Arcs, and can finally sweep without fearing Blitz + LO recoil.

Here I paired it with Wobb to make setup easy. CB Kabutops provides a solid EKiller check while forming a core with Blaziken that can easily overcome most physically defensive cores/mons in the meta. There are a few ways to build the rest of the team, but I think these 3 give the best outcomes vs big Mons. Grassceus is especially important to provide another switch in to Ferro that isn't scared of Leech, making it a great way to pivot into Blaze for setup or Wobb to lock it into Spikes (for Blaze setup LMAO). So yeah, Blaze eats ass like its grass and Ogre can support a defensive backbone necessary for Wobb teams that Groudon cannot.

skymin dual spin
:arceus: :kyogre: :excadrill: :ferrothorn: :shaymin-sky: :kabutops:

This team SLAPS. Dual spin with the SURF arc. OMG this 2014 Donkey Arc is amazing vs Magic Sun. We're not as concerned with pressuring Ogre like the previous iterations with non-CM Arc-Ghost. Surf also hits 1) Exca 2) Forre 3) Ho-oh and is great neutral rain-boosted coverage. This Arc is extremely hard to force out unless you have a Rest Ogre. And it will ALWAYS force burn on Ferro (more on this benefit later).

So to capitalize on Rest Ogre being forced in... we have our own crept SpD Ogre, Ferro, AND Skymin to generate momentum, no matter the scenario. Skymin loves burn being forced on Ferro because it can just sub for free, as well as other fat steels like Dialga and the rare Jirachi, by Ghostceus. This is a perfect storm of offensive synergy in teambuilding and I love it so much. The depth of the synergy is great too... offense struggles vs the Arc set, balance vs the Skymin + hazards approach. Just enough defensive switch-ins that allow pivoting plays while maintaining momentum. Awesome team, arguably best in this list.

HO v.27
:arceus: :deoxys-speed: :groudon: :latios: :giratina-origin: :darkrai:

lmao yeah this team BLOWs what was I smoking that evening hmm.

Honestly Alakazam Arc Flying HO is better...

EDIT: wait I just opened the import omg this is kinda fire. loving the SpD groudon here. wow the support for Ekiller is kinda nice. and trickscarf deo-s is rad. no scarfer is totally mitigate by the SpD Don Ekiller Rai combo. Absolute heater.

good lugia sun
:lugia: :ho-oh: :xatu: :groudon: :palkia: :arceus:

Wow this team is also good. Inspired by the classic Champion Lunce team (espeown, lugia, flame charge LO ho-oh, SpD groudon, lefties Palkia, Ekiller) from ye olden times, this team supports Lugia in its only viable build. Lugia needs hazards off to be successful in BW. And you can never count on your spinner to work in BW. The only way to play with hazards definitively off the field in BW is to use Magic Bounce

Most Magic Sun teams use Espeon, Band/LO Ho-Oh, and some combination of Darkrai, EKiller, Blaziken, offensive Don etc. to prevent rocks a single time use that sac to keep momentum. By the time rocks do go up, it shouldn't matter unless you're being outplayed hard.

This Magic Sun is a much more balanced approach, but keeps the key concept of having offensive pressure (despite using Lugia). It also aims to fix Magic Sun's defensive issues by using a Scarf Ho-Oh - it checks Lati@s/Darkrai much better, is useful even with Stealth Rocks up (this is what makes this balanced approach viable imo - your Ho-Oh isn't just dead when rocks go up), and is still a massive nuke when there's sun. Likewise if Lugia can trade a free sub vs offense for Rocks, it's probably GG - that's why it's good here. There are a lot of BW teams floating around that straight-up can't beat a Lugia behind a sub. Groudon and Xatu mainly facilitate the dual bird core - it's extremely important to understand HOW this core works to prevent hazards and how to lead properly with this team at preview (you MUST identify their SR user). Remember, if SR goes up, you better have made some positive trades that put you ahead.

Palkia is a solid Ogre check and breaks a lot of the teams (ie sand, fat rains) where Lugia or Ho-Oh might not be enough to finish the job. For this reason, I like the coverage listed here - Hydro to break in non-sun weather, and Thunder to break Rest Ogre. You can drop Dragon Tail because it's mediocre without spikes and SpD Twave Don / Scarf Ho-Oh cover CM Arc well enough anyway. Recover EKiller loves Ho-Oh and sun support, plus gives another offensive threat.

good tri-weather HO
:mewtwo: :arceus: :kyogre: :tyranitar: :groudon: :genesect:

a mashup of the classic Anik Deo-A triweather HO but Mewtwo over Deo-A and EKiller over Modest Fightceus. Mewtwo improves the abysmal Tox Fightceus matchup the previous team had and supports EKiller sweeps. no Ogre switch-in but you dont need it - just attack it you big Dummy!

thundurus / fightceus
:kyogre: :thundurus-therian: :genesect: :dialga: :arceus-fighting: :kingdra:

hmm yeah... I got high again idk what's up here... like I get the concept but also don't use this.

