NOC Why Is There A Gun In My Popcorn? 2: Old Country Boogaloo [GAME OVER Town Wins]

scum!DS has a history of trying to bus scummy/inactive partners early on re: samoyed in role madness.

clarinet is a very easy person to get shot and DS gets town cred by shooting him.
yeah I think if he was scum he might try to leverage that? like how does he know?

But clarinet has a history of making good guesses so I just really want to hear from hannahh.
i feel that if they’re both scum though clarinet might try to do that? it would be the sort of noob move he would make


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Didn't expect three shots to go through so quickly, geez. But since we have a scum dead, gonna quickly run through their ISO more in-depth than my little skim and see if I can find anything connecting to a potential partner.

Asek has gun

#135- NAI "didn't realize this started" post
#136- selfvote RVS shitpost
#137- more shitposting
#138- more
#139- "give me the gun", with hindsight it seems AG was right on the money with the intent here, as DS was vengeful
#140- agrees to Mewtwo's assertion that "reads > math" in response to AG's randshot proposal
#141- filler
#158- defensive response to AG calling them out
#159- seems to want the game to go quickly judging by this post
#160- basically blowing off AG with a "you don't know me"
#161- similar post to above, but towards Samoyed this time. DS really pushed the "you don't know my meta" angle
#162- tries to start speculation on why Asek was given gun first
#163- filler at the end of this post string, they seemed to have done this a lot
#167- "when" to Asek stating they've played together
#176- insists that info on where Asek's from is important when Asek refuses to answer based on relevance
#177- wants to at least know post-game. filler tbh
#191- clarification on who "Jordan" is to Bloody
#194- Defense of Mewtwo's tone when Clarinet questions it.. NAI/buddying attempt since we now have Mewtwo as gunbearer?
#202- claims Samoyed's scum meta is to "disappear" when Clarinet asks about it
#208- More discussion of MS, irrelevant
#248- "you don't know my scum meta" AGAIN, this time towards Mewtwo
#249- takes a post from bonerman and only dismissively responds to his "I've pretty much filtered out DS' posts" remark
#250- doesn't like the idea of rerolling on people on a rand
#251- "why do you scumread me?" towards AG, who's been scumreading them for a while now, and they KNEW this (see #158 and #160 above)
#252- Calls out WaterLily for a weird response
#253- and we return to DS' defending "give me the gun" being called out as scummy
#256- "having fun is the point"
#284- admits to losing interest in the game if shots are going so slowly
#285- points out there's lots of people who haven't contributed, doesn't name them though.. hmm
#354- "if I were scum I'd be taking this game a lot more seriously", and backtracks that "give me the gun" was a joke now... red flags in hindsight
#355- the start of "Clarinet-Post-Deletion-Gate"
Bloody has gun
#393- OMGUS on bonerman for pointing out the "odd vibes" of claiming "give me the gun" to be a sarcastic joke
#394- filler-ish post between friends(?), Mewtwo's our current gunbearer and as such town, this seems a bit... weird
#397- "give me the gun" again, but doubts Mewtwo can metaread them as scum, uses a past game they played together where they were town as a clear manipulation tactic
#399- "scum strategy in popcorn is give the best players the gun early", claims this makes them getting it early better for scum. This is a response to bonerman's reaction to the OMGUS earlier
#402- says Clarinet is their shot
#405- remark about bonerman comparing them to YOLOSWAG
#406- more comments on Clarinet deleting posts, also the "weird" push on Mewtwo.. it seems at this point DS was trying to hard-buddy Mewtwo, which makes scums decision to gun them... interesting
#407- responds to bonerman claiming Clarinet's a bit too consensus to be believable by claiming they've been pushing this since before Bloody got shot. Not true except for the LAST post they made before that shot. Another hindsight red flag @_@
#409- calls bonerman a scum!Clarinet partner based on him saying he won't clear anyone after the fact for talking about his post-deletion
#412- agrees with Asek's town core, particularly Samoyed because of his scum meta
#414- more defensive responses to bonerman
#418- backs off a bit with "I wouldn't shoot (bonerman) first" when Samoyed calls him town, also comments on being tonally read as scum often
#419- backs off more when called out for the "pokes" by Magic, now claiming bonerman to be "offbase and the strategy is bad for town"
#420- yet again on the defensive, this time with bonerman really starting to call them out, denies being self-conscious about their posts
#423- "I'm okay with you doing whatever you want" when bonerman asks about being fine with being judged off only their reads/pushes
#424- asks for a tiermaker
#426- shitpost/jokepost
#429- bets Samoyed insta-shoots them if he's gunned
#435- When asked to pick four town, chooses Mewtwo, Samoyed, Magic, hal, claiming all but Magic are metareads
#436- work excuse for Samoyed claiming "people are likeposting and disappearing"
#440- "hard disagree" with Mewtwo claiming Clarinet's post deletion is NAI, says no experienced player would ever and Clarinet's a noob.. but... wouldn't that make it NAI?
#441- more discussion on the Post-Deletion-Gate
#442- "seems like something that someone who has never rolled scum before would attempt"
#461- Calls out Clarinet for claiming not to have pushed on Mewtwo, quoting posts of Clarinet questioning Mewtwo. This is where the push on Clarinet REALLY gets started
#462- dismissive reaction to Clarinet's OMGUS
#464- More callouts of Clarinet's weirder posting, pointing out "who comes out on top" in an argument shouldn't be what's looked at with regards to DS vs bonerman, and once again doubles down that they'd shoot Clarinet for the post deletion unless mods confirm it was before getting their role that they did that
#468- We get a full readslist. Town: Samoyed/Mewtwo/hal. Townlean: Magic/Caffeine/Jalmont. Neutral: bonerman/toni/Fenrir/Me. Scumlean: Moody/Jordan/AG/WaterLily. Scum: Clarinet.
#469- Mewtwo is "missing the point" of making Clarinet "implode"
#471- goes on to try to explain the point as Mewtwo is starting to think DS' pushing isn't townie
#472- Funny you should say this, it's exactly what I'm doing with your posts right now. But the fact you pointed out that once scum flips we should dissect them as scum yourself seems to say you WANT someone to find something..? Or maybe you thought Clarinet would be shot first, and your exchange was indeed a SvS bus attempt? And you wanted people to find a connection Clarinet had unwittingly made...? Hm... if Hannah ends up flipping scum I'll need to look into that in THAT postmortem to figure it out probably.. or I'm just overthinking this
#474- wants to know why Mewtwo is so sure Clarinet's a mislynch
#478- explains the dissonance between the Moody and Jalmont reads, "expects more" from Moody
#479- Explains the reads aren't really ordered within the categories
#484- Sees Mewtwo as "valuing meta over gameplay"
#486- More comments on Jalmont's meta
#487- wants Mewtwo to evaluate Clarinet without taking meta into account
#496- "i think the last couple pages will be good to look at once one of us flips" ...HMMMM
#497- final post, a filler thread-leaving post

