Where is your nick from?

It started with my twitter handle being a reference to some homestuck nsfw art, made a new account and changed it a little (I'd say what they were but don't know if they're appropriate to be posted here). Someone asked what they should call me and Janie stuck. Later made an account that required first AND last name and Cox felt like a real enough name that it'd be funny, and now here we are


Was not my own seed
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I named myself after a yugituber, or really I looked at his name and was like oh it has The (color) (noun) . So since I liked playing cards I decided to call myself The Silver Ace/ The Red Ace. After sometime I decided to use a Pokémon, so I named myself The Scizor Ace, a few more Pokémon names came after, but I really got into the “unban mega mawile in oras” “movement” if you can call it that. So that just stayed. Then other people started stealing my name formula on ps, also an influx of users with the word ace in their name. So I was called Mace.
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My username, CorruptionInTheGovernment, is uh something I thought was funny, and it's sti pretty funny I think. It's more of an afterthought.

Eenfeeneetee: My PS name is Infinity, but now 2/3 of the letters are E, like extended "I" sound. Unfortunately, most people don't get the joke, saying it isn't witty and memorable, and I don't really like any shortened versions of this name.

My first ever username was L2KRS5EXZX0, which was literally all letters and numbers I thought looked "cool".


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For some reason I could have sworn I posted in this thread...

Um anyways, as many of you can guess, part of my name comes from the term "Theorymoning" that's been thrown around these forums for over a decade! I chose this name partly because when I joined the ancient Pokemon sim, "Shoddy Battle" Back in 2009, I had "Theorymon'd up" a team based around Wobbuffet setting up a Belly Drum passing Smeargle to Rayquaza! It sorta worked, but I obviously had to move on to other team ideas since that team fails once the surprise value is up!

The other reason I chose this name is because I'm a huge science junkie, and theories are used to explain facts, so I was naturally attracted to having that in my name!

Fun fact: I almost joined with the name "Mewrio" Back in 2005, but I chickned out because I was strangely shy on the internet for a 13 year old! I almost signed up with that on shoddy too, but settled on Theorymon instead. Funnily enough, some people thought I was a troll for using such a name too, but I did choose it in earnest!
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I recently started going by Bice on all social media platforms cause I wasn't as enamored with Kid Icarus anymore and I felt that being named after a young-looking female character would freak people out a bit. I chose Bice because it was a simple, catchy name, and it had meaning; it's a shade of blue.
Turns out Bice was taken on PS too, so I use Biced/Bice-D on showdown. The name color is actually pretty similar to its namesake!

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