VGC '12 World Championships - Kona, HI, USA - WON by BlueCookies & Dimsun!

@eraddd that offer is super awkward if you're going by yourself or if you want to room with someone.

it costs me slightly more to fly on my dad's passes, and i might have problems getting there since air canada only flies to hawaii a few times a week. basically if there is an empty seat on the plane i get to go.
Hey guys firstly I would like to wish all those who are participating next week all the best of luck(especially dozz!)
Secondly I am considering attending the LCQ!! So if anybody need's a guardian to go with them then I can submit a donation towards them for their kindness ;D So you get some money and I save some, everyones a winner!! And as a bonus I can even help train with you team for worlds if you wanted, I'm not too shabby at this metagame.
I actually have the money for the flights(just about) but man its not cheap staying there if your by yourself :( I appreciate you all probably have someone your going to take if you win the trip but no harm in asking :)
Thank you for reading this and all the best next week :)
Hey everyone, not sure if anyone else has seen this, but here's some pretty official LCQ information:

Be sure to look through it carefully. The relevant highlights are below.

What is the tournament structure?
The tournament is run using the Modified Format and Single Elimination pairings. Each Single Elimination match will be a best‐of‐three format, with the first player to win 2 games winning the match. Winning players advance to the next round; losing players are eliminated from the event. See the Pokémon Tournament Rules for additional information about the Modified and Single Elimination formats. The number of rounds run will depend on total attendance at the event.

Video Game: A total of 4 finishers in the Junior, Senior, and Masters divsions will receive:
  • An invitation to compete in the Pokémon World Championships on Saturday, August 11th.
I expected that only 4 players would get the invite, and not 8 like last year...probably few people will attend, and in most national championships the top4 got the invite.
Anyway single elimination best of 3 is really good!
So the LCQ is on the 10th and the main thing starts on the 11th?
Excellent, that means I'll have one day after my plane gets in to go buy a ukulele <3
Definitely shouldn't be using that day to get over jetlag. Nope.
Thinking about attending for LCQ and whatnot, but the Hilton appears booked up for that weekend already. What's the next best option for sleeping arrangements? The Aston? Trying to figure out pricing and the like to see if this is feasible...
Pretty much what DM said, if he has someone's floor, I will legit take their closet. Would really want to try and make this but am pretty doubtful I can.
Pretty much what DM said, if he has someone's floor, I will legit take their closet. Would really want to try and make this but am pretty doubtful I can.
wtf that was my idea
go take your "chinese bus"

but yeah I DO fit in closets. Plus I am a natural alarm clock for those people that need to get up for their matches.
I might attend LCQ for Seniors......... Need to make a new team, find a nats trip winner, sleep on their floor/in their closet (ask anyone from Philly Regionals, I'm as small as a 3 year old), convince my parents...............................................................
edit: I'm sooo serious about this. If anyone would like to take me, please PM me!


Ce soir, on va danser.
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so which one of you Nats free-trip winners wants to let me sleep on your floor

no joke
perhaps I should have also mentioned I will obviously compensate for the space I take up

gotta set my offer apart, you know?
Rooms were pretty spacious from what I remember, although some people did say Huy's room was more spacious than others. It all depends on the tower they place you I guess.
Oh right and my little brother apparently doesn't want to go to this anymore, so I won't have no +1

and I will be renting a car for 5 days for worlds, so if someone wants to share a hotel I can pay for transportation~

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