UU Suspect Test Round 1 Voter Identification and Suspect Nominations

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Nominations from me:

Victini - As many have said simply too hard hitting for the things in the tier to take, with the option of going mixed to allow it to defeat what very few counters it has (not to mention its coverage moves allow it to kill some of them anyway).

Kyurem - Again as others have said, ridiculous attacking capacity from both sides and similar to Victini almost no counters. Part of the issue is the danger of two different sets (Specs and Sub) similar to Mence, meaning if you guess wrongly something will die.

Chlorophyll - Whilst I know that Drought as is is far too much for UU for the reasons others have posted, I can't help but shake the feeling that it may just be the ability of teams to pack 3 or so Chlorophyllers (some of if not the deadliest sweepers in the tier, as well as having access to Sleep moves to cripple what they cannot beat) in a similar fashion to Rain with Swift Swimmers in OU is what pushes it over the edge, and what makes it broken. Fire move spam is very powerful, but there are several 4x resists and immunes in the tier as well as pokemon like Kingdra who can set up Rain Dance and abuse it viably, as well as a huge amount of pokemon who outspeed every single Fire mon in UU and can revenge the hardest hitters.

Banning individual Chlorophyllers is possible, but would require quite probably 6 or more bans in order to remove the best abusers and as such this option at the least allows people to use defensive Tangrowth, etc. Whilst I realise that this probably isn't going to be a popular option, I believe keeping Drought for another round to see how it fares without Chlorophyll (and Victini) is a worthwhile endeavour for the sake of weather diversity - and obviously I believe it would not be broken in this situation.


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Yeah, so with finals and moving home and finding a job (and forgetting when the round ended), I didn't really have time to get high up the ladder this time. Oh well, there's always round 2.

But I do have a few nominations.

First and foremost is Victini. Now there is not too much to say that hasn't already been said, but I will talk about it anyways. This little guy is a monster. V-create OHKO-s all but a few useful Pokemon, and if it has sun support, even most of them have trouble taking more than one. Beyond that, it is ridiculously versatile. It can do the classic band set, don a scarf, go mixed or special, Trick Room, etc. Pair that with its awesome bulk, and you have a broken Pokemon. The fact that it loves the tier's most common weather only is a benefit. It can still KO everything in hail or sand. It is just so good there is almost no reason not to use it. And when you have that kind of power, BL is calling for you.

Then there is Kyurem. Kyurem causes the same kinds of problems as Victini: It is overwhelmingly powerful, while still being well rounded, incredibly versatile, and loves a common weather. If it wasn't for any one of these things, there would be no reason to ban it. However, when you have a Pokemon that can take hits, KO everything not named Chansey, and still be unpredictable, then you know it is too powerful.

Speaking of Chansey, while it is not as urgent, I believe Chansey needs to get the hell out of my UU right now. We all know what kind of special defensive monster Chansey is from well before UU started. It almost made the OU cut because of it. But down here, where Pokemon are less powerful, it is just too much, and not because of its special walling abilities. No, the problem is that a Special Wall is laughing off powerful physical hits. It can survive STAB SE Close Combats, among other things. One of my favorite examples is that Weavile, with its 120 Atk stat, needs to have gotten 3 Swords Dances to guarantee the KO with Low Kick, and in the mean time, it can just T-wave you and end your chances of a sweep. There are many more examples of why this thing is too bulky. I won't go into them, but just know that it is too damn bulky for UU.

Lastly, Sun is a problem. Even I, who has firmly stated that Victini, not sun, was the problem, have come to change my mind. However, I am steadfastly against ability bans, and I do not believe the strategy as a whole needs to go. So I propose we eliminate the two Pokemon that I believe to break sun the most. I know you will probably disagree, but in my honest opinion, Tangrowth and Lilligant are what put sun over the top. The combination of amazing speed, absurd boosting moves AND, most importantly, the ability to induce sleep make these two broken in the current environment. Add all that with the ability to heal with Giga Drain, and it is just too hard to beat. Now I know Sawsbuck and others may be better at individual parts of sun sweeping, but none but those two really have the full package (Not to mention Sawsbuck is weak to 2 common priority moves, not just 1). I believe that if we get rid of these two, what remains of sun will be much more balanced and easy to handle.

