Want to see your Original sprites on the X-Box Live Arcade?

@Dhjona: Thats actualy a water/flying according to the symbols next to it...Dhjona, I love your sprite work its so masterful! And thanks for the compliment. and the colors seem a bit dark in my opinion, maybe lighten up the black a tiny bit, not as light as it was, but just a bit lighter...
The colors are a bit Dark indeed. I will lighten it up. ^^ ;) And yeah.. I forgot that in my topic still has the old fakedex in the first post. But Syphonia is Water/Dragon. Will edit it tommorow. ;)

And thank you for the compliment.
Nice sprite DD.

Having it online for download would be really nice since i don't have x-box live too.

I edited the shadow tiger again. Hope you like it.

And I have a water/dragon type if you are interested. Look in my own topic (it's called Syphonia). :)
DAYMN! Like. That looks great dude!


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How is everyone doing? School keeping everyone busy as it wraps up here?
Yeah, basically the case for me. This week's Shadow Mosquito should be up before the day is out though. It is based on a fusion of one of those vulture guys from when the Black Plague was around and of course, a standard mosquito. So yeah, hope you guys enjoy it when I get it up.

In the meantime, I've decided that I will pump out at least one Adult Concept a week until Summer starts up. When that comes, art will be just as easy to make as sprites, since all of my free time will not be in between classes. So yeah, expect me to get back to sprites in... what, 3 weeks? Yeah, sounds right.
Hey, wanna check out my fakedex and maybe theres something in there that you'd like to put in?

Doran's Lapis Lazuli Pokedex

I guess that will depend. there are certainly some great ones there we could use but we want some original sprites and if you have been allowing other people to use these in other places like the info @ the top of your dex says then it might not work out so well.

Other than that you do good work!
well no one has asked to use them so...which would you like to use? I could keep those from being used...
Ok, that sounds fair. Here are some that would be great additions (some maybe with slight alterations):


Pichoom & Boompedo






and perhaps

Horwall (though a new prevo would likely be necessary)


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nah, i havent been working on anything for this...I've made a 175x175 sprite of Easalestia...and a scratch of tentacruel :(

and you can use pichoom and boompedo ^_^ I'll probably do a redo of it at some point. it looks bad :(
I have an idea that I want to run past you guys to see what you think...

What if we turned this whole ordeal into more of a CAP like process, though much more condensed? Like every week I would present a concept, i.e. Electric Yak, or maybe even just a type and everyone works that week on their sprite and then @ the end of the week our team here will judge and pick the best one? You could of course work on other concepts on the side too but this would help create some competition and a reason for people to actually participate...

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
Donate Your Unselected CAP Concepts! - Studio534


Studio534 has been a part of the Smogon community for quite some time working with pixel artists to create a new game for the X-box Live Arcade and we have noticed a sad trend.

Smogon has undertaken the very impressive CAP project where some of the most talented artists on the internet come together to generate hundreds of ideas that are whittled down to just one creature in the end. We here at Studio534 find it very sad that so many brilliant concepts are tossed aside during each iteration of the CAP project and we would like to give those artists the opportunity to see their already completed work put to good use.

If you have submitted concepts to the CAP project that were not selected and you would like to see your ideas sprited and featured in a game on the X-box Live Arcade then our team would love to have you visit the link below and post your concepts there.

Thanks everyone!

Hey here's my latest one:
Solar Owl:

Adult on left - Baby on right
Maybe you should put all the sprites on the 1st post so we can see them all more easily.
Hey here's my latest one:
Solar Owl:

Adult on left - Baby on right
Maybe you should put all the sprites on the 1st post so we can see them all more easily.
I like!

The concept looks great! just a few things:

>>The adult exceeds the 100x100 px limitation
>> The baby looks great but I think it could look just a bit more juvenile... maybe make the eyes and beak a bit larger in proportion or something.

Looks good!

ALSO! I am out of town currently but when I get home I will post all the sprites in the OP so you guys can find them. Great idea!


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Hey here's my latest one:
Solar Owl:

Adult on left - Baby on right
Maybe you should put all the sprites on the 1st post so we can see them all more easily.
Just adding this, but also the baby is huge. I'd recommend making it a tad smaller. It should grow a bit as it turns adult, IMO.

As for my progress, I'll try to upload the new Cordylus pose sometime later today. The rabbit redesign should be up sometime this week as well.

Last but not least, I am going to be done with finals on Wednesday, although I will be occupied this weekend. Expect new sprites from me next week.

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