[Won by MrJelli] Showdown Genius Invitational - Main Match Thread

The Jury has found the foreperson Guilty
Yoshi you are the next foreperson, please nominate 5 members for the jury
Reminder that 2 non-guilty votes are needed for this trial to be seen as Non-guilty
So far, there have been 2 non-guilty verdicts and 1 guilty verdict


Extreme ways are back again.
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Six players have approved the jury - it will now commence.

Clefable, duck, Faisal, Ivy, and Ransei - you have 24 hours to vote Guilty or Not Guilty in your confessionals. If time runs out, you will vote according to your role. Remember: it takes two Not Guilty verdicts to get a Not Guilty jury overall.

Tagging all other players: Dot Agumon, 11oyd, MrJelli, -Howkings, and Yoshi.
The fourth jury has resulted in a Guilty verdict.

11oyd, you are the next foreperson. Please nominate six jurors for the fifth and final jury. If the math is correct, there have been two Guilty and two Not Guilty verdicts.


Extreme ways are back again.
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My jury nomination is 11oyd, Clefable, Faisal, Ransei, Yoshi and Dot Agumon.
As the users in and out of the jury weren't tagged (no harm down 11oyd) I'll be tagging all users in this proposed jury: 11oyd, Clefable, Faisal, Ransei, Yoshi, Dot Agumon as well as users not in this proposed jury: duck -Howkings Ivy MrJelli.

You have 24 hours from the time of this post to approve or disapprove; Faisal's previous post will count towards approval.


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Wow this one's indecisive. Let's see how much further we can take that lol. Disapproving

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