Drought is a broken ability. Basically it lets you completely overwhelm the opponent with powerful Fire moves/Pokemon (Victini and Charizard, I'm looking at you). Then we have the "technical" power of the Clorophyllers. Loads have Sleep Powder, allowing them to then set up with Growth, which, in the sun, is basically a Shell Smash without the defense drops.

What else can I say that other people haven't? It's simply overpowered, and can demolish teams even without Hail. It has all its tools in Draco Meteor, Ice Beam and Focus Blast, and can simply run another move like Outrage or Substitute in the fourth slot. Its defenses are incredible too.

Look people, if we don't ban this thing, we should get rid of the Defensive Clause. It's the premier wall in the tier, but IMO what pushes it over the edge is its physical defense. Unless you're using a STAB, LO/CB 120 BP Fighting move, you can't OHKO it. Not only can it wall, it can dish out with Seismic Toss and SUPPORT with Wish. Chansey can completely restore the HP of nearly any Pokemon on you team, thanks to her massive Wishes.
Exams stopped me from hitting the qualification [Although I'm sure I hit something like 1300 once or twice on various alts], however, I'm fine with not voting this round.

However, I am going to make nominations.

Absolutely needs to go. This isn't like Drizzle in OU, where the main problem with it was the Swift Swimmers. The Chlorophill abusers are powerful, yes, but banning Chlorophill + Drought is only solving a third of the issue.

Victini is the next third, but I shall discuss him later.

The final part of what makes Sun broken is Fire-types. Arcanine outspeeds a large amount of the metagame, has powerful STABS, Morning Sun to heal Flare Blitz Recoil, and Extremespeed to kill off anything faster, which is usually frail enough that it would be KO'ed.

Then there's Typholision whose's Choice Scarf Eruptions can 2HKO bulky waters like Slowbro.

Finally, there's Charizard, who has a Base 100 Speed, and obscene power with Solar Power. Thankfully, he can't use Roost in tandem with it.

However, a complex ban will not sort out the broken fire types, and thus, Drought needs to go, not a complex ban.

To be honest, this dosen't even need much explanation. The Choice Specs sets are horrendously powerful, with Draco Meteor 2HKO'ing anything not named Chansey or Registeel. That alone should get the picture across.

However, Specs is not my major beef. The Subsitute set is what I dispise. Kyurem can use his bulk, combined with his ability to cause switches, and decent speed, to fire off two Dragon Pulses or Ice Beams/Blizzards with ease, which will cripple anything. I've faced Sub Kyurem, and I find it even more of an issue than the Specs set.

Sun or no sun, Victini is still broken regardless.

Where to start? The Base 100 all around stats which give it exceptional bulk and unpredictable offenses? STABS which allow it to go physical, special, or even mixed? A Base 180 STAB which is completely abuseable in Trick Room?

Victini is too powerful for the metagame, Sun is just the icing.

See Victini, however, take away the SR weakness, and give it every TM and tutor move in the entire game, that has existed since ADV, to be utterly unpredictable, and utterly uncounterable.

And those Base 100 stats all around and ability to boost every single stat, as well as use any type of attack, makes Mew truly uncounterable.


Chansey walls anything without Close Combat.

That's a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure isn't far off. Seriously, for physical attackers to take down Evolite Chansey, they either needs Knock Off, or something like a Base 120 STAB off a Base 100+ Attack.

That's not counting special attckers, who will fall to Toxic before they can boost enough to beat Chansey.

Yeah, the blob needs to go.


I knew I forgot one, I just forgot it due to the lack of them I've been seeing:


Brave Bird is frankly insane, Base 120 Power + STAB + Reckless + Life Orb/Choice Band + Base 120 Attack in the first place + Base 100 Speed.

Double-Edge is only useful on Electric types, but it demolishes even Zapdos, with the same offensive might as Brave Bird.

Close Combat demolishes Steel-Types.