I receive 10 likes and will post the hottest DPP teams of this half decade. BKC hmu if you wanna collab haha
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Hello everyone and welcome to my UPL IX Teams Dump! This UPL was my first as a player (I was a helper in the last one on the Drizzlers), and both of these experience were really nice. So this UPL, I was on the Mukkers, lead by Reje and March Fires. At first, I didn't really know how UPL would go in this team, as I knew nobody (except Lasen) and some people from outside the team were saying "this team will be trolling etc.". Everybody in the team was really nice to me, and they really cared about prep each week. In addition, they were also joking a lot in the channels. So this teamtour felt like a big friend-group that wants to get as far as possible, and I really liked this feeling. One of the things I liked the most in Pokemon is building, and so this UPL was a good opportunity for me to show what I could build as well as listening to others to improve my building style. The SS core, despite hating SS (I was the only one who really liked SS :psycry:), was always there for me when I needed them (at least most of the time), and I appreciated that. My mates were not trying to stop me from building ideas which could seem weird, but they were trying to help me to make the ideas better and better. Thank you for that!

Also, doing the Usage Stats every week was a really good experience for me, because helping and contributing to the Ubers community are two things that are important for me. Then, I'd like to thank Minority for allowing me to do that.

All the EVs spreads you'll see in my teams will be explained at the end of the Teams Dump where I'll summarise all of them.
Without any further ado, let's get into it!
(The teams I used will be highlighted by an asterisk [*] at their right)

Pre Zacian ban

The pre Zacian ban meta was a period where I lost all my matches, sadly. Moreover, I'm not the proudest of the teams I made during this period of the metagame, especially for Weeks 1 and 4 where I built weird things, trying to innovate. However, I managed to build with innovation on Weeks 2 and 3, which I'm happy with. This pre-ban period, as well as the one right after Zacian got banned, I was affected by hax, so if you want to watch my matches from this period (something I don't recommend, not because of the hax, but more so because the meta wasn't really enjoyable to watch), you can check the Replays thread. This post is for me to explain my teams, and not to showcase my replays, unlike some of the posters above.
Now, let's talk about the teams!

Week 1 vs FatFighter2 (L)
  • *
So this first week against FatFighter2, I wanted to build a team which could deal with Hyper Offense, a playstyle I saw him use a lot. At first, I tried to figure out a way to OHKO Slurpuff; my main ideas were Choice Band Pheromosa (with Triple Axel) and Choice Band Yveltal (with Dual Wingbeat), but these sets weren't good outside of the HO matchup. I also wanted to try out a Mewtwo set I used a year ago with Magic Coat, but Sticky Web has more PP, so the idea wasn't optimal. Another idea was using Hatterene with a set you will see in an upcoming post in August, in order to use Magic Bounce to deal with HO leads. Then, I started to build around a more reliable idea: Ditto. To further deal with Sticky Web teams, I put Boots Zacian and Boots Mewtwo, which are two good Pokemon. Zacian is a threat HO teams can't ignore, because these teams haven't a single switch-in, and with Boots, the HO teams would need a faster Pokemon that can OHKO it, or Zacian would just 6-0. Mewtwo here runs a more defensive, stallbreaking set, in order to cripple Pokemon like Groudon, Zekrom and even Adamant Zacian. Then, you can see the big three, with a full SpD Yveltal providing a slow U-turn for Zacian; defensive Necrozma-DM and finally Boots Eternatus to deal with Kyogre in Sticky Web. However, I wasn't sold on my own team, especially on the offensive side. So I tried another variation with Urshifu and Zekrom, but then the problem was I lacked Speed control and a Cleric. In order to fix this, I put Choice Scarf Calyrex-Shadow, further improving the matchup against Sticky Web.
Sadly, FatFighter2 didn't bring HO, but a Balance team with Ferrothorn. I tried my best to deal with this tough matchup, but made some (too) risky plays (which weren't rewarded). The explanations of the nicknames are pretty simple, I tried to make puns with "Mukkers" by changing one or two letters. However, the last nickname "Brochette" has nothing to do with the rest of the nicknaming theme; it's a french word which means "skewer", and I just like skewers.

