Where is your nick from?

I got my name from a song called Like A Star by Mike Krol, which got used in an episode of Steven Universe and Like A Star by Corinne Bailey Rae. I like the lyrics a lot for both songs. Also, ofc, stars are always associated with wishes, being brilliant, and are just so amazing to look at. xD I want to shine like one.
After i went forward in time 482 years i noticed that vipers were the new overlords and the word It's was nonexistant and had been replaced with Itz. I decided to use this knowledge to be able to please the viper overlords with my name. People think my name is shit now but just wait until the vipers take over.


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Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence of electric charge. Although initially considered a phenomenon separate to magnetism, since the development of Maxwell's Equations both are recognized as part of a single phenomenon: electromagnetism. Various common phenomena are related to electricity, including lightning, static electricity,electric heating, electric discharges and many others. In addition, electricity is at the heart of many modern technologies. Then the user Elec decided to go all universal with his name.
thanks wikipedia
and hurrycanes had a good colour on showdown


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I just love the Mythical bird so I just felt like putting a name like that, not too much of a fancy Story. Also RIP I wanted to change to Zoroark on this forum but the one who has it...last logged in 2010? Lol what a badass.
My name, yeah, I'm creative like that (jk TBH I'm surprised it wasn't taken like in every other site in existence)


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Xenogears (not Xenoblade, but the PSX game that no one probably remembers) is one of my favorite games. I also used to go by Xeno on Pokecheck when it still existed and went by Xeno598 here for a while, but I shortened the name since it sounds better this way.
My friend owned that game and let me borrow it for a while back in like 2001 when PSX was dying/already dead. I only got to play it for a few days and I wasn't really too good at RPG's but what I remember was amazing dialogue and beautiful music.

My name comes from the lead singer of the band 311, Nick Hexum.

My lord, must I explain more why I would name myself after this handsome man?

"Nix Hex" is actually the name of a song off their album Music, but I preferred no space fsr.
I actually made this account like three years ago, but I never really used it much. At the time I was very into a game called Kingdom Rush, which is the best tower defense strategy game. I joined a forum from that game with the username 'Magnus Swiftwind', after my two favorite characters from Kingdom Rush. When I got a little older I realized that Magnus Swiftwind is like the most geeky, horribly cheesy fantasy name possible, so from there on used just Magnus as my name for everything. Because you know, Magnus sounds a little bit more mature.

Recently I actually came to use my smogon account here and there and I noticed that I was signed up as Magnus Swiftwind, and not Magnus, so now I kind of have an OH GOD WHY -.- feeling wherever I post....
i was really into 'post-hardcore' or whatever you'd call it in early high school and i heard a song one day that sounded good and i thought it was from thursday, so i used 'thursday' as my nick. it also came with the added perk of being a hard name to mess up or forget. in reality, i mixed up thursday with another band i don't remember anymore, so it's only by accident that i'm even thursday at all


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My original name Langur was because it was my old Minecraft name when I was in fifth grade and it carried onto here when I joined in 2014, Rhythms was because I was an edgy bitch who wanted a name with aesthetic intent, and Kris is my name.

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my main osrs account was shade00112 because I thought the random event monster looked really cool
(wtf this is a really messed up version)
numbers cuz...idk really
And since I feel like it, I'm going to list the reasoning behind my previous names.
Thracia776 was literally just the name of a Fire Emblem game (I wasn't that creative back then), and LordBraixen was because Braixen was my favorite Pokemon at the time and I have no idea why the "lord" part was there


amiwos :J
I'm just that original of a guy
my previous nickname was Rigo, which is basically short for my real name and how people call me irl :]
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VoltLuxray was taken and I assumed that Volt[insert electric pokemon here] would be as well, so I combed through and found a non-Electric mon that I liked and paired it with Volt. Nothing really special.


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My old nick before this was Poke Expert (PE for short), and in 2012-2014 I knew someone by the name of velvet sky and we were cool and all but they quit mons. Later in 2015 I started using the name "velvet" on games on the app store and soon tried naming myself velvet on here but that name was taken so I just added blood in front of it.
55Dragon wasn't available 13 years ago at Gamefaqs for some reason, so first 5 was replaced by favorite * number. Fav letter, number and animal, yay.

Edit: *Letter
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