What do you spend the most spare time doing outside of gaming/forums?

I study neurogenetics and math which takes up a lot of my time and energy and more as the years go on, so I don't really do much else during the school year and am pretty solitary. My other main hobbies are reading (literature or to learn about a topic) and playing video games (shorter games mostly these days, but I'm a big JRPG fan still). I fuck around on Twitter a lot and I also write poetry. I am sporadically involved in local activism which has for the moment subsided since I moved, though a lot of my reading is still focused on theory and I try to continually improve my political praxis. Since I need a lot of sleep to be well and taking care of myself is effort that's pretty much all I do in a serious capacity ever other than worry.

I don't watch TV or films often or go out much except to the odd concert for a treat. I have many unfinished essays. I like following certain fashion scenes but rely increasingly on others to bring me news or photos. I am usually behind by many years on contemporary music and games. I wanted to study Russian at my new university but couldn't fit it into my degree with all the math and stat. My Japanese has become very rusty and I program sparingly now. I have a lot of general academic interests but that falls under reading time mostly. I miss my free time, but I feel the most drive toward my study, so I don't mind putting in a lot of effort. Before I studied neurogenetics I just read academic papers about it anyway and I still consider that part of my study. I wish I had more easy conversation topics though, since I'm not very good at that.

Recently I built a computer as a summer project. I picked up adult colouring because it's relaxing and I like to solve sudoku and try to improve on my times. I'd like to start visiting my university's pool this year casually because the 25m sometimes has a walk lane for exercise and I can't swim (or be underwater without drowning hazard) but like to be in water for relaxation.

edit: overall I'm happy this post sounds excessively dreary. It's just I find curiosity in nearly everything and there isn't enough time in the world to pursue it all so I have to work with what I have, thankfully other people do that
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I've an incredible amount of free time, and most of it drowns in random internet use and videogames. I also watch some anime. Sometimes I do some basic cooking, I'm eating self-made garlic bread as I write this.

The more unique things I do with my free time:

I DM for two separate D&D campaigns, one I run IRL and one online, which is a lot of fun. I don't use canned campaigns, so I spend quite some time preparing each time. Sometimes I find inspiration to write for other things.

I design my own Magic: the gathering cards. I also run an IRC channel dedicated to this subject, and could spend hours chatting about MtG card design and related topics.

I'm learning how to be a beekeeper, which I am thus far enjoying a lot. I am eagerly awaiting the day when I get my own bees.

I used to take church organ lessons but nowadays all I do is play very, very rarely.


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im a huge reality tv junkie, I spend a lot of my free time either playing video games, watching anime or watching reality tv. Although sometimes i just need to put on some music and stare at a wall for a while.

I also like to write and did a few articles on http://foku.io/ but that has slowed down a bit.

I have 9 cats and 2 dogs so I spend a lot of time with them too


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Watching Anime,Listening to music and looking for some new dope tracks (because im a DJ),hanging out with my buddies,going to clubs and chatting on Facebook.
im a huge reality tv junkie, I spend a lot of my free time either playing video games, watching anime or watching reality tv. Although sometimes i just need to put on some music and stare at a wall for a while.

I also like to write and did a few articles on http://foku.io/ but that has slowed down a bit.

I have 9 cats and 2 dogs so I spend a lot of time with them too
That.... is a lot of cats. I love cats, but holy crap. I can just imagine all the ruined carpet.


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gym training
watching sports
watching some shows
popping off in facebook messenger
popping off in discord
shooting the shit
this thread is the most depressing thread ive ever read on this website, and i read andrew's schizophrenic freakout like six times
What, you think this is more depressing than RODAN'S depression thread that's actually full of people talking about depression? Your really shouldn't be surprised that most of us are internet junkies; we are, after all, regulars on a pokemon forum.
I watch a decent amount of YouTube, usually gaming channels like Markipiler. But I'm also a big fan of informative channels like TREY the Explainer, Game/Film Theory, ChannelFrederator, and any science channels I can find like my favorite, SciShow. I also love the comedy channels, Studio C, Screen Junkies, Cinema Sins, etc. Also music.

When not procrastinating from it, I'm in Science Olympiad. This is my first year and I'm very excited to be doing my three events. I have Fossils, Invasive Species, and Experimental Design. I've met a lot of great people from it, and I'm anticipating/dreading April 2nd, the day of the competition. I end up waiting until 4:00 PM or something though to do my work (Such as now...) because I'm a lazy shit.

Otherwise I'm a huge reader. I love books. When a friend says they dislike books I stare at them with disgust. "HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE READING?!" I say in shock as they stare at my tortured face. I love fantasy, one of my favorite genres. One of the first fantasy books I read was the first Percy Jackson, and that series/universe is still my favorite series, and I own all the books except the 2nd one, along with every book for The Kane Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus, and the one current Magnus Chase book. Realistic fiction is my other favorite, makes me tear up sometimes.... To anyone who can find it, read Nest by Esther Ehrlich. One of my favorite books every along with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Also I draw. But I need to improve, and I still haven't moved to digital art.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I read so much I often end up staying up until midnight, which results in me complaining to my friends during school that I'm really tired and they need to stop running everywhere.
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Like everyone else, I like to listen to music, but it's not something I do in and of itself- I listen to it while doing other things or when I'm going somewhere. I couldn't just sit there and listen to music... unless I had no option but to sit there and do nothing (fuck buses)

