Where is your nick from?

zeep was taken
zeep comes with my fav letter being z
i also liked the sound of zippers
so i couldnt reg as zip on many websites and i decided to extend it from zip>zeep
pokezeep is just zeep with poke added bc the websites about pokemon
neat little coincidence: zeep means soap in dutch yet i only take 1 shower a day...
One day ,i thought, when i will grow up, i will have many fans people then i kept my pokemon showdown username as i am fans u ,and i wanna be a ultra women so... atiultra...its a little unique story but thats it...

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I have a love for the Mario series, and Toad is one of my favorite characters, and purple is my favorite color. I wish there was more to it but there isn't :(.
May sound dumb but I was playing wwe and I wanted a cool wrestler name and the 101 comes from 3 random numbers I picked when I started playing online games
I started playin in 2009, and my first nick was not hellpowna

I started playin wifi, I mostly played it since I discovered shoddy battle, and simulators.
I remember I was playin against an user called HollyGR, and his infernape was called Hell_Powa
Since I love nicknames ive choosen to call all my Infernapes "Hell_Powa"
While we were playin, he called me HellPowna for the first time, and since that time I changed my nick from "Domadraghi" to "HellPowna"
Infernape became my fav mon, later :)

And you...
Where is ur nick from??? :)
Well i go by panda, my favorite animal.

Bp erick 0 is bulletproof and my name


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Uhm well, read Wittem backwards and you'll get my name (have some fantasy pls). Alpha stands for nothing, I simply liked Alpha.
Was starting in the whole forum thing, didnt want to put my real name, and i was a big weeb at the time, so i figured a japanese sounding name would be cool, so... this stuck with me for over 10 years now.

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