Week 2 vs crucify (L)
  • *
In the second week, I first of all wanted to use sets I innovated three months ago (so around March), here they are: sets. However, the second set couldn't work because Guard Swap swaps boosts and not stats. Other Calyrex-S sets were too cheesy to bring out on the second week. I had already built a team around this Zacian set, but it was not unanimously approved, and the last two sets were more troll than viable.
So I decided to build around Tyranitar and offensive Yveltal, mainly because mc56556 came up with a team using this core at the start of the week, when he started asking for advice about SS. I found the idea really cool, especially because I'm a huge fan of physically offensive Yveltal. Since I started this team with Tyranitar and offensive Taunt Yveltal, I wanted to have paralysis support, in order to make Yveltal's job easier. I also gave Tyranitar a Lagging Tail in order to cripple Calyrex-S if the latter used Trick, and because it is not really impacted by moving last in the priority bracket. I then added Groudon to bring further paralysis support and to have a Pokemon that could offensively abuse of this support. Indeed, if the opposing team becomes fully paralysed, Groudon can setup a Swords Dance and sweep the opponent's team, especially if the opposing Calyrex-S has a Lagging Tail. Necrozma-DM was an obvious choice to prevent Zacian from being too problematic, as well as bringing Stealth Rock. Eternatus is the Kyogre answer. However, the team was really slow and had a Marshadow problem.
I first tried to add some speed control, but the Marshadow problem persisted. The team also lacked a Defogger, which is problematic with a non Boots Yveltal. Xerneas was the best choice to solve both of these problems. The team still lacked good speed control, but the defensive core was now strong enough to answer a large part of the metagame. This team, despite being a pretty fat one, doesn't have a cleric, but since Tyranitar and Xerneas both have Rest, they can switch in on status attacks.
Finally, for the nicknames, I just picked French words that sound funny. If somebody tells you something crazy, you can tell him: "Branquignol, qu'est-ce que tu baragouines ? Tu veux un coup de parpaing ?"

Week 3 vs Rhmsitb (L)
  • *
As you can see, for the third week I wanted to use a team that abused Spikes. My first idea was using a strong wallbreaker and a Spikes setter which could set up Spikes in front of the wallbreaker's most common checks. Choice Band Rayquaza doesn't really have any good switch-ins in the metagame, but Necrozma-DM was the most common one, which is why I chose Ferrothorn and Skarmory. On the Ferrothorn variation, I decided to go down a more offensive route, to support Rayquaza by overwhelming walls while the breakers all benefit from the hazards. That's why I added Eternatus and Calyrex-S, as both of them force Necrozma-DM out. Also, Eternatus can switch-in on Yveltal and cripples it with a poison, while Calyrex-S can be used as a cleric which is very useful if the opposing team has paralysis support. I then added Necrozma-DM and Yveltal for obvious reasons. In addition, Necrozma-DM could cripple the opposing team with Thunder Wave (I put Iron Head instead of Sunsteel because mono-Sunsteel is bad, because of only 8 PP and Iron Head could also para-flinch), Yveltal greatly benefits from it and it can Taunt to prevent opposing Yveltal or Ho-Oh from using Defog. The Skarmory variation is bulkier and has more status support.
I tried other team compositions around Spikes to see which one I prefer and I'd rather bring. On the third iteration, you can see I wanted to use Klefki, because it's a Spikes setter that can annoy Yveltal with Play Rough and Thief. Play Rough deals good damages and forces Yveltal to Roost, while Thief allows Klefki to steal Yveltal's Boots if the latter has used Knock Off on Klefki. The rest of the team is a pretty classic Fairy Spam, with Close Combat on Xerneas to deal with Blissey, so the Fairy core would force Necrozma-DM to take a huge amount of damage. Stone Edge is here to lure Ho-Oh, preventing it from walling Xerneas.
The final team I built (and the one I ended up bringing) is the one with Groudon. I liked this team more than the other three, mainly because of Groudon but also because it had Dragon Tail Eternatus which is really good in hazards stack teams. I chose to put Stealth Rock on Groudon in order to put Thunder Wave on Necrozma-DM without needing to remove Earthquake. Calyrex-S acts as a cleric to keep the team healthy during the game, while crippling Yveltal or Ho-Oh (and preventing them from using Defog too often) by giving them Choice Specs. It also benefits from the team's hazards since it's a disgusting breaker. The main downside of this team is that it has no Defog user, but since three members hold Boots and two members take reduced damage from rocks thanks to their typing, I felt that it was fine. Yveltal could also prevent hazards from being set, thanks to Taunt.
Finally, the nicknames are related to a french Youtube video which is based on a running joke, where one guy is constantly asking where are some things, and the other always answers "in the [thing] cupboard". Like if the first guy is searching for a knife, the other will answer "in the knife cupboard". I related the things depending on the Pokemon, for example Groudon is the "ground cupboard" while Skarmory is the "steel cupboard". The nicknames are in French.

Week 4 vs Fogbound Lake (L)
  • *
Week 4 was the last week of Zacian-H meta and I wanted to build with one of these four sets. However, as you have already read, I'm not the proudest of this team, especially because out of these four sets, I picked the worst one (in my opinion). This team I built around Pheromosa is a bit weird; the offensive core isn't strong enough to break most defensive cores, while the defensive core isn't strong enough to deal with the opponent's breakers. Both of these problems are why I consider this team to be the worst I built during UPL IX. However, this was a good experience for me to better understand my building capacities and that there is a fine line between what works and "innovation". For the three other sets you can look at the above paste: Dialga acts as a strong offensive Pokemon, which even pressures Blissey thanks to Heavy Slam and Adamant Orb (12- Atk Adamant Orb Dialga Heavy Slam (120 BP) vs. 4 HP / 252 Def Blissey: 327-385 (50.1 - 59%) -- guaranteed 2HKO); Nihilego is a good rocker, check to Xerneas and Ho-Oh, and it can Knock Off specially offensive Pokemon; Heatran is a good check to Eternatus, Xerneas and Ho-Oh, it is also able to set-up Stealth Rock and cripple defensive Pokemon with Toxic. For the nicknames, there are French culinary specialties (check them out on Google).

