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Only approved tutors may post in this thread.

Doubles tutoring has now been added to Battling 101 to provide a chance for players to learn the VGC metagame from notable Smogon VGC contributors and players. These players have experience playing in different VGC metagames and are proficient in all doubles metagames. Being a tutor requires dedication and patience to teach new players the ins and outs of doubles. Tutors that have proven to fulfill their duties with regularity will earn a badge and be upgraded to community member status.

If you are not currently a tutor and think you are qualified, please PM Battling 101 and Solace why you think you would be a good fit. Please make sure you fill out all of the information in the tutor profile. Here is the template:

Regular Online Hours (in EST):
References: (how have you placed in VGC Regionals / Nationals / Worlds)
Why should you be accepted to tutor?
Once you have been accepted, you may post your profile. Here is the information it should include:

Username: Bloo
Available: Yes
Timezone: PST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 6 PM - 10 PM EST.
Personal Profile: I play Pokemon.
The new tutor profiles should be updated to reflect your availability in the program.


audere est facere
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Username: Solace
Available: Yes
Timezone: EST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 3 PM - 10 PM weekdays, weekends are flexible
Personal Profile: I'm a 16 year old and a junior in high school who's been playing competitive Pokemon since 2009 and playing VGC since 2011. I help run VGC's C&C section and subforum on the site.
Username: Cybertron
Available: Yes
Timezone: EST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 6 PM - 10 PM weekdays
Personal Profile: I'm pretty good at VGC. I think.


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Username: TheMantyke
Available: Yes
Timezone: EST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 7PM to 11:30PM Weekdays, very flexible weekends
Personal Profile: Hi, I'm TheMantyke. I'm a college student with a heavily afternoon based schedule making evenings my most open timeslot for tutoring. I enlisted into Battling 202 in one of its later sessions and ended up learning enough to take 3rd at my regional. My old tutor is no longer in the tutoring scene, so I'd like to keep up the cycle of philanthropy and tutor what she's taught me and what I know. I like giving introductions to VGC and teaching basic VGC team building (I am especially happy to teach the latter, as I understand many users, including my self formally, struggle with it). Beyond tutoring, I help users get Pokemon they need for the real life VGC events and update Smogon's Facebook page.
Username: Human
Available: Yes
Timezone: EST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 7 PM - 10 PM EST. Will probably be more available that just that though. If I'm on all you need to do is ask.
Personal Profile: I'm a Junior in high school right now. I will be doing XC or Track throughout the school year though and coupled with SAT prep I'll probably be a bit busier this year.


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Username: kingofkongs
Available: Yes
Timezone: PST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 7 PM - 2 AM EST when school starts up in around two weeks on weekdays, weekends and most times until then are pr flexible.
Personal Profile: 14 years old, sophomore in highschool. I'm pr decent in vgc imo, placing 6th in seniors this year, as well as winning the smogon tourney.

R Inanimate

It's Lunatic Time
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Username: R Inanimate
Available: No
Timezone: PST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 9 PM - 2 AM EST (Monday - Thursday), 6 PM - 2 AM EST (Sat/Sun).
Personal Profile: University graduate, currently working. Double Battle Frontier expert, will get 1000 wins someday. Have been showing some prety good results in VGC since 2011, see you in Worlds 2013.
Username: TalkingLion
Available: Yes
Timezone: EST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 4 PM - 11 PM EST.
Personal Profile: I'm a freshman in high school, and now in the Master division after doing pretty well in Seniors last year.


VGC 2012 Seniors Champion
Username: Dimsun
Available: No
Timezone: EST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): (once school starts) 6 PM-7:30 PM EST
Personal Profile: I've taken 4th at a Regional, 3rd at a National, and won Worlds in the Senior Division for 2012. I'm glad to help people who need it.
Username: Maski
Available: Yes
Timezone: PST-MST. I live in Arizona and we don't have DST so it varies.
Regular Online Hours (in EST): 6 PM - 3 AM EST, but on weekdays I can only battle 11 PM EST and later.
Personal Profile: Hi, I'm Maski. I'm 15, a freshman in high school, and I take mostly online classes. I'm pretty decent at VGC and am now in the Masters division after 2 years in Seniors. I've had experience tutoring and was tutored myself when I first started playing, and if you end up being my tutee we'll probably have a lot of group tutoring sessions in addition to the traditional 1-on-1 practice time. Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to working with everyone!


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Username: jio
Available: Yes
Timezone: EST
Regular Online Hours (in EST): Weekdays 3pm-8pm Weekends 12pm to whenever
Personal Profile: Sophomore in college off to a great start in this semester. I've always been interesting in teaching others how to play VGC so i'm more than happy to take this position
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