I think the biggest part of this now that we know DS was scum is their motive for the Clarinet push. Was it SvT pushing on easy lynchbait, knowing since they were vengeful that the gunbearer would be taken down with them if they were shot afterwards? Or was it SvS pushing on an easy lynchbait partner for town cred, and to get people to look deeper into THEIR connections, maybe try to implicate a townie as scum in the process?

Also, the whole DS vs bonerman arguement is also interesting, in that when called out, DS backed down from the pushes, and eventually put them into Neutral by the time the readslist was made. Was this also a subtle SvS? Could've been, or it could've just as easily been DS wanted us to THINK that, and bonerman's good. I've liked his content so far, so trying to bus him if he were scum just seems.. strange. Unless DS REALLY wanted that towncred, like with Clarinet>Hannah if it turns out they're also scum.

There's also the fact that DS was HARD buddying Mewtwo... only for their scumpartners to immediately give Mewtwo the gun once they were shot. This seems to point to the fact the scumteam didn't expect that DS would be shot before Clarinet... which only makes sense to me if Clarinet>Hannah is also scum and was being bussed. Like, this entire exchange just implicates the hell out of this player slot. They wanted to get DS into that sweet town position and deepscum. That's the impression I get, but at the same time, I know nothing about DS' meta, and it seems a few other people in this game know better than me in this regard.

Finally, there's also the very early DS vs AG, basically the first argument DS had in this game when AG tried pushing on them... and... iirc it gives me vibes similar to AG vs Yeti in the first popcorn game, which ultimately turned out to be a SvS situation. This just tells me EVEN MORE I should go back to Popcorn 1 and compare AG then vs AG now, like I stated in my readslist... but the immediate impression it gives me is to lean scum on AG here

I intend to run through ISOs like this for each scum player as they die fyi. If I'm only gonna be checking into this game once or twice a day, the least I can do is make sure the few posts I make have a big game-solving impact, right?


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Also, I've seen people questioning why I immediately townread hal instead of concidering hal sounding like hal to be NAI... honestly it's a gut feeling at this point, and so far it's seemed to be backed up.

Then again, a lot of my other early reads turned out to be pretty off-base (Clarinet is just... oozing scum based off interactions at this point, but.. we could also be getting played. Though I personally doubt scum would go THAT far just to get one mislynch)


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ALSO also, my original readspost was at #287. DS gave their "if you had to name 4 townies" answer at #435, and the list was my "Towny Townies" category verbatim, minus Clarinet.... HMMMMM


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#468- We get a full readslist. Town: Samoyed/Mewtwo/hal. Townlean: Magic/Caffeine/Jalmont. Neutral: bonerman/toni/Fenrir/Me. Scumlean: Moody/Jordan/AG/WaterLily. Scum: Clarinet.
Gonna just completely isolate this here, it's easier to read than the mess of an image DS could post from mobile. Knowing dead scum's reads will be very useful moving forward
I think if you believe Clarinet/Hannah was merely TMI'ing you should shoot it but I'm pretty sure this is a folly being organized by scum and theres at least one ringleader among them with a varying level of competence deciding who and why the gun goes to (which implies they've been keeping up or are proactive.)


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I have a really bad feeling that Clarinet is also vengeful scum and that's why they were being bused so hard. DS looks good, AND we lose a townie anyway upon that shot

Do you think this is the ideal shot for me to make, or is there somebody else you'd prefer?

Either way I'm not ending the day more than a few hours early I don't think.
Depends on if you want to risk it being vengeful, and if so you're willing to potentially die for it. There could be other shots, flipping AG could provide us some valuable info
I don't think there's anything gained from hesitance, especially because scum aren't going to contribute unless it's required. I highly believe in the hipfire esp when there's wiggle room but also I'd get tired of retreading the same topics of having the unknowns pop-in with less than stellar content when you could just threaten them with bullets

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