Multifaction/FFA Wayne Brady Mafia - Game Over

Well I'm pretty sure the 7 people voting me don't all need me dead. And seriously, just focus all your attacks on me and i'm dead this round anyways. It's like a 2 for 1 lynch
Lynch Dionysus

Hi friends :)

There is an alliance between Tesung / Da Letter El / penguin344 and possibly others. Tesung and DLE are both inspectors and penguin344 takes out whoever his butt buddies have targeted due to a high attack stat. If Snype's tip off is indeed true, then lynching Dionysus will disrupt their alliance. A potential DLE death, who again is an inspector, is better than an Empoof death who has no true power roles.
Lynch Eris.

Sorry Jeff, but I do need you dead lol.

Also dle has most of the aliases in the game by this point, p sure, so his inspectoring isn't really going to harm anyone now.
Celever said:
Also dle has most of the aliases in the game by this point, p sure, so his inspectoring isn't really going to harm anyone now.
It's currently Cycle 4, there are 17 people alive. If there are 4 inspects and they all never targetted the ones that are dead/lynched and are not needing eachother dead... There is 0 chance that they have all the aliases.


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In an understandably chaotic lynch, Eris wound up on the chopping block.

Dear Eris,
You are Jeff Winger.

“I discovered at a very early age that if I talk long enough, I can make anything right or wrong. So either I'm God or truth is relative. In either case, booyah!”

You are the main character of the NBC sitcom Community, where you are a lawyer who has returned to community college to regain his lost law license. You are portrayed by Joel McHale.

Every cycle, you may target an alias by leaving their name in the official host conversation. The alias you target will fall victim to your shady law practices and will not receive their results from thas cycle.

Max HP: 10
Attack: 1

You win if you kill Elesis, Light Yagami, and Colin Mochrie.
Unfortunately, Empoof wasn't able to smooth-talk his way out of this one.

Ares charged headlong into battle, lusting for blood, and returned in a body bag.

Dear Ares,
You are Gul’Dan.

“Well played.”

You are a former orc shaman who renounced his ways to become the first orc warlock and the founder of the orcish horde in the game World of Warcraft. You are also the Warlock hero in the game Hearthstone.

Every cycle, you may target up to two aliases by leaving their names in the official host conversation. You may use your blood magic to either heal a single alias for two points, harm a single alias for two points, or to heal one alias and harm another for one point apiece. Damage dealt by this ability does not count as an attack.

Max HP: 8
Attack: 2

You win if you kill Uther Lightbringer, Luna Lovegood, and Elesis.
Even the use of powerful magic couldn't save penguin344.

Someone yells from the back:
Artemis is a member of the IPL alliance. Felony has developed an attraction to bukkake while in the care of the Yakuza and must make reference to the money shot in all future posts or face instant death.
Results are going out. Cycle 5 ends 4/30 at 11 PM CDT (GMT-5).
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shoot an arrow through artemis' heart

lookit me I'm blindfolded

edit: fail mixed it up with artemis

editwo: eh might as well make it make sense now
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