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Well, to introduce a new topic, who's excited for the new Animal Crossing on the switch????

Finally got my switch a few months back and have been playing games non-stop since. Here are my quick thoughts on games I played:

Super Mario Odyssey: Main campaign is a blast, end game is personally a slog due to moon oversaturation. Think its good, but Yooka Laylee still leaves a bigger impression for some reason.
Breath of The Wild: I have spent way too much time with this game. Gigantic world but so much to do. Combat is crisp and weapon durability keeps combat fresh. Haven't finished it yet because library of games is big and game itself is huge, but something I look forward to finishing.
Hyper Light Drifter: Fun game that is tough as nails and light on the story, not a hindrance in the slightest so far. Just beat boss 2 (crystal one) but haven't played in a while.
Hollow Knight: Refer to above but also add great platforming and metroidvania elements.
Miles and Kilo: Small game I got for a few bucks. As tough as nails due to being a precision pseudo-auto-runner. But level design is also kinda meh. Its fine and fun before you burn out and uninstall.
Lets Go Eevee: Partially hampered by my Nuzlocke play of Fire Red, but still fun nonetheless. Catching mons is an interesting mechanic to it instead of wild battles, not completely sure how I feel about it. Otherwise Kanto for the nth time and while I still need 3 more badges can't wait for Gen 8 this year.
Okami: Fuuuuuuck this is good. Brush is done in a great way, combat is great, it looks GORGEOUS, music is fantastic. Would finish it but Blockhead Grande triggers my Completionist glands.
Passpartout The Starving Artist: Super relaxing game. Kinda requires a mood to play, but you'll enjoy it once you find it.
Hyrule Warriors: Suprisingly Tactical in Nature, which is an honest suprise. Game itself is gigantic, so haven't even dented it yet. See you in 12 years when I do.
Cave Story: A very well put together game with solid run n gun platforming and a suprisingly well put together story for one as well. Tends to get really confusing at places but Pixel is a weird man. Going in semi-blind is the right choice, since going in blind is nearly impossible these days.
Smash Ultimate: Smash is Smash, is good. Nuff Said.
Kirby Star Allies: Fundamentals are solid and probably good for couch multiplayer, but it just gets long and repetitive after a while cause the game is kinda easy. Haven't done Heroes in Another Dimension and just unlocked Soul Melter but unsure if I want to continue for those for another 10+ hours to fully complete.

Edit forgot one:

Nine Parchements: Twin Stick Shooter apparently similar to Magica. Something my brother got so really don't care, but DO NOT play with one joy stick via single joycons. Serious warning.

some major members of the localization staff that worked on 1-2 are working on 3 as well so it's very unlikely to be the debacle that Ys 8 was, at least

Honestly I'm feeling kinda iffy on 3-4 in general after hearing that they have the same problem that 1-2 had of roughly a single game's plot (and not a particularly good one) stretched and padded out over the length of two long games but maybe it'll be better. The other thing I was kind of hoping for was a Switch port, super long JRPGs are better when you can play them on the go. Maybe I'm worrying too much though idk.


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Moékuri is still gud gaem

but I ain't spending a bajillion on a properly sized Japanese B2 frame or a custom job so this sad fit into a $10 Walmart 20x28 will have to do

I finished playing CrossCode today and it's a good game and everyone should play it

I don't remember the last time I clocked 70 hours into a game


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I finished playing CrossCode today and it's a good game and everyone should play it

I don't remember the last time I clocked 70 hours into a game
Yeah I listened to some of the soundtrack recently, it seemed fucking baller. Probably gonna pick it up when it comes out on the Switch.

Anyways, here's my video game agenda for the month beyond "play lots of Pokemon and Mario (in particular Mario Maker cuz of Super Mario Maker 2 hype)"

Gears of War series: I decided its about time I catch up with Gears of War, since I only played the first one, and want to get Gears 5 later this year. Currently replaying Gears of War via the Xbone Ultimate edition, cuz I haven't played the original in over a decade. Still about as kick ass as I remember though!

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn: Another remake play, just got it today actually! Devilish Mode is better than I expected, so this seems like a welcome improvement over the easy, but heart-meltingly cute original game!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: After playing Bloodborne a few years back, I'm now pretty exicted to see what From unleashes next. Since Activision are being douchebags and not giving out review copies, I might not get this quite at launch, since I'm not sure what platform I'm gonna get it on (save me Digital Foundry). But I doubt From will fuck this up either, so I'm pretty sure this will be mine somehow!