The main way to deal with Staraptor is to use a bulky Intimidator, such as Arcanine, or to sacrifice something [Preferably a Steel to Lure Close Combat] and send in a Priority user, such as Arcanine or Houndoom or Azumarill. If a pokemon's best check is revenge killing, and recoil damage... something needs to be done.

I handled it OK, just about, due to abuseing Chlorophill to outspeed it, which is why I initially forgot to nominate Staraptor. However, even then, I always had to sacrifice something to get in.


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Chansey - The big fat whore got an amazing boost this gen with Evo Stone pushing it over the top. It ridiculously walls both sides of the spectrum now and can act as cleric and wish passer to the team.

Kyurem - I think a base 660 stat spread says enough. He can massacre everything outside of Chansey with special attacks and is able to quite effectively run a physical set as well. Outside of that, he has outstanding defenses that allow him to stall quite effectively. Simple put, this guy is borked.

Drought - Sun gives a ridiculous boost to the many grass and fire types in UU, boosting their power to insane levels. I think a drought ban would be better than a Vulpix ban on the off chance that Ninetails ever drops to UU.

Smash Passing - With no lack of subtable receivers and screens being relatively easy to set up, smash passing can just straight out massacre teams. Something needs to be done to stop this.
Delta 2777

Baton Pass - This move makes Venomoth Broken. This move makes Smeargle Broken. This move makes Mew broken. This move makes Huntail/Gorebyss broken. Seriously, there is no single counter too all highly effective users of this move. Use a pHazer? Smeargle/Venomoth use Spore or Sleep Powder respecitvely, and then pass either their Shell Smash or Quiver Dance. Sleep Clause active, or maybe you have two Roar users? Mew Taunts both of them and can easily set up an Agility + Nasty Plot behind screens (easily provided by Uxie or Azelf). Huntail and Gorebyss can get to +2/+2/+2 with their respectable defenses with only one turn of set up. There is no shortage of BP recievers either, with Nidoking, Mamoswine, Krookodile, Arcanine, etc.

If there is not enough support for Baton Pass in its own entity, I would like to change my nomination to Mew, who is in my opinion the most effective of the Baton Passers and very good in its own right.

Deoxys-D - Pretty much forces you to carry Escavalier/Heracross/Xatu/Espeon, while it isn't even as bulky as Cresselia it has reliable recovery and is extremely effective at laying down Spikes. Taunt also makes up for its vulnerability to status.

Everything else that I want gone has already been nominated.
I only think a few things should go this round:

This is just a way to powerful ability in UU, whit all-but-Venusaur chlorophyll sweepers (with many of them with acces to sleep powder) and boosted growth (that gives you literally a Shell Smash boost in Sun) this makes many pokemon just go over the edge, this can't be done in a Combo ban since fire types are still very powerful (victini pops out as the best but if he goes then Charizard, Arcanine, Typholision, etc.. would take his place) they also have way better boosts than any other weather (and many more sweepers)


Focus Blast vs 252/4 Bold Chansey 39.2% - 46.3%
Focus Blast vs 252/4 Bold Blissey 42.3% - 49.9%
Draco Meteor vs 252/4 Bold Milotic 78.7% - 92.9%
Draco Meteor vs 252/252 Calm Milotic 58.9% - 69.5%
Blizzard vs 252/4 Bold Milotic 39.4% - 46.5%
Ice Beam vs 252/136 Calm Roserade 121.0% - 143.2%
Draco Meteor vs 252/136 Calm Roserade 88.9% - 104.9%
Ice Beam vs 4/252 Adamant Birijion 104.3% - 124.1%
Draco Meteor vs 4/252 Adamant Birijion 76.9% - 90.7%
Focus Blast vs 252/252 Careful Snorlax 55.7% - 65.6%
Focus Blast vs 252/252 Calm Probopass (Sandstorm) 96.3% - 113.6%
Focus Blast vs 252/200 Careful Registeel 65.9% - 78.0%
Draco Meteor vs 4/252 Timid Gardevoir 97.5% - 114.7%
Focus Blast vs 252/252 Calm Tabunne 82.9% - 98.0%
Focus Blast vs 120/252 Careful Umbreon 72.0% - 84.8%
Focus Blast vs 252/216 Sassy Bronzong 42.6% - 50.3%
Draco Meteor vs 252/216 Sassy Bronzong 37.3% - 43.8%
Hidden Power Fire vs 252/252 Sassy Bronzong 53.3% - 62.7%

Yeah, he can easily hit everything in UU (and many more in OU) for enough damage for a 2HKO, he is also not afraid of steel types (Focus Blast) and has enough natural bulk to withstand most pryority, not only that, he also can use a lot of sets (LO, Specs, Claw Sharpen, Scarfed, Stall) he is just to powerfull even for the new UU standars


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i'm a nuisance to both yondie and folgorio's laddering experience.