Otherwise I spend a lot of time browsing the net. It's actually really unhealthy, because it detracts from the numerous worthwhile activities that I could be doing, isn't fulfilling, gets boring really fucking quickly and it just kills off any hope of feeling motivated to do anything. Has anyone got any tips for killing off this habit? I feel like making a list of other shit I could be doing would be helpful, then I might actually do other things

fucking internet, it's so bloody addictive but really not all that rewarding


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Computer-wise, I waste a lot of time reading various webcomics (Paranatural is so good and so underappreciated and everyone needs to read it), TVTropes, and Facebook/Tumblr/Reddit (mostly r/leagueoflegends). Speaking of League of Legends, that eats up a lot of my time, as well as other games such as Warframe, Civ 5, the occasional DOTA 2 match, and whatever other games I happen to be playing at the moment (currently The Crew and Skullgirls).

Outside of the internet/college, I do a lot of screenwriting and editing for my school's student television network (the former with much more zeal than the latter; editing is REALLY tedious sometimes). On top of that, my friends and I have a Youtube channel (ForcedReset - it's in my sig) that I do a lot of work with. I also just hang out with my friends quite a bit - the usual activities being board games, Rock Band, and Smash Bros. Most of the console games I play are Nintendo and I play a fair bit of 3DS - recently I just finished replaying Platinum and I would be devouring Fire Emblem Fates if I weren't broke as shit.

I enjoy going to cons a lot - I went to both MLG Dallases a few years back, I've been to PAX East once and PAX South twice, and I'm planning on going to San Japan (an anime convention in San Antonio) this summer.

I'm also involved in a D&D campaign in case I wasn't already enough of a nerd.

Sometimes I play guitar (badly tho). I used to read a lot of novels but that's dwindled lately and I'm kinda sad about it tbh.

Also I have a girlfriend and that eats up a lot of time. tbh it's worth


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i've been dangerously obsessed with kpop over the past month. i dont even listen to a lot of groups/artists, mostly just f(x) and a little bit of 2NE1/CL. like seriously i spend hours just watching those shitty korean variety shows and live performances, its really tearing me apart :( i also spend too much time watching korean and chinese dramas

usually on any productive day, i'll study Mandarin by pounding my head with character memorization and crying over tones. additionally i'm getting into hangul and thai since both are such great spoken and written languages. asian culture in general is really interesting and i enjoy reading about the history that surrounds it. when im not doing that, ill dedicate hours to dance (mostly hip hop, swing, and some choreos for kpop songs ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) used to draw as a hobby, but honestly its become more of a frustrating task than anything so ive stopped. tho occasionally ill doodle monsters in my notebook :0

oh yeah i have this little venus fly trap that i love taking care of!! omg its the cutest thing ever


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Like GotR, I also spend a lot of time debating, usually in very large groups. There's nothing quite like a good mass debate. And I find the more people involved, the better. I have a friend who has mass debated with me for years now and I must say, he is an absolute joy to watch. I would describe my style as aggressive - unfortunately this can sometimes lead to my mass debates being shorter in duration and less fulfilling than I would like them to be but I'm not sure I can change my style at this stage. When I was younger I seemed to have endless stamina for mass debating and could often bang out one after the other but nowadays it's difficult to maintain the enthusiasm.

Stallion said:
Why'd you have to lower the tone, man?
Anime and action movies. Spend a good amount of time dabbling on Wikipedia about really any topic though recently linguistics has been my point of interest (about three months ago it was history of the iberic peninsula and I kind of flipped from there) . Learning Japanese and trying to learn some Russian as well as a more casual thing though that might have to stop (its really hard to learn two languages at the same time). I spend time outside bird watching and catching bugs and spiders. I really like nature and animals. One day when I finish high school Im gonna get a pet cockatiel, those things are adorable.


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Nowadays I spend a lot of time drawing and browsing tutorials for software I don't know how to use yet. I like experimenting with different creative outlets, and I try to make time to practice drawing between a tight school and work schedule. As of now, I'm trying to learn bits of Affinity Designer, After Effects, Audition, and Processing whenever I have the chance.

Aside from that though, I spend most of my free time watching Let's Players on YouTube and Twitch streams. I've almost entirely stopped playing video games as of late due to school and work, so I suppose I experience them vicariously through YouTube coverage.
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-I'm a big "outdoorsy" person, especially when it comes to hiking and fishing. I also like learning about and observing various animals and insects, especially marine life.

-I've been learning taekwondo. Currently a second-degree black belt.

-No really a big party animal, but I enjoy going out with friends on the weekends. Usually to a local football game or simply pilling into a dorm to play a few rounds of Call of Duty or something. Some weeks I do let loose and get smashed though.

-Used to play soccer, though that hobby has taken a backseat due to lack of free time.

-I like studying various world cultures. It is my dream to travel around the world someday.

Other typical activities involve watching TV, usually late at night to unwind if I can't sleep; favorite genres tend to fall around sitcoms, crime dramas, comedies, and science fiction, with occasional binge episodes of anime (though anime tends to be very hit or miss to me). I enjoy listening to music to relax. I don't particularly have a favorite genre of music; it varies on my mood. I'll surf the Internet and browse forums to kill some free time. And lastly, going out on dates with my girlfriend (what happens on those dates usually depends on her).

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