[Won by MrJelli] Showdown Genius Invitational - Main Match Thread


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Dot Agumon, yoshi, Clefable, Ivy, Ransei, Faisal (cause you like to be a juror right?)


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Not 100% sure on this one but in the interest of speeding up the game, approving


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We will now be compiling the jury votes and announcing the results of the fifth and final verdict. I apologize for the tardiness, as I had a multi-hour university interview.


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The fifth jury has resulted in a Not Guilty verdict.

That means there is a total of three Not Guilty verdicts and two Guilty verdicts. The Citizen team has lost the trials..

...but not the game. If the Citizen Leader can identify the Criminal Leader, the Citizen team will win the Jury Game.

Citizen Leader, reveal yourself and guess!
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Citizen Leader 11oyd has identified Criminal Leader Ivy correctly.

The game is now over.

Citizens 11oyd, Clefable, Dot Agumon, Faisal, Ransei, and Yoshi have won. Criminals -Howkings, duck, Ivy, and MrJelli have lost. The former team will select one member from the latter team as the Elimination Candidate, who will then select a former partner as the Death Match Opponent.

Each citizen wins one garnet. An updated garnet count will be provided momentarily; a group PM for the winning team to discuss the Elimination Candidate is being made now.


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The death match between -Howkings and Ivy will be another playing of Betting Rock-Paper-Scissors...but with an added twist.

Tagging all players: 11oyd, Clefable, Dot Agumon, duck, Faisal, MrJelli, Ransei, and Yoshi, who, once again, will be participating as spectators in this match.


In the game of Betting Rock-Paper-Scissors, the aim is to have the most chips after twelve rounds of play. This Death Match will be played on Pokemon Showdown live.

The match will consist of 12 rounds.

Before the death match: The spectating players will be placed into a randomly selected order of play, listed at the bottom of this page. Once the orders have been determined, each spectator will select which of the three options (rock, paper, or scissors) they would like to use and submit that choice to their confessionals on the Smogon forums. The spectators’ choices cannot be changed once they are submitted. Once all spectator decisions are finalized, we will give until Wednesday (-Howkings is busy until then) for the spectators to use Smogon forum PMs to inform the player(s) of their choice, if they so desire. Spectators may tell a player what they chose if they wish to support one or both players. They may also, if they do not wish to support a Death Match player, may lie to a Death Match player or refuse to reveal their selection. Spectators are not required to be present for the live death match, though it would be nice!

During the death match: Both Howkings and Ivy start Betting Rock-Paper-Scissors with one chip each. Each round consists of a battle with the spectators’ pre-sent choices. In each round, the choice to play against the spectator or bet on the results of the opponent’s play against the spectator will pass from Howkings to Ivy.

If you choose to play, you will have to play rock-paper-scissors against the spectator’s symbol choice by submitting your symbol choice to the hosts in PM, while the betting player must submit their bet on the result in the host's PM box. The contestant who played will earn chips if they win against the spectator: 1 chip in rounds 1-3, 2 chips in rounds 4-6, 3 chips in rounds 7-9, and 4 chips in rounds 10-12. The betting player must bet at least 1 chip on the result of the match between the playing opponent and the spectators’ pre-submitted result: win, lose, or draw. If you guess a win or loss correctly, you will earn double your chips back, but if you guess incorrectly, your chips will be lost. If you bet on a draw correctly, however, you will receive triple the chips you bet. The player with the most chips at the end of 12 rounds will win, and the player with fewer chips will be the fifth person to lose a Death Match in the Smogon Genius Invitational.

A key difference this time: given that we have fewer players than the last time we played it, Slots 3, 4, 9, and 10 will be occupied by virtual players with guaranteed selections this go-around. Slot 3 will always choose Rock. Slot 4 will always choose paper. Slot 9 will always choose Scissors. Slot 10 will always choose Rock.

\ Play| | |
Bet | Win | Draw | Loss
Win| 2 | 1 | 0
Draw| 0 | 3 | 0
Loss| 0 | 1 | 2

1. Yoshi
2. Dot Agumon
3. Rock
4. Paper
5. 11oyd
6. Clefable
7. duck
8. MrJelli
9. Scissors
10. Rock
11. Faisal
12. Ransei


1. You may only practice with players still in the SGI. Players who were eliminated from SGI or who never were in SGI are not eligible for DM practicing.
2. Hosts must be present for all DM practices.
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This post contains both an important announcement and an update on the previous post, so all players are being tagged here.

A note for our spectators (11oyd, Clefable, Dot Agumon, duck, Faisal, MrJelli, Ransei, Yoshi) as I don't feel I was clear enough in the previous both:

You must inform hosts of your choice between Rock, Paper, and Scissors in your confessional at Wed, Jan. 22 at 11:59 PM EST.
If you wish to inform either -Howkings or Ivy of your choice (whether accurately or not) or refuse to provide this info, you may contact them until Wed, Jan. 22 at 11:59 PM EST.

Future games will exclusively have 24-hour rounds, unless more time is required, in which case it will be 32 hours. Do not expect to see 32 hour rounds often.


Extreme ways are back again.
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The players requested to play early, and it was a back-and-forth psychological battle. They both played their hearts out. Mad respect to -Howkings, who unfortunate fell prey to Ivy pulling a Hail Mary at the end.

The next game is the Bean's Dilemma Threemix. Rules coming soon.

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