SmashPass: This is just very gay. Think of user Eo Ut Mortus. Now try thinking of battling 7 Eo's at the same time. Most of the time, you will win due to the lack of skill on the other side, but there are moments where you will lose because of the cheap tactics and dirty play. Everything else about SmashPass has already been covered.

Mew: Indestructible. A menace. It has both incredible bulk and decent attacking stats. It can pull a Nasty Plot set or go defensive and destroy stall with Taunt + WoW. Then it can totally shit on your ass by using boost move + baton pass. It's basically like Mence last gen with like 5 move additional sets it can run.

Staraptor: Its power is almost equivalent of mine. It 2HKOs everything in sight with reckless Scarf Brave Bird. The only things that it doesn't 2HKO with Brave Bird are like Registeel and Slowbro, and you can run Band / LO to deal with Slowbro easily. This thing is too strong. kacaw.

Everything else has been mentioned.
My only nomination is the ability Drought. The ability by itself isn't bad, but there are a handful of pokemon that are already good in UU that become very difficult to stop under harsh sunlight. For example, Victini goes from "threatening but beatable" to "nearly uncounterable" when the sun is up. Even the pathetic Sawsbuck and Lilligant become deadly sweepers with double Speed and a lack of solid Steel-types to wall its STABs. Fire- and Grass-types are the two best abusers of the sunlight, making a pretty solid defensive core on their own before you even consider the fact that one gets double STAB + a weakness removed, while the other gets double Speed. The only flaw with this ability is that you have to dedicate an entire team slot to Vulpix, which is a HUGE drawback since its pathetic base 50 SpAtk can't even OHKO pokemon weak to its double STAB. The reason why I still think Drought is suspect despite this gaping hole in a sun team is because they are generally offensive in nature and sometimes appreciate the dead weight to sacrifice for a free switch-in.


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Confirming as SilentVerse.

Drought: Permanent Sun is simply too much for UU to handle. The combination of Fire-types with an extra power boost and Chlorophyll sweepers is ridiculously difficult to stop. Fire-types are extremely powerful, ripping through even things that resist their STAB, and specially oriented Fire-sweepers have access to Solarbeam to make it even easier to muscle past would-be Water-type counters. Chlorophyll sweepers outpace most of the metagame, and can easily rip through teams with almost all of the prominent ones having access to a boosting move such as Swords Dance or Growth. Furthermore, priority that doesn't one shot these sweepers is next to useless should the Chlorophyll sweeper have Giga Drain to restore themselves to near perfect condition unless you have an already weakened Pokemon to sacrifice. To top it all off, Fire and Grass are actually fantastic together, being a part of the excellent Fire / Water / Grass core, and this helps ease the transition between different sweepers to make it even easier for Drought teams to successfully sweep.