Post Zacian ban

The post Zacian ban meta was a period where I won all my matches, but there was still hax at first. Out of the two metagames, this is the one that I prefer, of course because I won, but more so because I'm prouder of my builds and happy to have came up with "reasonable innovation". During these weeks, the way I built was: finding a strong core I want to build around, then building numerous variations of teams with this core. After I built the variations, I asked my teammates which one they preferred, and I played with the team they chose. I think this approach may have been in my favor to win the weeks, because I was barraging my teammates with new team ideas instead of only one idea per week, so I could get better and more feedback.
And now, here are the teams!

Week 5 vs Ainzcrad (W)
  • *
For the fifth week, the core I chose was Zekrom and Groudon. Both benefited from Zacian being gone, because it could revenge kill them both (if Zekrom hasn't used Dragon Dance), physically defensive Necrozma-DM has disappeared and Tangrowth & Amoongus were seeing less play. Groudon and Zekrom sets didn't change a lot between the three teams, but for the things I changed I'll explain why for each team.
In the first team, I wanted to further pressure opposing physically defensive Pokemon by adding Necrozma-DM to the team. It fits well with Groudon and Zekrom, because one of the three can pave the way for the other two, or two of the three can pave the way for the last one. Thanks to Thunder Wave and Stealth Rock, Groudon is a really good partner for Swords Dance Necrozma-DM, because it can remedy the main downside of Swords Dance over Dragon Dance: Speed. Meanwhile, thanks to Knock Off, Necrozma-DM can eliminate defensive threats like Lunala while helping Groudon in its rock setter role. Colbur Berry on Necrozma-DM allows it to live Foul Play from Yveltal even after using Swords Dance, then Necrozma-DM can OHKO Yveltal (+2 252+ Atk Necrozma-Dusk-Mane Sunsteel Strike vs. 248 HP / 8 Def Yveltal: 427-504 (93.8 - 110.7%) -- 62.5% chance to OHKO), which is great for Groudon and Lunala. Zekrom's set is pretty standard, Magnet allows Zekrom to improve its damage output, while not affecting its staying power by using Life Orb. The defensive core I chose to put around this is Yveltal, Eternatus and Lunala. Yveltal is mainly here for Calyrex-S, but with U-turn and Knock Off it helps the offensive core pretty well. I put Taunt on the set because I put Defog on Lunala, and Taunt is useful to prevent opposing Yveltal from healing themselves or using Defog, while winning the 1v1 against a paralyzed Eternatus. Eternatus's use is to check Kyogre, its set is standard; Sitrus Berry is here to deal with Marshadow. Finally, Lunala closes out this defensive core, being useful to beat physical threats such as Groudon and Zekrom, with Will-O-Wisp being useful for both and to cripple Yveltal.
In the second team, I decided to use Spikes in order to support Groudon and Zekrom in their jobs. The defensive core of Skarmory & Blissey checks a large part of the metagame while providing the support mentioned above, in addition to Thunder Wave and Teleport, which is pretty useful with slow physical threats such as Groudon and Zekrom. Taunt Yveltal prevents the opponent from using Defog, further applying pressure on the defensive core. Knock Off and U-turn provide overall utility, especially in a hazards stack team. Skarmory's set is standard, with Body Press dealing decent damage and Toxic to cripple opposing Defoggers. Finally, the team needed some speed control and some immediate power, such as a Choice Band user. Marshadow was perfect to fulfill these roles. Its set is obvious, but I decided to put both Poltergeist and Spectral Thief to apply pressure both if Yveltal hasn't used Knock Off yet and after Yveltal used Knock Off (or if Pokemon such as Eternatus or Xerneas have no item). To better support Marshadow, I changed Zekrom's set to an offensive pivot in order to always put the opponent in a bad situation, while being able to boost its Speed if needed thanks to Scale Shot. Because Zekrom no longer had a setup move and Blissey already had Thunder Wave, I put Swords Dance on Groudon.
In the third team, I built a second variation of Groudon & Zekrom supported with Spikes. For this one, I chose Ferrothorn. Ferrothorn is a great check to Kyogre and can assist Yveltal in its role as a Calyrex-S check. Indeed, if the opposing Calyrex-S is the SubSeed set, Ferrothorn can be really useful. However, SubSeed Calyrex-S shouldn't be a problem because of Taunt and two Dark moves Yveltal (useful against the Disable variation of Caly-S). Ferrothorn's set is pretty standard, with Power Whip to deal with Calm Mind Kyogre. Taunt Yveltal as the same role as in the previous team: preventing the opponent from using Defog. However, Ferrothorn isn't enough to deal with both Kyogre and Xerneas, that's why I added Ho-Oh, which also fits the Defogger role, while providing paralysis support for Groudon and Zekrom. Then, Eternatus was chosen to deal with Marshadow and Urshifu, and I went with Dragon Tail on it because it's a strong move in hazards stack teams. I put Foul Play on Yveltal to better deal with Groudon, because the team was a bit weak to it. Finally, for the Groudon & Zekrom sets, I kept the paralysis support on Groudon, to help Zekrom and Yveltal (with Taunt), but I gave Zekrom Life Orb to have immediate power (more than on the first team, because this third one has only two offensive Pokemon).
After building these three teams, they got little changes with the help of my team, and I put them in the channels, asking which team they prefer. The team chosen was the first one with Swords Dance Necrozma-DM.
For the nicknames, I forgot to put them ... and I won with the team. So I thought "maybe if I do not give nicknames to my Pokemon, I'll start a win streak?", so from this week onward I stopped giving nicknames for this UPL ... and I won the next two weeks (it didn't solve the hax sadly).

