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Cobalt Pink

formerly patboiii
For now Im patboiii. My name is Patrick and I needed something for Twitter thus I thought what I could do with my name. I came up with patboy cz I was looking at gender selection. When i was looking at my name I recalled that one guy who screamed: "yeah boiiii!!!" For like a minute or so. So I typed multiple i's.

I am going to change it to PDB cz I always wanted a 3 lettered Name especially cz of BKC, CTC, ABR etc. I just picked the letter P and went through the whole alphabet to look out for good sounding letters. For now it has no meaning tho. (If someone got an Idea let me know)
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- My past self, circa 2020

So nothing really special, it's a cool nickname drawn from a game I play.

As for my old nickname, my 2018 form really liked Mega Steelix apparently so everything else ['Prism' mainly, the 'GX' is for show] spells itself out. Mega Steelix is still my spirit animal to this day
Red Vox is the name of my favorite band, but my username on just about everything else (Impcent) is a combination of Vincent (my name lol) and imp (my entire online presence has revolved around imps for years)

Funnily enough, I also have the same first name as the lead singer/guitarist/frontman of Red Vox. So it all comes together in the end.
My baseball coach from when I was younger used to call me fancy pants because I always wore these bright colored socks (despite the nickname having pants lmao) and it kinda stuck with me (when I used to play mc my name was FancyPants1) i thought fancypants was a little embarrassing so I changed it to just fancy (I can imagine myself being called fancy) and still kept the 1 at the end because why not :) (fancy is also my smashtag for my schools my esports team)

(oh and I like making balls to the wall plays in Pokémon and smash, and when they land damn they look fancy)
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i am alien
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I haven't replied here and thought while reading through some posts, where's mine and what would my reason be?

Well I was on netbattle and went with my last name (TO)taylor" because Paul was simply taken. A user named tamagon just recently altered his name from Taylor sometime in 04 so as I luckily joined smogon's netbattle server that year when I started playing and getting to know everyone, I was told about this when asking about the forums and getting ready to register my account. This finally happened in 2005 when his forum name was then officially changed and I wasn't forced to use numbers or anything like that.

I liked words like cold and prince arrogant but never went with your typical "imthebest" kind of names. Something edgy and anti-cool to get people's attention was what I prefered but at the same time I also liked people to know I was genuine and myself, so using my own name was the best way for guys to know who I was.

I do get confused for being a girl almost every day I log on for 18 years that I have been here lol.
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At first it’s that name “Why So Sirius”,cuz it’s too long so my friends just type in “Hey,Siri”instead. But after I switched into an IPhone it got way more complicated...
So someone made it into Sirin and it lasted even if it reminds me of that miserable story of Honkai......
C stands for Celebi since once I captured 16 Celebies in a day on the MC server.


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The first time I was introduced to this game by a close friend of mine, that day I slept at his house to play together. He taught me to sign up for an account at PSD and he picked Nhanttt randomly. I have used this name for 6 years? (Since 2017 lol) even though he already left this game and we havent talked to each other for years :psycry::psytear::psysad:

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