While I do believe that Choice sets are easy enough to stop (they don't sweep particularly well without quite a bit of support in my opinion), the fact that Kyurem isn't totally limited to these sets makes him difficult to deal with. In particular, Substitute based sets tend to be absurdly good; due to the omnipresence of Choice sets, it becomes a reaction to switch into a wall such as Milotic to weather the blow, which gives Kyurem an ample opportunity to set up a Substitute. From there, Kyurem can easily 2HKO most Pokemon safely at this point without much prediction. The thing that also makes Sub sets so lethal is Kyurem's absurd natural bulk; weaker walls will often fail to break these Subs in one attack, giving Kyurem more time to chip away at the Pokemon that wall him. Despite Kyurem's minuscule movepool, the fact that each type of set is equally deadly makes him too difficult for UU to deal with.
Unfortunately I didn't get to ladder much with finals and all, but I did get some playing in and would like to nominate Staraptor. With its new ability powering up recoil attacks, Brave Bird and Double-Edge (already with 120 base and STAB) gain an additional boost. The result is two absurdly powerful attacks which can OHKO or 2HKO almost all of UU. Combine this with Choice Scarf and Choice Band and the results are devastating. Nothing is safe to switch into the Band set, as Slowbro is 2HKO'ed by BB, while Rhyperior and any other Steel types are brought down by Close Combat. Scarf also gives you free kills and blazing speed. To give you some perspective, Jolly scarf Staraptor outspeeds many of the Chlorophyll sweepers in the sun, such as Tangrowth and Victreebel. Simply put on a Band to get free kills against bulky offense or equip a scarf to outspeed everything sans Sawsbuck in sun or priority. The only check I can think of is Mamo, but even then you need rocks down or previous recoil damage to kill with Ice Shard.

It seems like everything else has been covered so I won't bother with other noms.
Nominations only at the moment, but will try to vote via special applications.


Kyurem: It has 660 BST. It can KO almost everything in the tier with just its STAB attacks, and has the bulk to withstand a number of attacks as well. Specs Kyurem only has one counter (Chansey). If you successfully trap it with Wobbuffet, you can eliminate Chansey via Counter or using Tickle to allow Choice Band Dugtrio to finish it off. From there, Kyurem can spam one of Blizzard / Draco Meteor / Focus Blast to hit everything extremely hard. Once Chansey is down, every misprediction means you lose another Pokemon.

Victini: Choice Band Victini with V-Create under the sun does approximately 70% to Milotic, which is completely insane. There are practically no safe switch-ins bar Flash Fire Arcanine (and Flash Fire Vulpix! lol, but who uses that?). You can stick Victini on your team, and provided you have a spinner / Xatu / Espeon to keep rocks off the field, Victini can switch in without harm and you can click V-Create and win. I believe Victini has to go.

Shell Smash Passers:
Under dual screens, Shell Smash users such as Gorebyss set up easily, and can pass the stat boosts and even a Subtitute in some cases. With + 2 in both offensive stats and Speed, not many Pokemon will be able to defend from the likes of receiptants such as Victini. There is little you can do, and therefore I believe Gorebyss and Huntail should be banned. Smeargle is not as bad because of its frailty, but has access to Spore, and can still cause problems when used correctly.

Will be sending my special application now!

Victini - Lets see here... Great movepool? Check. Nice speed and offensive stats? Check. Nice bulk? Check... Hm... What else do you need? Oh, I know, how about a 180 base power stab move that has decent offensive typing and is strong enough to 2 shot even the bulkiest resists with sun and/or a Choice Band! Seriously, this thing is a nuke and is the only thing that breaks sun imo. The only think that hits harder is Charizard, who has a 4x weakness to rocks and takes recoil damage with each hit, limiting how much it can do in a game. It's defensive typing, while not all around amazing, gives it some nice resists to fighting, ice, fire, and grass moves.

Kyurem - Ice may be a horrible defensive typing to have, something that dragon only slightly helps with, but when you have 130/130 offensive stats and enough bulk to not care about crap, and just enough versatility to have to worry if you're going up against a choiced hitter (and then, what choice item is it running? ) and should therefor switch into your special wall (*cough*chansey*cough* ) or should try and not get set up on, who cares! I've only seen the bulky set once and, though I was able to beat it, it scared the hell out of me and was a pain to deal with until it finally died. Not top mention how awesome dragon and ice are as offensive typings.

Wobbuffett - I've seen very few of these so I can understand why this 'mon hasn't been really nominated to much, but it just doesn't belong in UU. Things may be hitting harder now then they were last gen in general and Encore might have been nerf'd, but it can still guarantee itself at least one KO or one turn of free setup per battle in OU. Now, I know that this kinda argument generally isn't accepted, especially considering the circumstances, but the fact that this thing was incredibly effective in 4th gen Ubers suggests that, despite everything, this thing is far to powerful for 5th gen uu.