Week 6 vs Royal1604 (W)
  • * //
For this sixth week, I wanted to play around a Pokemon that isn't often used, but that I find really strong: Landorus. For me, the best option with Landorus was to have hazards support in the team, so that it could pressure a lot the opposing defensive core. This partner that brings hazards support was Ferrothorn, as it can also use Leech Seed, allowing Landorus to enter the field more often, as well as hard checking defensive Kyogre (which was a problem with my original set: Earth Power, Rock Slide, Sludge Wave and Superpower). However, Alpha Rabbit had the idea of putting Grass Knot over Sludge Wave, with was really interesting to deal with Kyogre and OHKO Groudon (depending on the spread and if hazards are up). So I decided to change the set, because Sludge Wave was only here for Xerneas and the roll difference between Sludge Wave and Earth Power wasn't that huge.
In the first team, I found Clefable being a really good addition to the core, because it could set Stealth Rock, as well using Knock Off, which helps a lot to pressure with hazards stack. Clefable is also a rock setter which forces Yveltal ad Ho-Oh out, because the first takes a lot on Moonblast and both dislike losing their Boots. Life Orb is here to deal with Zygarde-Complete, because Clefable doesn't deal enough damages to the latter if it is max HP (0 SpA Clefable Moonblast vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Zygarde-Complete: 204-242 (32 - 38%) -- 0.9% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery). You can remove Leftovers, but even without them it's a roll, and Zygarde-Complete can run EVs in Special Defense. Yveltal is here as the Defogger, has Knock Off for the same purpose Clefable has it, and U-turn allows Landorus to come on the field safely. Now I needed an other Pokemon which could abuse of hazards, as well as a Marshadow's answer. The team was also a bit lacking of speed control, although Landorus and Yveltal help in that matter. Eternatus and Necrozma-DM seemed perfect. I gave Eternatus a physically defensive spread and Power Herb with Meteor Beam, so it wasn't limited to a passive check and it could check Poltergeist Marshadow easier. Necrozma-DM brings to the team an extra safety against Xerneas, because Focus Blast variant was annoying. However, I gave it an offensive set in order to benefit from hazards and Landorus's wallbreak.
In the second team, I felt like playing offensive Ho-Oh alongside Spikes was something to try. On one hand, Substitute Ho-Oh just destroys defensive teams if hazards are up. On the other hand, it helped the team overall by spreading burns on the opposing team, so that passive damages would be just insane. Now, the team was lacking an answer to common physically offensive threats, as well as Stealth Rock. Lunala and Necrozma-DM solved these problems. I decided to give Lunala Defog so that Yveltal could run Taunt, making the team more overwhelming. Necrozma-DM has Stealth Rock and a more specially defensive spread, because the team wasn't dealing well with Eternatus. Like in the first team, the addition of Necrozma-DM helped the team against Focus Blast Xerneas variation.
In the third team, I wanted to play the XYZ trio I thought that helping Landorus with paralysis support was a good option, so I put Zygarde-Complete on the team, with a defensive spread, making the team a bit fat, but hard to get through. Next, the team needed a really good answer to Yveltal, because a hazards stack team without a switch in to Yveltal makes no sense, because opposing Yveltal could just Defog for free every time. Xerneas also helped the team with Aromatherapy support and by being a statut absorber For Yveltal, the set explanation in the same as in the first team (I couldn't manage to put Taunt over Defog because I would have needed Xerneas to have Defog, or adding Ho-Oh / Lunala to the team, and the team would have been too passive). Finally, I needed some more immediate power which benefited from both Spikes and paralysis. Then, I put Choice Band Marshadow (which I never used since the start of UPL). The other variation has Groudon over Zygarde-Complete and Stealth Rock, but Groudon has less staying power than Zygarde-Complete and can't check what the latter is able to.
Out of the three teams, my mates preferred the third one (with Zygarde), that's why I chose it.

