Where is your nick from?

I had wanted a new username for a while but I wanted it to hold some meaning and have a nice colour so I looked up a few different things and came across Azuline which means a striking blue. The problem was the name was green and it didnt fit the meaning. But I still liked the blue idea and toyed around with the ending of it until I came across one with a nice colour. I was originally gonna switch to Azuli which was more purple but it got regged after I had tested it so I settled for this.

My old name Kazuya Miyuki is this character from the animanga Ace of Diamond. Hes one of my favourites and I liked the potential nicknames from it.

Rasberry Pie SG

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I wanted a techy username,many of them were registered,I first tried RaspBerry Pi which is small computer used for basic programming, but it was already taken,i wanted a name that sounded similar to it,so I tried RaspBerry Pie,but again that was taken.Then I came up with RasBerry Pie and I liked the color of it,now many people say that I can't even spell a Fruit,lol.
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Ahhh Im gonna be exposed so hard the idea is pretty old (please don't laugh)
Sky from the game Skylanders
Zuma from the game Inazuma 11
Yeah nerds its not from anime, surprised?

Pokefan Luis

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Well, I have several nicknames but this is what I am using now, this nickname came from an avatar that I always liked in the Pokémon Showdown, the avatar character is a Poké Fan and my name is Luis, so I joined the 2 and was born Pokéfan Luis.
BlackMalachite is literally from my solo music project "Black Malachite", and I got that name while just thinking of things at random one day over a year ago. I decided because Malachite is normally a green gem, adding Black would be purposely contradictory but would also serve as symbolism that anything can be corrupted, and that the best ideal for life is to try to relax and release any negativity.
My real name is Gaia, an Italian name which means "goddess of Earth" or "cheerful, joyful".
During my whole life people often called me "Gaietta", which in Italy is a cute way of calling someone whose name is Gaia, because I'm very short and skinny.
My username is a new form of acronym formed by combining a word and my initials. The word is one of my favorite childhood video games Jak 3, and my initials are SO. Sooo basically I squished my initials into Jak 3 and Jsaok3 was formed. I pronounce it by saying every letter and number 3 but I find most people say Jay sock which is just funny in my perspective lol. -Jsaok
From RuneScape, honestly. First started with me changing my username to "ninjamagyk," because I thought ninjas were cool and I was reading a book called "Magyk" at the time. Changed it to "Ninjaofquest" over five years ago because I was in love with this iOS RPG titled The Quest (now since released on Steam last year; check it out, it's good). The game found a special place in my heart, and thus so did the name, which stands to this day.

I also have a DJ alias called Quest the Ninja, adapted from this username.
Mine comes from lizard / wizard, then I placed "lonely" before it because it seemed cool (also, zard was already taken). Reading Zard X and Zard Y everywhere is fairly annoying tho, I think I need a replacement.
Always wanted to find a thread like this, for finally telling the story behind my name.

I've always been into many hobbies or activities in general, like football, travelling, playing the battery or listening to music in general. But there's an hobby in particular which is uncommon - and I'd even say very rare - which is cardistry. Cardistry is a name given to the performance art of card flourishing. The term is a portmanteau of "card" and "artistry". Unlike card magic, cardistry is meant to be visually impressive and appear very hard to execute. It happened that in 2014 Mark Hoppus, the founder and vocalist of a very famous rock group named Blink-182, created his very own deck of cards, which called H.M.N.I.M. The name simply standed for "Hi, My Name Is Mark".

I thought that the idea behind the name was really nice and intuitive, so I decided to name myself here H.M.N.I.P, with simply stands for "Hi, My Name Is Pietro", which is my real life name!

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My initials are DSM, then added a (sort of) random series of numbers because DSM felt just too short and uncreative (ironically everyone in PS! calls me dsm).

Max. Optimizer

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My nickname "Max. Optimizer", short for: "Maximum Optimizer", (I requested a name change a while back so that it'd fit into one row underneath my profile picture) represents my perfectionist tendencies.

While I'm fully aware that "perfection" doesn't exist per se, I still have a considerably strong drive for progress and excellence.
It's by no means meant to impress anybody, but I've always been curious to find out how far I can go when trying to accomplish a goal.
Every time I think I have achieved the so-called "Maximum", I'm curious to see if I can still somehow improve something (hence the "Optimizer" part).

Despite the undeniable fact that it's more often than not an unsatisfying Utopian dream, and even though I always tend to pardon everybody's mistakes but mine, it can still occasionally be very rewarding as well.
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Both my username and my avatar started as a stupid pun I came up with in response to the high-pitched whines of "Worst Pokemon ever!" that flooded every Goddamn thread on every Goddamn site after Klefki's reveal. I like stupid puns and adore my boo-boo keys, so it stuck.
"Kikuichimonji" is the collective name given to 13 Japanese swords forged during the 13th century. A number of Japanese video games have a weapon called the "Kikuichimonji;" I think a lot of people who recognize the name first encountered it when playing a Final Fantasy game (and back in the day I got a number of comments on Netbattle to this effect).

The Kikuichimonji is perhaps best known from its appearance in Golden Sun, where it is an end-game weapon that was both powerful (it has the best raw stats of any short sword) and extremely rare (I believe it had something like a 1/256 chance of dropping when you killed a specific enemy). However, Golden Sun's item drop system is also notoriously easy to manipulate, meaning that if you perform the correct sequence of actions after a hard reset, this "extremely rare" weapon can be farmed as a guaranteed drop, and you can find a number of guides that explain exactly how to do this.
When I was on the old PS! server frost(wow that makes me feel old when I'm calling frost old), I was a part of the skull league, (a fellow skull league alumni is 1 True Lycan)which was basically a league based off of the megaman games it was actually a super cool format. Anyways the leader told me when I entered that I needed a trainer class and since I was the trainer who represented wood man I used grass types+sudowoodo, so ranger seemed like a pretty fitting trainer class. I would definitely say that if I had a chance to choose a different name, I would do it in a heartbeat, but alas the name Ranger Mike is a part of me now. Also there's the fact that if I recall correctly my name on PS! before Ranger Mike was TympoleFTW and I'd take Ranger Mike over that any day of the week LOL. But yeah I wish I could go back to those days on frost sometimes, the people in the skull league were so nice to me, they were my family.

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