I believe that everything else deserves at least one more round of testing without the above 3 'mons in the tier. Especially the 1st 2.
AgainstMe and Snoring

Mew- 100 base stats in each stats when given access to the largest movepool in the game allows mew to fill any role on a team. Although every set can be countered by an individual pokemon, it is impossible to be comepletely ready for the unpredictability that is mew.

Drought- Overpowers grass types to destroy offensive teams with fire attacks tearing apart any team in its path. Overcentralizes and requires far to much preparation leading to defeat by other teams.

Deoxys-D- Bulky as is understood but also possessing and obnoxiously fast speed for a wall. He can easily set up hazards while at the same time walling / crippling sweepers.

Kyurem- With the stats of an uber, Kyurem is gifted with amazing offensive stats allowing her to unleash the onslaught of her 120 and 140 base power moves. The problem is only made worse by the sheer bulk that Kyurem possesses allowing her to take hits on the offensive while also allowing for a very potent defensive set.


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Sadly didn't make reqs after going on a tilt at 1320, but eh I played through the whole test so I feel qualified to make nominations at least.

Kyurem- 660 BST is head and shoulders above everything else in UU. Having STAB on both Dragon and Ice moves allow it to smash most of UU to pieces, and every single Steel-type in UU is covered by Focus Blast. The set I usually used was a mixed LO as it had no counters. Chansey was destroyed by Outrage and everything else fell to his impeccable Dragon/Ice/Fighting coverage. Specs sets just power through everything short of Chansey but without the LO recoil, and Defensive sets destroy stall and are exceedingly hard to take down. His impressive 125/90/90 defenses also mean that nothing short of a super effective STAB hit is killing him. I also presonally think that it is Kyurem's sheer power and versatility that is breaking hail teams and not Kyurem itself. I don't buy the whole "BlissSpam is too dangerous" argument since all the other Ice-types in UU are slow, have poor SpA, or no coverage. Kyurem has great coverage, Speed, bulk, and the highest Special Attack stat in UU short of the never used Alakazam. This thing has to go.

Drought- This is just plain stupid. Boosted Fire moves from Victini, Charizard, and Arcanine rip stall teams to shreds whilst Chlorophyll owns offensive teams. Vulpix is also surprisingly good at keep sunlight up against other weather Pokemon since it has a clear cut type-advantage against Abomasnow and can cripple Hippopotas with Will-O-Wisp, and Eviolite means it can actually take a hit. The Chlorophyll sweepers are so good at beating up each other's counters that you're pretty much screwed against them all unless you have something like Scarf Trace Gardevoir, which is about the only reliable Sun check unless you've got your own weather, even then you need to prepare for it far too much in order to not get creamed.

Victini- Sun isn't the problem. Victini's versatility and sheer offensive power is the problem. The Mixed set pretty much beats any wall it wants, as its special attacks cover all its normal switchins (Psychic for Arcanine, Thunder for Waters and Houndoom, Grass Knot for Rocks), and it can always use a STAB 180 BP physical move to effortlessly bring down special walls. Yeah sure, it can use a CB set to nuke everything without having to predict much too, but IMO its the mixed set thats broken since it can get past everything that is supposed to check it with no problems at all.

Mew- Way too versatile. There is no predicting Mew. It can Baton Pass any stat it wants, it can run over stall with a Nasty Plot offensive set with every type combination at its disposal, it can outstall entire teams lacking Houndoom with a Taunt/WoW defensive set...it just goes on and on. Mew's stats are base 100 across the board, which is quite enough to allow it to perform all of these roles exceptionally well, and it allows it to fit into any team. No Pokemon can switch safely into Mew, and the odds are in the Mew user's favor that the opposing side will bring in the wrong thing and get owned just due to the sheer number of things Mew can do.