Week 7 vs Luna's banned now (W)
  • *
For the seventh week, I had many core ideas I was sitting on since early June so I posted them in the SS channel so we could decide on which one is better to build around for this week, and even giving ideas to my other mates.
- Shifu + Solga TP Sight / NDM
- Kyogre + Marsha
- Rayquaza + Ferrothorn / Skarmory
- Dialga + Mewtwo
- Ho-Oh + NDM
- Ttar + Exca
- Darm Galar + Kyogre
- Xerneas + offensive Eternatus / Palkia Focus Punch
However, instead of using one of those, I started to imagine sets such as Life Orb Kartana and Choice Band Zapdos-Galar, because the first was a good setup sweeper and Knock Off user (while also having Synthesis), and the second was a check to defensive Yveltal and prevents it from using Defog (if you still want to Defog, you better have something that takes +2 Brave Bird, Necrozma-DM isn't an answer: +2 252 Atk Choice Band Zapdos-Galar Brave Bird vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: 231-273 (58 - 68.5%)). The problem with the first one was its Speed, and with the second was recoil (Ubers Pokemon have a good HP stat). After that, I decided to use Clefable because Luna is a Zygarde lover and I wanted to test Clefable in Ubers (it was also more reasonable).
In the first team, Groudon with Swords Dance and Dragon Tail seemed a good way to deal with common defensive Zygarde-Complete (and other bulky setup Pokemon), while simultaneously being a good midground play if you don't know if the opponent will send Yveltal or Lunala out, for example. Clefable set is standard (with Life Orb to deal with Zygarde-Complete as mentioned above). To support this core, I needed something that takes advantage of Zygarde-Complete being low and which could overwhelm physically defensive Pokemon alongside Groudon; Necrozma-DM was my choice, as it can also check Xerneas. Then, I added the obvious Yveltal with Knock Off and U-turn to remove opposing Heavy-Duty Boots and bring Groudon and Necrozma-DM on the field more easily. At this point, the team was lacking checks for Kyogre, Marshadow and Groudon, and speed control. Eternatus was my choice, because it could handle the first two threats and bring speed control. Also, Eternatus can spread Toxic on the opposing team which is much appreciated by both Groudon and Necrozma-DM. Finally, I thought adding Giratina-Origin could be a good idea, with Will-O-Wisp to cripple the likes of Groudon and Yveltal, while having a priority if needed and some immediate power on the special side.
In the second team, I wanted to try building around Future Sight Slowking, but the team rapidly turned really fat with Clefable on it. To solve this problem, I removed Clefable and tried rebuilding the team. At first, I put Zekrom as the Future Sight abuser, but my teammates told me Urshifu could be better in this role, that's why I chose it. To support this core of Slowking and Urshifu, I needed a rocker and a Knock Off user, because thanks to Teleport and U-turn, the opponent will be forced to switch many times in the game. With Stealth Rock set up, the opponent will have their team weakened throughout the game. To fulfill this role, Necrozma-DM was my choice. With a specially defensive spread it supports Slowking, as the latter is not able to handle all the special wallbreakers in the meta (mainly Xerneas). Then, I added Yveltal for obvious reason, with U-turn to provide further momentum. Foul Play is useful for Necrozma-DM and Groudon mainly, but Knock Off can be used over it. Now the team needed a check to Kyogre, Marshadow and Zygarde and an offensive Pokemon. Eternatus and Xerneas were my choice. Eternatus can boost itself thanks to Meteor Beam and Cosmic Power, and benefits from the many opportunities to setup thanks to Teleport and U-turn. Xerneas, while checking Marshadow and Zygarde, also acts as a Cleric, helping Eternatus to setup without fearing status.
In the third team, my teammates and I noticed Luna's teams were often slow, so Alpha Rabbit proposes to build a team around Choice Band Darmanitan Galar, so I did just that. Playing Darmanitan Galar means the team needs to be safe against hazards, and building with both Darmanitan Galar and Clefable wasn't the easiest thing to do, but I think I did a good job. I then added the same Necrozma-DM set as in the first team, because Darmanitan-Galar can easily weaken the opposing team so that Necrozma-DM is able to sweep after. It also synergizes with Clefable, setting Stealth Rock and checking Zygarde. Necrozma-DM also provided a good Xerneas check to the team, with Metal Coat allowing it to straight up OHKO GeoXern (252+ Atk Metal Coat Necrozma-Dusk-Mane Sunsteel Strike vs. 0 HP / 168 Def Xerneas: 438-516 (111.4 - 131.2%)). Yveltal was an obvious choice then, with Snarl to deal with Calyrex-S's SubSeed set, and because I do not often use it. I didn't give Defog to Yveltal, because I wanted a Defogger that wins its duel against common rockers. Landorus-T was this team's Defogger, also providing momentum to the team and a Knock Off user. The main drawback of using Landorus-T as a Defogger is its low staying power. For the last Pokemon, I found Eternatus to be a good choice, because it was a good Kyogre check and it could act as a primary check to Marshadow (because Landorus-T would have been overwhelmed if it needed to Defog and check Marshadow).
Finally, my mates I preferred the first team, my mates liking all of them.

