UU Index and Reservations Thread

Yeah, you dont need to post here to tell me how many checks something needs, because it has no effect on the index. Just post when the analysis' tag needs changing, like from skeleton to written or written to completed, just for tag changes, not if something gets stamped.

Everyone read^


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I wanted to apologize for the delay on my analyses. I'll get on Manectric/Sigilyph after the 25th. I've had to prepare for something really important and have had less time than I'd have liked to work on C&C.

Edit: Please put blarajan instead of AccidentalGreed for Sigilyph. He formally gave me permission to take it from him.

I don't know how to quote VMs, but...

AccidentalGreed said:
Not sure this will do anything in the index, but since it listed it as "Reserved"...

You have my approval to take Sigilyph.


oh my gosh you found me
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Anyway, since he reserved Quagsire back in June iirc and hasn't started work on it, I'll let you do it VOx.

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