Chansey- This thing should not be taking physical hits. This thing is not made to take physical hits. But yet even a Mamoswine with 252 Atk EVS and a Life Orb fails to 2HKO with STAB Earthquake. Chansey's defenses are titanic - with 252 HP and 252 Def EVs and a Bold nature Chansey can take physical hits just as well as some OU physical walls like Swampert but still sponging special attacks as well as Blissey herself. Chansey's enormous Wishes will pretty much fully heal anything, and it also offers Heal Bell support, the ability to status troublesome sweepers, and it can deal consistent damage with Seismic Toss. The only things that can take it down in one or two shots are STAB physical Fighting moves like Close Combat or STAB item boosted base 120 Power Physical attacks. Chansey can switch into most anything in UU and just sit there and not die while abusing its huge supporting movepool to make your team's life miserable.

Staraptor- Way too strong. Staraptor's three common offensive moves, Brave Bird, Close Combat, and Double Edge, all sit at 120 Base Power each, and two get STAB AND are boosted by Reckless. With just a Life Orb or Choice Band boost, Staraptor can just come in and OHKO or 2HKO anything in the UU tier. Even Slowbro, probably the most reliable physical wall in the tier, its 2HKOed by Staraptor's STAB Brave Bird. Close Combat covers any Steel or Rock type that dares to switch in, and base 100 Speed allows Staraptor to outrun a good chunk of the tier and get off a hit before the enemy can react. Heck, it can plow through entire teams with just the extra Speed granted by a Choice Scarf. It also gets U-turn to help weaken counters as well as Roost to stave off recoil damage. Staraptor's only weakness is that recoil damage can pile up quickly, but that is a small condolence to a player who has just had half their team shredded to pieces.

Most of these have already been brought up, I just wanted to voice my opinions.
A repetitive nom post.

Kyurem will be broken with or without hail. Hail gives it that monster stab Blizzard, but I think that the Dragon STAB + Focus Blast combination is really what pushes it over the edge, allowing it to decimate any UU steel. Mixed LO adds a lot of unpredictability on to that 660 BST as well.

Drought is the defining broken aspect of UU atm. It's pretty much a repeat of what Drizzle did to OU in R2, over-centralizing the meta due to the fact that it leaves room for few counters. The advantage in weather wars sun has is overwhelming and boosted fire stabs easily blast through walls. It also has a monopoly on speed-doubling threats with Chlorophyll, giving Drought teams many sweepers that cannot be revenged outside of priority.

Chansey (Evo Stone) and Deo-D are nearly unbreakable in UU. On top of the fact that they are extremely difficult to KO, one provides multiple hazards, while the other passes full recovery to its teammates at will. Almost unfair.

needs to go. V-Create is just too powerful, especially when paired up with solid coverage options and momentum with U-turn. Its special movepool ties up any loose ends. kthnxbye

I also agree with noms for Mew, Staraptor, and smash passing.
Not had enough playtime to ladder up to ranking with exams + I went on a horrible tilt at one point but I've done enough laddering to get a feel for what is and isn't broken.
Wobbuffet - 1 Kill every match if they revenge kill is just ridiculous. Add to that unbelievable bulk (Surviving +1 Heracross Megahorn and returning a 1000 damage counter is a notable example) and a still annoying encore witha myriad of uses. Tickle is really just the icing on the cake. A single tickle and a crippling Encore followed by one of the extremely powerful heavy hitters in the tier such as Victini allows you to force a wall out and hit the switchin with significant damage. That's ignoring Pursuit. Really, just the eliminate choice users almost by default bit is more than enough for a ban. Team Preview doesn't disadvantage it at all either, because the mere threat of a Wobbuffet waiting in the wings make the opponent relunctant to employ a scarfer - this means that sweepers can run rampant knowing that any revenge kill endagers the revenge killer equally.
Victini - Does this really need explanation? This little Vixen is the sole reason I have run Omastar on every one of my UU teams so far, because without a Quad Resist (or immunity I guess), taking the V-create is just impossible. It has several electric moves to smack Bulky waters around, and Psychic STAB isn't so bad when there are so many Fighting types around, even in UU, thanks to Technitop and similar. I was goinhg to include calcs, but I don't think I need to. Everyone knows that Sun Boosted V-create wrecks even resistors. It's true that it leaves 'tini vulnerable, but that doesn't really matter when you 2HKO 97% of the game.
Editing to elaborate later:
That's everything I think is definately 100% broken.
alas, thanks to exams I couldn't eke out the last 100 points to make it. congrats to all who did though. may as well post up some noms though.

