NOC Why Is There A Gun In My Popcorn? 2: Old Country Boogaloo [GAME OVER Town Wins]


Mafia Champion
How nobody noticed a walrus among their fellow villagers was a mystery. Another mystery was how a walrus could pick up a gun, much less fire it.

Cursing his unusual fate, the fallen mafioso uses the last of his energy to pull out his gun and shoot back.

Twilight Phase

BLOODYRAIN10001 has shot Vengeful Goon DS. and died. The mafia team has 24 hours (rounded down since we're under the :30) to pick a new Gunbearer.

Deadline for Twilight Phase is 6/8 11am CDT (UTC-5). Please do not post during Twilight.
My apologies for the delay.


Clarinet has shown some severely disruptive behavior in this game. Normally, such behavior would be met with a modkill. However, as per the rules, I am prioritizing forced subbing over modkilling. And this is probably the last sub available for this game, so I may have to resort to modkilling if anyone else acts in such a manner.

Clarinet has been subbed out as per the rules. Hannahh replaces him. Deadline has not changed and it is still a postless twilight phase.
I'm not sure why scum picked MewtwoHidden if I think about it, perhaps they thought he wou
Sorry for the formatting this is the only way I could get the tier maker to work on mobile
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One scum in his TL and then one in his townreads I think, I normally don't anticipate reading people off this but I think it's valid for the format. Scumreading MoodyWhoever/Aura seem like filler bullshit and then the other 3 in his scumlist is probably one scum for distance sake. Whoever chose to give the gun to MewtwoHidden didn't really think about the context of this post DS. made after he flipped vengeful lol
I'm worried about Magic being scum if you want me to be honest, he was sidelining the whole debacle between me and DS. in a way that felt like halfway coaching for his mate, but I'd prefer to be wrong

I put him and DS. in 'Don't shoot yet' not as a townread, rather I thought Clarinet was gonna flip then I'd be able to assess the other two, but DS. getting clapped is perfectly fine with me. I'm not basing the rest of my arguments based on one readlist a dead scum posted but it's something to think about. There is a certain unanimous agreement to Clarinet being scum so MewtwoHidden before my post submitted I was going to say that perhaps they thought you would shoot Clarinet (surprising you've changed your thought on him after DS) and it'd just be some quick business

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