Index of spreads
(Pokemon are ordered by alphabetical order)
Obvious spreads are not explained

Week 3:
Eternatus @ Life Orb
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 48 HP / 32 Def / 244 SpA / 184 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Dynamax Cannon
- Recover
- Sludge Bomb
- Flamethrower
  • 184 Spe alongside a Timid Nature allow Eternatus to outspeed Adamant Zacian.
  • 48 HP alongside 32 Def allow Eternatus to live Play Rough from Jolly Choice Band Zacian in addition to the recoil of Life Orb. So that Eternatus lives a hit, KOes Zacian and heal itself without dying (there's still a 6.3% roll though: +1 252 Atk Choice Band Zacian Play Rough vs. 48 HP / 32 Def Eternatus: 333-393 (76.9 - 90.7%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO // with Eternatus at 90% HP).
  • 48 HP allow Eternatus to live an Astral Barrage from Choice Specs Calyrex-S.
  • Rest is put in Special Attack.
Week 6:
Eternatus @ Power Herb
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 144 HP / 252 Def / 20 SpA / 92 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Dragon Pulse
- Recover
- Meteor Beam
- Cosmic Power
  • 92 Spe alongside a Timid Nature allow Eternatus to outspeed Adamant Marshadow.
  • 144 HP alongside 252 Def allow Eternatus to live two Spectral Thief from Adamant Choice Band Marshadow.
  • Rest is put in Special Attack.
Week 7:
Eternatus @ Black Sludge
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 144 HP / 20 SpA / 252 SpD / 92 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Dragon Pulse
- Recover
- Meteor Beam
- Cosmic Power
  • 92 Spe alongside a Timid Nature allow Eternatus to outspeed Adamant Marshadow.
  • 144 HP alongside 252 Def allow Eternatus to live two Ice Beam from Choice Scarf Kyogre after Stealth Rock.
  • Rest is put in Special Attack.
Week 4:
Giratina-Origin @ Griseous Orb
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 76 Atk / 252 SpA / 164 SpD / 16 Spe
Quiet Nature
- Hex
- Draco Meteor
- Defog
- Stone Edge
  • 164 SpD allow Giratina-O to live two Ice Beam from Choice Scarf Kyogre.
  • 16 Spe allow Giratina-O to outspeed paralysed Eternatus.
  • Rest is put in Special Attack then in Attack.
Week 2/3/5/6:
Groudon @ Leftovers
Ability: Drought
EVs: 248 HP / 16 Atk / 224 Def / 20 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Precipice Blades
- Swords Dance / Stealth Rock
- Stone Edge
- Thunder Wave / Stealth Rock
  • 20 Spe allow Groudon to outspeed paralyzed Calyrex-S.
  • 16 Attack alongside an Adamant Nature allow Groudon to 2HKO with Precipice Blades physically defensive Necrozma-DM after Stealth Rock, as well as 3HKOing with Precipice Blades defensive Xerneas (preventing from using Rest indefinitely). 12 EVs is enough for the latter.
  • Rest is put in HP then in Defense.
Week 5:
Groudon @ Leftovers
Ability: Drought
EVs: 252 HP / 16 Atk / 96 Def / 124 SpD / 20 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Precipice Blades
- Thunder Wave
- Stone Edge
  • 20 Spe allow Groudon to outspeed paralyzed Calyrex-S.
  • 16 Atk alongside an Adamant Nature allow Groudon to 2HKO with Precipice Blades physically defensive Necrozma-DM after Stealth Rock, as well as 3HKOing with Precipice Blades defensive Xerneas (preventing from using Rest indefinitely). 12 EVs is enough for the latter.
  • 252 HP alongside 124 SpD allow Groudon to live three Flamethrower from defensive Eternatus.
  • Rest is put in Defense.
Week 5:
Ho-Oh @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 248 HP / 28 Atk / 160 Def / 52 SpD / 20 Spe
Impish Nature
- Sacred Fire
- Defog
- Brave Bird
- Thunder Wave
  • 20 Spe allow Ho-Oh to outspeed paralyzed Calyrex-S.
  • 248 HP alongside 52 SpD allow Ho-Oh to live +2 Thunder from Geomancy Xerneas.
  • 248 HP alongside 160 Def and an Impish Nature allow Ho-Oh to live Glacial Lance from Choice Band Calyrex-Ice.
  • Rest is put in Attack.
Week 7:
Landorus-Therian (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 24 Atk / 232 Def
Impish Nature
IVs: 28 Spe
- U-turn
- Defog
- Earthquake
- Knock Off
  • 24 Atk allow Landorus-T to 2HKO with Earthquake common offensive Necrozma-DM (with 136 HP / 252 Atk / 120 Spe spread).
  • Rest is put in Attack then in Defense.
  • 28 IVs in Speed allow Landorus-T to outslow uninvested bases 90, so it can U-turn on the likes of Groudon and Ho-Oh without an ally taking an attack.
Week 1:
Mewtwo @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 248 HP / 20 Def / 56 SpA / 184 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psystrike
- Recover
- Ice Beam
- Will-O-Wisp
  • 184 Spe allow Mewtwo to outspeed Adamant Zacian.
  • 248 HP alongside 20 Def allow Mewtwo to live Play Rough from Jolly Choice Band Zacian.
  • 56 Spe allow Mewtwo to 2HKO with Ice Beam max HP Leftovers Groudon.
Week 6:
Necrozma-Dusk-Mane @ Leftovers
Ability: Prism Armor
EVs: 240 HP / 60 Atk / 204 SpD / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Sunsteel Strike
- Moonlight
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock
  • 240 HP alongside 204 SpD allow Necrozma-DM to live two Flamethrower from Life Orb Modest Eternatus.
  • 60 Atk alongside an Adamant Nature allow Necrozma-DM to 2HKO with Earthquake defensive Black Sludge Eternatus.
  • 4 Spe allow Necrozma-DM to speed creep uninvested Necrozma-DM.
Week 7:
Slowking @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 136 Def / 120 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Future Sight
- Slack Off
- Scald
- Teleport
  • 252 HP alongside 120 SpD and a Calm Nature allow Slowking to live three Dynamax Cannon from Eternatus (then damages are less than a third of its HP, so Slowking can fully recover a hit with Regenerator).
  • Rest is put in Def.
Week 2/3/5/6/7:
Yveltal @ Black Glasses / Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Dark Aura
EVs: 200 HP / 8 Def / 48 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Taunt / Defog
- Knock Off / Foul Play
- Roost
- Foul Play / U-turn
  • 200 HP alongside 8 Def allow Yveltal to live Rock Tomb + Heat Crash from Adamant Groudon)
  • 252 Spe allow Yveltal to be as fast as possible, so it has a chance to Defog before offensive Yveltal Taunt it (against a HO team), and it can Taunt opposing fast defensive Yveltal before the latter uses Roost.
  • Rest is put in Special Defense.
Week 5:
Zekrom @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Teravolt
EVs: 208 HP / 108 Atk / 192 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Bolt Strike
- Roost
- Scale Shot
- Volt Switch
  • 108 Atk alongside an Adamant Nature allow Zekrom to 2HKO with Scale Shot defensive Eternatus (it just needs 5 shots hitting out of the two Scale Shot, so possibilities are: 5-X ; 4-1(+) ; 3-2(+) ; 2-3(+) ; 1-4(+)).
  • 192 Spe allow Zekrom at +1 to outspeed Timid Eternatus.
  • Rest is put in HP.
Week 3:
Zygarde @ Leftovers
Ability: Power Construct
EVs: 12 HP / 208 Atk / 28 Def / 200 SpD / 60 Spe
Impish Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Thousand Arrows
- Substitute
- Glare
(all the following explanations are about the complete form)
  • 12 HP is a Leftovers number.
  • 12 HP alongside 28 Def allow Zygarde-Complete's Substitute to live Sunsteel Strike from defensive Necrozma-DM.
  • 12 HP alongside 200 SpD allow Zygarde-Complete's Substitute to live Grass Knot from Tangrowth.
  • 60 Spe allow Zygarde-Complete at +1 to outspeed common defensive Eternatus, and at +2 to outspeed Calyrex-S.
  • Rest is put in Attack.