Kyurem- What pushes Kyurem over the edge isn't even his offensive stats but his bulk. Ice is a terrible defensive typing, true, but his ability to survive a preposterous number of attacks with 125 base HP makes him nigh impossible to take down without SR considering there really aren't safe switch-ins to his massively powerful Draco Meteor.

Chansey- As people have stated, it takes the idea of a defensive Pokemon to a new level. The idea of a defensive Pokemon is that there should be something to force it out; some attack it clearly can't handle. With Chansey this isn't the case. Chansey can recover from the vast majority of physical attacks in UU, including those coming off of powerhouses like Mamoswine or Arcanine. Chansey's set of "counters" is often listed as including things like Mismagius, who needs several turns of setup to hurt Chansey with HP Fighting and will be worn down by Toxic the whole time. Basically you need a strong booster with a preferably STAB Fighting attack, or CB Heracross.

Victini- 180 BP STAB move should say enough honestly. A smart player will use Victini's epic one-time power to the fullest and back it up with strong walls to safely switch out. This has the potential to be really devastating unless he happens to switch in on something that knows Sucker Punch. Resisting the other two most common priority moves in UU, Mach Punch and Ice Shard, is just icing on the cake when you can already kick the crap out of all kinds of walls.

SmashPass- It's not even that I see too many SmashPass teams around the ladder anymore, since they seem to have fallen somewhat out of fashion; but the threat of SmashPass is deadly when making a team. In particular, SmashPass teams leading with Azelf mean you can't rely on a lot of common Taunters like Cobalion, which can easily outspeed Uxie. Sure there are a few Pokemon, like Crobat, Crustle, and Roar Suicune, who really knock SmashPass down a peg, but if you don't carry one then it can be extremely hard to beat a SmashPass team.
I haven't made the requirements due to not playing enough, and now I'm pretty sad I can't vote... Oh well, I do wish to make some nominations though.

Kyurem: Pretty much as others have been saying, this thing is ridiculously broken. bulky as anything and as strong as a freight train. Barren movepool but it's good enough. a STAB draco meteor off of 130 SpA is gonna hurt for sure! not gonna go into other details as others pretty much already said it all, but it did survive my Modest Shiftry's focus blast with a life orb. Although, shiftry is sorta weak so...

Victini: CB V-Create and a solid speed stat, have a rapid spinner in store and he'll be able to kill quite easily. He also has u-turn for scouting and fusion bolt for bulky waters. Extremely tough to survive anything from this atomic bomb of a pokemon

Chansey: An extremely bulky pokemon that can easily slowly and painfully defeat a team with toxic and seismic toss. it's tough to take her down even with fighting attacks. you pretty much NEED knock off to get through this wall. of course, CB fighting moves work but Victini could easily come into those if you pair these two together. She also passes insane wishes and can support a team well

Drought: Oh god Drought... Making Victini even more broken and giving speed to normally slow grass types. Drought over centralizes the meta and is extremely overpowered. ban it.

Mew: Mainly the fact that this thing is unpredictable. You can assume that it'll be the bulky WoW set but it's actually running Nasty Plot and it's prepared to drive through your team because you can't tell what the hell this thing is gonna do. it has solid stats across the board and the best movepool in the game that makes it quite the trickster. ban it.

Huntail, Gorebyss, and Smeargle: Okay, so when I said Mew had the best movepool... I lied, Smeargle does. Anyway, I think these three should be banned mainly due to smashpass. There's no way to get through this except with the predictable taunt. but it's possible they may send in Magic BOunce Espeon. MB espeon isn't the problem, I think it's this insane trio that can set uup a sweeping team. Assist Power Espeon anyone?

Wobbuffet: Oh wow, how did this thing pass by me? Wobbuffet can still take down usually 1 pokemon a game and can easily dispose of most sweepers bar CB Victini under the sun. Most pokemon in UU lack the ability to go mixed except for Victini and Kyurem. So it's easy to predict what type of attack the opponent will use and shadow tag prevents escape. It also has destiny bond for stallers, but I'm not sure if that'll be too useful.

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