NOC Why Is There A Gun In My Popcorn? 2: Old Country Boogaloo [GAME OVER Town Wins]

also I'm not sorry for not being ZEN and practicing yoga and meditation when I have 5 scumbags on my back

there's nobody that got heat but me, try to be zen and 'calm' when you have hairy smelly bastards unable to think of anyone but clarinet
yeah, you said you wanted to wait for them to dig themselves into a hole but my read is set either way and with Clarinet freaking out my enthusiasm has gone way down, I just want to shoot these people and if they're both scum then I can enjoy holding the gun again
if they're not, oh well
Shoot DS
Clarinet is next, my first shot was just decided by me wondering "who's more likely to be vengeful", if we're talking about who's scummier it's definitely Clarinet

Panic Station

formerly KnightsofCydonia
How nobody noticed a walrus among their fellow villagers was a mystery. Another mystery was how a walrus could pick up a gun, much less fire it.

Cursing his unusual fate, the fallen mafioso uses the last of his energy to pull out his gun and shoot back.

Twilight Phase

BLOODYRAIN10001 has shot Vengeful Goon DS. and died. The mafia team has 24 hours (rounded down since we're under the :30) to pick a new Gunbearer.

Deadline for Twilight Phase is 6/8 11am CDT (UTC-5). Please do not post during Twilight.

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