[Won by MrJelli] Showdown Genius Invitational - Main Match Thread


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As stated, Ransei was eliminated by Clefable.

Final four: 11oyd, Dot Agumon, Clefable, MrJelli - welcome to the next Main Match, How Much Is Enough.

In How Much is Enough, each player will try to take the second most points each round.

Each round will be worth a set amount of points, and each player will be allowed to select how many points they would like to request each round. The first round is worth 1,000 points, and each round increases in 1,000 point increments all the way up to the fifth and final round, which is worth 5,000 points. However, each round, the player who requests the most points will instead receive 0 points, while the other players will all earn the points they requested. Additionally, in the final round, the player who requests the lowest number of points will also receive 0. In the event of a tie for most points in a round (or least points in the final round), all players in the tie will receive 0.

At the end of each 24 hour round, each player will be told the amount of points the first, second, third, and fourth place player has, but will not be told which player is in which position. This means that you will not be told what position you are in until the end of the match. The player with the most points at the end of Round 5 will be the sole recipient of a Token of Life and one garnet. The player with the lowest number of points will be the Elimination Candidate, and must select someone for the Death Match to determine the tenth player to be eliminated.

The Main Match's Round 1 will begin April 10, Friday, at 7 PM EST. Each of the five rounds will last 24 hours.


Banned deucer.
11oyd, Dot Agumon, Clefable, MrJelli

Placements after Round 2 below.

1st: 1290
2nd: 1249
3rd: 744
4th: 332

Round 3 begins now and ends at 7 PM EST on Monday, April 13th, 2020. This time, the maximum number of points is3000, not 2000.
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Banned deucer.
11oyd, Dot Agumon, Clefable, MrJelli

Placements after Round 3 below.

1st: 2340
2nd: 1930
3rd: 1381
4th: 1249

Round 4 begins now and ends at 7 PM EST on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020. This time, the maximum number of points is 4000, not 3000.
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11oyd, Dot Agumon, Clefable, MrJelli

Placements after Round 4 below.

1st: 3688
2nd: 2713
3rd: 2249
4th: 1930

Round 5 begins now and ends at 7 PM EST on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020. This time, the maximum number of points is 5000. Both the player who selected the most points and the player who selected the fewest will receive none.
11oyd and Dot Agumon Are the Death match candidates. The Death Match is Complex War
Each player starts with 10 cards in his hand, two of each number from 1 to 5

Each round, each player will play two cards face down. When both players selections are in, the cards will be revealed.

The player who has a higher sum of his cards will earn a point. Additionally, the 4 cards used will go into the winning player's discard pile. If the sum is the same, no player will earn a point, and each player will place his own cards in his own discard pile.

When a player has no cards left in their hand, they will take the cards from the discard pile and add them to their hand.

The first player to reach 10 points is the winner. Alternatively, if a player has all 20 cards between their hand and their discard pile, they win.

also tagging Clefable MrJelli


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The final Main Match is the 5:5 Game II.

11oyd, Clefable, and MrJelli must ask, in two rounds, ten anonymous guest players (who will be revealed after the conclusion of the Main Match) five "would you rather" questions in their confessionals in the following format:

Guests, would you rather (A) or (B)?

You can use a total of sixteen words in A and B. Any combination is permitted; ten words in A and six in B is fine; eight and eight is fine; seven and nine is fine. A question exceeding sixteen words from A and B will not be accepted, and you will be asked to redo it. After your questions are posted in your confessional, the guests will each privately answer each question truthfully with A or B.

If 5 guests choose A and 5 choose B, you will gain 3 points.
If 4 guests choose A and 6 choose B (or 6 choose A and 4 choose B), you will gain 1 point.

After all five questions are answered by all guests, the scores will be revealed without names attached to them and players will ask five questions again for the second round. However, a player can pay nine garnets to ask an additional question. This bonus offer is restricted to the second round, but you are allowed to spend as many sets of nine garnets as you wish to continue asking questions in your confessional.

After the second round ends, the player with the most points wins, and the other two players will automatically go to the final Death Match. In the even of a tie, we will ask more bonus questions.

Clarifications on questions:
- You cannot reuse questions.
- You cannot use questions that are derived from previous questions.

We will begin the Main Match on April 26, at 7 PM EST.


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Hey, everyone. Between planning the move and having to replace a guest, it's been a bit complicated. Here are the scores heading into Round 2.

11oyd: 8
Clefable: 3
MrJelli: 5

Remember, you can ask an unlimited number of additional questions per nine garnet fee.

Round 2 begins now.


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My apologies for this (both the overall event and this game) having taken so long, but thanks to the hard work of my lovely co-hosts, we have final results. 11oyd MrJelli Clefable

I have learned so much about ORGs and this game from hosting it - I have obtained a mentor in the Genius/ORG world who is helping me maximize my potential and has given me constructive criticism and comments that have helped me at a considerably high level. This will not be the last ORG I host, but I will be, after this one ends, taking some time to intensely study past ORGs, interview and network with their hosts, and such, while I have developed a team of people to help me with future ORGs after the conclusion of this study period - think of it like an apprenticeship...

Anyhow! 5:5 Game.

11oyd - 10
Clefable - 12
MrJelli - 16

Congratulations to confirmed finalist MrJelli. One of the two other players, Clefable or 11oyd, will join our Shakira superfan in the finals. The final Death Match will be posted in about five minutes.


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We thank our ten guests. You will find their revealed identities in the below hide. We are genuinely appreciative of the time they took for us. Please thank them with a like. The players themselves may expect a list of who answered what to their questions in their forum PMs today.

With the formal announcement of the finals and the mechanism and structure of the finals will be shoutouts to every eliminated player as well as everyone who has helped and is helping me in my growth and improvement as an ORG host. I hope it will not be sappy.

Anyway! Here we are.

Identity of Guests

Final DM - 11oyd vs Clefable - Don't Get Greedy

The DM players will be attempting to grab coins from one pot at the same time. The pot will start with 100 coins, and players will privately state the number of coins they wish to take, from 1-5 each round. After both players make their selections, their choices are revealed.

Each player will take the amount of coins selected. However, if a player takes more than their opponent twice in a row, they must discard 1 coin and give 1 coin to their opponent. If the opponent does not have enough to fulfill both requirements, they will discard a coin first if they are able. NOTE, a tie does not break the streak. If a player’s streak goes win-tie-win, they will still need to discard and give 1 coin. Once the special rule comes in to effect, the streak will be reset. That means if someone takes more than their opponent 3 times in a row, they will only need to discard and give once, but would have to be careful with their next move.

The game will end when there are 9 coins or less remaining in the pot. Meaning, after a round where both players steal, if there are 9 or less coins in the pot, the game will end. Whoever has more coins at the end of the game is the winner. If there is a tie, whoever earned more from the special rule: being given more coins from their opponent, will be the winner. If the tiebreaker still results in a tie, there will be a quick, replayed shortened round with 40 coins instead of 100.
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I know you said approximately 20 minutes but... Will discarded coins go back to the pot or are they destroyed?


Banned deucer.
I know you said approximately 20 minutes but... Will discarded coins go back to the pot or are they destroyed?
Sorry, 11oyd. I forgot to state here that Gimm1ck will be posting the garnet update. I will be checking on him. (I appreciate your humor in italicizing approximately, but I am not weasely enough to claim that "well it's close to 20 if you interpret close wrongly.")

When you say discarded coins, do you mean the money spent on leftover questions from the non-winning players? To make sure I interpret correctly.

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