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OLD GREGG (im back baby)

old gregg for life
Based on random very lucky events that always occur in my life.
You cannot factually say that things are random, that is just your assessment. Now, I am not saying that maybe your life has an actual meaning and that maybe you actually have a responsibility to do the right thing...but maybe just that things aren't ALL random. Sometimes there might just be a rhyme or a reason...we don't know. So let us not act as if we did, that's all.

My name comes from an epic boss fight in the world of final fantasy viii. The Tonberry King is a stupid boss and welcome addition to the Guardian Force roster. The shit that you have to go through, just to fight this beast is retarded; and unless you are some kind of jeopardy genius-the clues scattered around the ruins that you find this boss in do not help at all. I am the unannounced hidden boss with awesome price lowering abilities so that is now my name.
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An NPC in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.

I never knew how to pronounce it but I liked how simple and different it was. Took a few years for me to realize it's primarily a girl's name and a number of people thought I was a girl based on it.
An NPC in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.

I never knew how to pronounce it but I liked how simple and different it was. Took a few years for me to realize it's primarily a girl's name and a number of people thought I was a girl based on it.
Well, are you?



butterscotch love
Went through culinary school and currently in the field. My boi Escoffier is a big name in the cooking world. Figured it'd make for a lovely alt as well


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My name is legit from a ladder alt I had. Really gay name since I was going tho a phase of putting myself down since I thought I wasn't improving so I lost hope getting better and my dreams of being a great player. Lmao.


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If you've known me over the years you will know that I have been known by many names that shall not repeat or remind anyone of..

This one has been my main account anyways but how I got this name is when I started allstar cheer my team at the time was called Zodiacs, unfortunately Zodiac and Zodiacs was taken on the forums and on PS so I just combined the cs into an x as they basically sound the same.
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dusk raimon

Banned deucer.
I used to watch an anime called inazuma eleven on this tv channel called XD, when I was about 8 and I in my innocence thought it was a cartoon. When I joined PS about 4 years later in 2013 I made my nick we are raimon high (raimon high school being the high school where the main team was from) I eventually joined a league on a side server in 2014 March, and the league was called dusk, dusk we are raimon high didn't fit so I watered it down to dusk raimon, and since I was young and stupid I made my forums username jack cret, because I thought it sounded like jacket, and I used up my name change to dusk raimon meaning I was unable to change it back. I eventually with the new thread changed to figments, but then I changed back again so I have stuck with dusk raimon ever since, tldr; it's a combination of my first league's name+The name of the high school in my favourite anime/cartoon from my childhood


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I liked the word Idosyncrasy alot and used it as a username on skype. Some of my irl friends said the username was stupid and I'm an idiot so i took out the Idio- part of the word to emphazize how im not as a kinda joke. kept the username as it was ever since and used it on smogon as well :3


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I wanted to have a nickname which was a joke in french, packonten, which means not happy however I decided to use my old nickname on Osu! because that was the period I watched a lot of anime so I decided to use Akai Tenshi which means Red angel.


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In my first showdown game back in July of 2015 I missed 2 stone edges from a terrakion against a volcarona and got swept so I used this nickname as irony of that. Simply Luckyboy was taken so I added 123 to it and it allows for easy alt making as I can mess around with the numbers (1234,12345, etc.)


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For those of you who may not know there's this game series called Pokémon that started out as a Video Game, or rather set of video games, for the Nintendo Gameboy. These games were Pokémon Red and Green, where the latter was replaced for Pokémon Blue in Western releases. But that was just the beginning. This franchise has since grown and spawned 29 main series video games that have developed over 7 generations, 40 spinoff games, 6 animes (with multiple sub-series seasons), 20 animated films, 83 mangas, a trading card game, a viral smartphone game, and nearly infinite sellable merchandise. Now this series follows 10 year olds who abandon their home lives to travel the world alone in order to collect Pocket Monsters, or Pokémon. A weird premise, I know, but this seemed to have resonated with people which allowed for its continued success. There are currently 807 of these creatures, not including the multiple forms that some of the Pokémon can take. However, when I was deciding on a username for this website, there was 493 Pokémon. Still an incredible large number of options. However, among all these other monsters, there is one whose only ability is to transform into the other Pokémon. When I remembered this, I was astonished. If I named myself after this Pokémon, would I be able to embody all of the current 493 Pokémon and any others that come after? Could I truly be every Pokémon within one username? Is that too much power for one user to have? Yet when that last question popped into my head, I was overcome with hubris. I swiftly typed in the 5 letter word into the box that said Username. I instantly became the most respected user on this website, not only for my clearly superior username, but also the clear genius and confidence it takes to wield a username like this. And that, dear reader, is where my "nick" comes from.

Plus Ditto is cute.
Back in ~2011 when Smogon was still on the vBulletin forums, you were allowed 1 self name change. I really liked the character Red so I changed it to that, but, fearing others would make fun of me, told blarajan that I "forgot" to add "ew" at the end of my name. He contacted someone he knew (I think it was Haunter) and then my name has been Redew ever since. So, instead of it being pronounced "redo," it is "Red-oo."
edit: it was ibojangles
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My dad really liked the band Oasis, so when I was little he used to call me "Morning glory", after the album and song, whenever I'd wake up all grumpy. MorgenRhum is just Morning Glory in German, sounds cooler.

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had a choice banded terrakion on my first competitive team in early 2012 and enjoyed its ability to dole out massive amounts of damage. CBTerrakion got shortened to its first three letters in lowercase form later in the year on ps/irc and around a year later on the forums shortly after my badging.
From Pontifex, the latin name for "Pope".

People started to refer to me as "Ponty" and then I added "Mr." because I'm old inside.
Back in 2005-2006, I was working with my cousin on a Megaman Battle Network fan project, and I was in charge of character design. My first character I designed was "eagleman", and I used that for most of the forums I used. I later changed it to eaglehawk (I don't know how though).

Funnily enough, I found out after the fact (circa 2014) that in MMBN 4, there was a tournament hosted in the story line called either the Eagle Tournament or the Hawk Tournament, depending on the version of the game. As you can probably guess, MMBN 4 was the only BN game I did not play.

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