What You Can Do To Help

What You Can Do To Help

Smogon is a competitive Pokemon community. If you'd like to involve yourself with the community and help out on the site (and maybe earn a badge or two), never fear! There is never a shortage of work to be done on the site.

If you have...

No badges:

- Look through the site (especially the Pokemon strategy articles) and find typoes and grammatical oddities to report in the Small Changes thread.
- Find outdated or lacking analyses and post a peer edit with your suggested changes. Please provide a link to the analysis you want to edit in the original post.
- Look over someone elses peer edit and post helpful, relevant critiques and/or addendums.
- Involve yourself with a C&C project.
- Learn HTML/analysis formatting and help convert guides and peer edit changes into a format suitable for the SCMS.
- Author a guide/article.

A badge:

Everything before and...
- Look over and commit changes by non-badged users in the typo threads, peer edits, and projects to the SCMS.
- Fix obvious problems directly in the SCMS instead of posting in C&C about it first.

A site staff badge:

Everything before and...
- Look over and approve edits in the SCMS by non-site staff.
- Coordinate C&C projects.

Don't waste your time!!!!

There are a lot of things I can do with the SCMS bot framework. If I can mechanize it, don't waste time fixing it. There is much else to be done. So without further ado, here is what you should NOT do:

- Correct the accented e's or capitalization of "Pokemon"
- Change - to em and en dashes
- Attempt to normalize the space after periods (FYI, you put _one_ space after a period.)


- Be bold. Even if you have SCMS access you won't be able to mess up the site. If you think somethings wrong, fix it. Don't waste everyones time and ask permission.
- If you're writing a guide, however, it might be best to ask permission since not all guides are needed on the site and you don't want to waste your time. If you don't ask, that's fine, but be aware that we may not accept your idea.
FYI, I'm working on some other explanatory documents that will be posted soon. If I missed anything in this specific thread, please post here.

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