Wario Land Shake It!: Good lord a forgotten Mario sin: I somehow never finished this game! Been playing it every day except today, and been enjoying my time with it. Might be the worst Wario Land game (or around VB Wario Land level), but its not really the game's fault, its more due to the Wario Land series just being full of bangers in general lol. Graphically, its very pretty despite being a Wii game due to the gorgerous hand drawn animation.

Yoshi's Crafted World: Wow I'm on a bit of a Good Feel marathon this month aren't I? These dudes not only made an awesome Wario and Kirby game, but made the first Yoshi game that didnt have serious problems since... Yoshi's Island! I finished Yoshi's Woolly World last month, and was pretty impressed with it, so I trust these guys to hit it out of the park with Crafted World again, especially since that demo showed a promise of some very creative level design!

Horizon: Zero Dawn: I missed out on this game 2 years ago because it launched way too close to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I picked this up for 20 bucks, and am pretty pleased with it thus far. Not too mind blowing, but I like the combat and the protagonist so far. The creature design is pretty fantastic too, so I'm curious to see how this game unfolds.

Touhou Luna Nights: I got this RIGHT before it left early access last month, so I got it pretty cheap. I normally avoid Touhou spinoffs and stick to the main shootem ups, but a Touhou Metroidvania seemed like an interesting idea to me, and the mechanics around using Sakuya's time bending powers sounds like a cool concept. People seem to like this game quite a bit, so I'm probably gonna start my playthrough soon!

Alien Vs Predator: My brother got a bunch of Atari Jaguar games a few months back, so I decided to dust the fucker off, and I've been hungering for some old school shooters lately. Normally I'd just go back to the reliable classics like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, but this time, I want to try something I've never played before. A lot of people consider this to be the Atari Jaguar's best original game, and hey, outside of Alien Isolation (which I really need to get to later), what other good Alien games are there?
I finished playing CrossCode today and it's a good game and everyone should play it

I don't remember the last time I clocked 70 hours into a game
I actually finished CrossCode a couple weeks ago and have pretty mixed feelings on it. It does a lot of things right; it looks good, the combat is simple but fast-paced and fun, the story is solid even if it doesn't start moving until you're 2/3 of the way done with the game, but the characters and writing are generally enough to keep things interesting before that point. It also has a good chunk of content for an indie game, I did a fair amount of optional quests/exploration and had 31 hours on my file when I finished.

The dungeons and puzzles nearly killed the game for me though. It always introduces new puzzle mechanics without really giving an explanation and I found myself getting stuck a couple of times in each dungeon and having to search for solutions, and when I found said solution it was usually because there was some additional mechanic to the way the puzzles worked that the game didn't bother telling you about (admittedly some were just me being dumb, but once your confidence that the puzzles are fair is lost, it's hard to give them a chance).

There are some other not insignificant issues, I think partly caused by the fact that it's probably a small indie team building a relatively large game, but ultimately I'm glad I stuck with it, the flaws do thankfully get a little better as the game goes on.


Huh, that's weird!
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So Ive barely beaten any of the games in my monthly to do list (only finished Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn and Touhou Luna Nights), mostly cuz of Pokemon among other things lol.

On the bright side, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is FANTASTIC! It's hard as fuck, and not really like Dark Souls or Bloodborne outside of the difficulty, but man the combat is so damn satisfying, especially when you beat a really hard boss!

Also, to chill out inbetween intense Sekiro and Pokemon laddering sessions, I've started to play a cool game my brother got for the N64: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (he also got the 2D platformer sequel, Goemon's Great Adventure).

Funnily enough, like Sekrio, it's about a ninja like figure, but for any of you who know this series, you know that its a light hearted romp through "feudal" Japan with crazy shit like a giant fighting robot that's also an American actor, a farting Ninja named Ebisumaru, who claims James Dean is his ancestor, and other weird, zany shit. I've always wanted to import the Super Famicom games, but this is a nice introduction!

The first N64 game is a strange mix between Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64. It's quasi-open world like the N64 Zeldas, but instead of a focus on puzzles, the dungeons focus on platforming. The big issue with the game is that there is ZERO camera control. Thankfully, the game isn't very tough and is rarely frusterating, but it's still annoying. The townsfolk also say a lot of weird shit, here's some examples:

I still got a ways to go in the game (I'm 5 hours in and have a lot of items to get still), but as long as you can deal with the camera and its... N64 gameplay (hey its from 1998!), this has been a great way to decompress. This is such a chill, wacky game to play!

I also need to play more of the 2D platforming sequel later. From what I've heard, it's not only conisdered one of the best Goemon games, but also the best N64 2D platformer, and even among the best 2D platformers of its generation! I'm gonna get to it AFTER this game though, because as excited by it as I am, 2D platformers are more my style, and I'll forget to finish this relaxing 3D romp if I skip ahead!
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