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Smogon was introduced to me a few years ago, i've been following its growth for awhile and i just thought it was the right time to join since becoming independent (living away from home) also i frequently used the site for my pokemon games so it was the normal thing to get acquainted with smogon's community.
I came to Smogon with the hope to learn more about competitive battling, so i can offer better breeding services and help to other people who want to get started with this side of the pokemon games. I've used may times the Dex function and now i think that it is time to meet other members of the community if i really want to learn as much as i can about competitive battling and the different tiers.
I used to be a bad competitive battler in the past and Smogon was always there for me. The dex is very good and helped me to build some good teams. However, I never had an account or friends here, since I quit the game too early. Now, I'm returning and I want to refine my battle style, and I'm sure I'll learn a lot of things and meet some good people here. That's why I came.
Smogon actually helped me learn a lot of things about competitive battling. Before I get to know of smogon, I had no idea about the things I've been doing in battles. Now that I'm here, I hope to get to learn more things about competitive battling and presumely get better.
Getting back to competitive battling, use to play mainly during dpp/bw on shoddy battle days so you can say I'm a Old Competitve battler, use to tear shit up and I'm back to tear more shit up. but forreal so I can stop lurking the forums and contribute and give / get advice to/from people. I use to have a Smogon Account long time ago but seems too be wiped from existence and i can't recover it for some reason -.- (no it wasn't banned lol). Ps. If anyone wants chat or go for a battle HMU on Showdown ''OGBattler''
Honestly I feel it was a long time coming. I picked up Omega Red, and the feeling of sliding the cartridge into the Gameboy never felt so good.

I stopped playing after pearl, the up and coming leaks of the new generations just left me feeling old. Remembering back to when Pokemon R/B/Y came out and the feeling of staying up all night trying to catch a Pikachu and Weedle on blue version was just electrifying. Being able to spend that time with my "brothers" is something that I miss.

As I progressed in OR, I fell in love with the changes and growth of the game. How it became something more that what it use to be in R/S/E. And the shivers I got trying to best Primal Groudon was wicked. I got to the final badge when I was watching a youtube channel by PIMPNITE, when I heard of wonder trades. I decided to check it out, and man it was worse the pulling MTG booster. I swear I gambled on wonder trade for hours, and had to repeatedly check Bulbapedia due to the huge influx of Pokemon I was really unfamiliar with.

The search eventually led me here, with the talk of IVs, EVs and wanting to understand natures. I was lurking for a while just reading posts, and stat/move builds for all of the Pokemon. I dove a bit deeper, and now I find myself here writing this post.

I feel I am three generations behind on this party, but as I continue to go on I realize I am ready to take on the challenge. The one I have been training for since the release of the first 151.

I look forward to testing my mettle against each and every trainer that reads this. I look forward to the wins and losses, but most of all I look forward to building my dream team and showing the world that I have what it takes to live that ten year old's dream.
I transitioned over from PS!, I actually started playing Pokemon around 2012 (should've started playing competitive then), and I started playing competitively around XY. Then I made a forums account after I beat AS. Been here since then.
I've always used smogon for its information on dex stuff but recently been getting into competitive battling on showdown so I wanted to get more into the community and not lurk as much so I can't actually improve and get better.
Joined when i saw for the first time CASEDVICTORY in youtube for tournament and for cool sections like b101/firebot/ruin of alph(old gen)

Want to make some friends to play mon with them and be great player
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Well its a little bit of a long story. It all started from the Ds/3ds/Wifi Days. my first pokemon game was Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Firered both on Gameboy Advance. once i started getting into playing pokemon games i just fell in love with the game. it should be no secret... I love being better then others and winning. Thats why i get salty sometimes but im still a nice guy. I first started getting into competitive pokemon on Shofus Twitch 2-3 years ago LMAO. I had friends there and i went on there everyday. And its no big secret that everyone is a noob at first so i had awful teams lol. I battled there everyday to get better somehow and i made very slow progress. But over time i started to get the basics of Competitive battling and Improved. Time started to go by and everyone from shofus twitch channel started to go away. Some even quit pokemon. And i from there i did not know what to do. i went from each twitch pokemon channel to another to find good battlers so i can get better and overtime i found Cosine180 (SHOUTOUTS to Cosine180 xD) we became friends and we battled a few times and he was very good so i decided to be a good friend with him. And thats when my journey to Smogon and pokemon showdown began. I started to get in the community and get more known and improve my battling skills beyond what i ever dreamed of. And i made some good friends in the process.
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I came here because I was tired of losing in the Battle Spot, wanted to learn some of the stuff people were using against me, and I want to make a difference in the Metagame, or the entire game itself.
I was already using smogon analysis some years ago as I started to toy around with the simulators available. I never really got into the social side of the Pokemon communities though.
Since I have some time on my hands with the holidays, I decided it was high time to create an account and quit lurking so I could participate in all the interesting things going on right now and hopefully get better at the game!
I've done lots of OU battling in the past (about a year ago), today I've just got back into it. I'm not sure on how to teambuild since I'm new to the X&Y, ORAS OU meta. So I came here looking for help in my team building. I hope I'll find what I'm looking for
I've lurked on this site ever since I started battling online during Gen V, but I only recently got serious about competitive battling. Recently started building my first serious competitive team. Still have a long way to go before I become fluent in the competitive scene.
iirc, I came here (kind of) from Showdown! after hearing about Showdown and Smogon from Youtube. However, it was a while after I heard about it initially. I spent some time figuring out how tiers work (it was actually pretty quickly, like, a few minutes of research). I don't remember my exact reasoning to sign up here (I think it was to take part in the OLT), but I've known quite a great deal about Smogon and it's tiers and stuff for a while before.

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I came to Smogon because I heard many pokemon experts and fanatics come here to have fun playing competitively, team rating, and just generally talking about pokemon related things.

But short story long,
Long time ago I had an old pokemon yellow game, a hand me down from my dad. My friend had old versions too, so we played on those old systems for fun. I was the expert, having the best pokemon with the best moves. Soon, we got bored, so we stopped playing for a while. We played pokemon gold, silver, and crystal instead. Again, best amongst my friends. I won almost every battle. Then, I think 2001-2003 ish, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out. Amongst my friends, I was the best STILL. My friends soon started not wanting to battle me because, well, I was too strong. After that Diamond and Pearl came out. I waited a while and got Platinum. I battled them, and yet again won almost everyone. Black & White came out, and they still liked pokemon, just like I did. I started thinking: am I a pro? Then, there was online battling. (There was online battling in Platinum, but in that everybody were trolls and used Poison Heal Toxic Orb Gliscor all the time.) I began competing, and soon I wasn't doing too hot in Pokemon. So, I trained even harder, and then I did good in the game again. My friends noticed this and said I might go to the VGC. Well, that may happen one day, but after Black I stopped playing for a while... I missed Black 2, X/Y, and now I just started back in 2014. I might be good again, but I'm still rusty as crap.

That's probably why my LC tier teams are terrible, but that's just me.

I came here because I was tired of losing in the Battle Spot, wanted to learn some of the stuff people were using against me, and I want to make a difference in the Metagame, or the entire game itself.
What a coincidence. Same here about battle spot.
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I was brought here because I think there is alot to gain from the other members, both good and poor users alike. I don't like battling competetivly, but would rather help those who want to get better at it.
I came here after I watched a bunch of Pokeaim's laddering videos back in XY and discovered competitive mons.
I was using smogon for ingame sets and ev training when i found the download link for PO and began lurking soon after

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