Where is your nick from?

My first name Togie was derived from my favorite Pokemon, Togekiss. However, I realized how stupid it sounded later on. Combine that with the fact that I was growing an obsession with Kid Icarus, as well as the fact that my Showdown name color was an ugly brown, I ultimately changed it to Viridi. In her home game, Viridi is just a joy to watch on-screen, and her english voice actor does her lots of justice. I just wish she was more fleshed out.

Since Viridi was unsurprisingly taken on PS, I decided to change it to Viridii since it was a nice magenta color.
Tove Jansson's writing means a lot to me, both the Moomin books and her books for adults. Moomin Valley In November is still stylistically written for children and yet emotionally closer to her later books. Without context the passage loses a lot of its emotional weight, but this is one of my favourite passages of writing in any book.

Moomin Valley In November by Tove Jansson said:
Mymble took the suitcase and the nightdresses into the guest room facing north and shut the door. The guest room facing south was hers, just as certainly as there was an old comb underneath the lace doily on the washstand. She lifted the doily and the comb was there. Mymble sat down by the window and undid her lovely long hair and began to comb it. Down below, the morning quarrel continued soundless outside the closed windows.
Mymble combed and combed. Her hair crackled with small electric sparks and became glossier and glossier. She stared absent-mindedly at the garden, which autumn had changed and turned into a strange and deserted landscape. The trees were like grey stage decorations, screens standing one behind the other in the wet mist, all quite bare. The noiseless quarrel in front of the veranda continued. They were waving their paws about, running this way and that and looking as unreal as the trees. Except Toft, he was standing quite still, staring at the ground.
when i joined PS 5 years ago, i never thought i would be a part of it for so long and still continue, at that time i just wanted something superior and i tried names like king or prince but they were all taken and then this name 'Emperor' worked and i have been stuck with it now, many players told me they wanted the name for themselves and they think its really cool


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estronic was the name of my old minecraft faction i made lol, i thought it sounded cool so i used it here
it was a fairly decent sized faction too, but it got raided so i gave up on it lol

S. Court

[Takes hits in Spanish]
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A character from Bravely Default, even when the game doesn't have a great character development, I liked how he showed how a goal can become an obesion (a bit cartoonish, but well, I'll take that)


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I'm called Stallion because nudes of me leaked on the net and everyone saw I was hung like a horse.

Or it could be a derivative of Italian Stallion, a nickname some of my friends jokingly called me due to my ethnic origin. Either or.
I have a passion for math as a whole, and used to do it competitively. The IQ is actually my nickname irl, but it actually doesn't mean I have a super-high IQ (actually mine is pretty average). It's just a nickname I picked up from math.
My Favorite Band Breaking Benjamin inspire my nickname. I took the Breaking and made it Broken and then I took one of there Albums 'Phobia' and made it plural thus coming up with Broken Phobias. It sounds edgy enough right?


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My brother has always called me "TJ" for some reason while playing Pokemon instead of my irl name.. so I just went with it
My name is literraly "I Am A Farm" in portuguise.
And I think its spelld right, and I wanted it wrong (When I wrote it I thought the right was "Eu Sou A Fasenda", with an s.)
So I failed at failing. And yes, I was born on a country that the main language is portuguise and my family is a portuguise family.
My name comes from the conjunction of "mother" (a woman in relation to her child or children—female parent) and "love" (a strong feeling of affection—a great interest and pleasure in something). I chose this name because "Touniouk" was already taken.


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From Lighters - "and now all I want to see is a a sky full of lighters"

sky + lighters - ers = skylight

Used to be Starships from that lovely Nicki Minaj song. Then I'm pretty sure it was Vivillon... from Kalos (Pokemon).


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Was a huge Greek mythology buff, and thought this name sounded the best. Better than my edgy 12 year old internet name anyway.... rip Evil_Lord

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