I'm not the best at thanking people, but I'll try to do it (and anyway you already saw my last words in our Discord server).

Reje March Fires Thank you for trusting me during all the weeks, despite my ratio being 0-4 on Week 4 :psycry:. I had a lot of fun speaking and building with you, you were an essential element to drive the team!
iry It was really fun to meet you, you're a really nice guy (maybe paste your ADV teams so we can steal them :blobthumbsup:).
Alpha Rabbit Thank you for helping me throughout the weeks in the SS channel, it was much appreciated! You were the one here to say which team you prefer the most (when all the other mates weren't answering). Your approach with SS was different than mine, and it was great to see someone else's approach!
mc56556 Damn you're so nice! Not gonna lie you're one of the kindest people I met on Pokemon and I'm glad to have met you! You were here when we needed you, and you had always a kind word to say before matches. Thank you for all you did!
Inspirited You're an amazing guy, I did not speak really often with you, but when you appeared in my channel, it was always good to see you!
Terracotta Thank you for giving your opinion on my teams, it was much appreciated!
pdt Shocki InkPupil Paradise Seeker Fille I didn't speak to you much to be honest, but I'm glad to have team up with you. Maybe we'll see each other on another tournament.
And finally, Lasen you're a really nice guy, and teaming up again with you was a good experience, sadly we didn't win both of the tournaments but I'm happy I met you! And a big thank you for having GP check this post :blobthumbsup:.

Maybe I'll team up with all of you again next year! (if I'm around)

Nicknames Mukkers (mainly March Fires) gave to me

[Don't worry iry, you can call me "maxy", I'm used to it now :blobthumbsup:]

I was legit called "maxy" more often than "maxomega":

(16 of them were either me saying "chall Maxomega" or in the channel announcement with the official pairings)

Oh yeah and, here are the names of the prep channels:


To conclude this post, I'd like to say that this team tournament was probably one of the best I've been in. I spent a good time with all of you, my mates, and by building, testing and playing. Doing stats and seeing people happy because I posted them were something enjoyable to do and see!
I look forward to maybe take part in next year UPL!
Yours truly:


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