Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes [Trade Thread] [NOW REOPENED!!!]


Tastes Like Candy
could i use my credit on:

My Minccino ♂ #572
Ability: Technican| Nature: Jolly

OT: NILE | ID #: 20545
Captured: Celestial Tower
EVs: N/A | Avaibility: UT lvl 19
[X] [X] [X] [X]
Semi Redis
Notes: N/A

Hello! Great thread :)

Please CMT for this:

My Larvitar/Tyranitar #249-#251
Ability: Guts | Nature: Sassy
OT: NILE | ID #: 20545
Hatched: Black City
EVs: N/A | Avaibility: UT lvl 1
[Bite] [Leer] [Pursuit] [Stealth Rock]
Semi Redis
Notes: BP for Dela_Cruz
I've been inactive for about 4 months, but I've become more active during the last few weeks, and there are a lot of pokemon I now want (especially because I want to do wifi battles now) I'm reopening!

I got rid of all my old pending trades, to start fresh again, but if there are any old pending trades you want to finish just VM me.

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