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Deadline I guess

was dragged to the public toilets and drowned in the raging torrent of a thousand swirlies.

Dear Poseidon,
You are Nick Fury.

“I recognize the council has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid-ass decision, I've elected to ignore it.”

You are the effectively immortal director of the SHIELD international intelligence agency in the Marvel Comics Universe. A former spy and WWII war hero, you are portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in the most recent Marvel movies.

In working with the Avengers Initiative, you know that there is strength in numbers. As such, your attacks on an alias will gain 1 strength for each other alias attacking that alias alongside you.

Max HP: 8
Attack: 1

You win if you kill Ender Wiggin, Jericho Swain, and Doc Louis.
Hopefully Steven Snype's death will be... avenged. I'm not funny.

Uranus was found brutally thrashed. It appears he had been penetrated repeatedly from behind.

Dear Uranus,
You are Jericho Swain.

“If we approach strategically from the flank... oh, who am I kidding? Let's just morph and eat them.”

You are the ambitious grand general and master tactician of the city-state of Noxus in the game League of Legends. A cunning fighter, you represent a return to the glory days of Noxus, and also possess the ability to morph into a giant demon bird.

Every cycle, you may target two DIFFERENT aliases by leaving their names in the official host conversation. With cunning manipulations, you will ensure that the first alias will target the second that cycle.

Max HP: 10
Attack: 1

You win if you kill Jarvan Lightshield IV, Ender Wiggin, and Nick Fury.
And though he split the lynch in twain
Poor HD's efforts were all in Vayne
For this is the fall of the mighty Swain

Someone yells from the back:
Felony has been kidnapped by the Yakuza! Talking to him in any language but Japanese will result in an immediate godkill, as the Yakuza do not approve of outsiders.
Results are going out. Cycle 4 ends 4/28 at 11 PM CDT (GMT-5).

Edit: results are all out.
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I've been attacked every night, currently at 6 HP (someone has 2 atk or walrein has bad result flavor). I can easily be widdled down through other means, not to mention there is clearly a high ATK person out there. My alias is revealed, i don't have an info role, and I'm not part of any big Alliances. Pretty much, unless you actually need me dead, there's really no reason to lynch me.

Lynch Dionysus and let's speed the game up.

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